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  1. What is the best placement for a red dot on an AR15 for competition?
  2. BCGlocker

    Sig P365

    Thank you. This is exactly what I needed.
  3. BCGlocker

    Sig P365

    Does anyone know if the P365 with a 10-rd or the 12-rd magazine fits in the BUG box?
  4. Are there any extended basepads for Glock 26 that is Bug division legal?
  5. First, let me preface that this is not a caliber debate. Rather, it is my curiosity of the difference between three most popular calibers in self-defense. All the recent ballistic tests showing with the modern bullet designs, the ballistic gelatin tests showing penetrations are relative similar between 9mm, 40 S&W and 45 ACP. Thus, many law-enforcement agencies are embracing the 9mm caliber. However, as all IPSC shooters know that when it comes down to knock down power of the pepper poppers, the larger/major caliber rounds will have more power and take down the popper faster. So, 9mm, 40 S&W and 45 ACP all have similar penetration in ballistic gelatin (presumably in body issue), how do we account for the increase knock down power in 40 S&W and 45 ACP in self-defense shooting?
  6. I am new to 3-gun competition and am considering adding the Primary Arms 1-8x to my AR. I like to know if the Primary Arms 1-8X with 24mm objective and 30mmm tube is suitable for 3-gun competition? Is there any other scope with similar pricing that I should consider?
  7. I just completed a 4-day practical rifle class and it is the first time I used my Vortex Sparc II for extensive shooting. Everything went relatively well and the Sparc II held zero nicely. However, I have a question regarding the red dot not being in a perfect circle through my 63-year old eyes; in fact it is a series of clusters of dots. The instructor told me it was my eyes and to use the highest point of the cluster as my aiming point. Is anyone else having similar experiences? Is there anyway to get a perfect circular dot?
  8. Does anyone know why podcasts can be broadcasted via bluetooth speaker but not the beeps on the shot timer beeps?
  9. Do either of these two have the par feature?
  10. What is the best iPone App that has reliable par time setting?
  11. I don't run any matches. All I need is 100 targets for self use. Target Barn is one that I Googled and the shipping charge for 100 targets is around $35.
  12. For 100 IPSC target that cost around $65 there is a $35 shipping charge. Is there any better deals on the web?
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