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  1. If ________ was in the olympics I would be the gold medalist it can be anything from couch potato to laundry folder. I would be a gold medalist in staying busy putzing around the house whats yours??
  2. How does wsf compare to titegroup? I need to find a good load for a pcc that’s on loan to me for a future match.
  3. We shot a 3 gun match last weekend and what you are saying to do is wise. Also have a bucket that everything goes from stage to stage with the squad. Tape, timer, pad, stapler. Only thing that stays is stage brief.
  4. A very big thank you to all the sponsors and staff. You all rose to the occasion once again. Let’s do it again next year.
  5. Did the rifle case rack in and out pulling out the separated 9mm case?
  6. You can try minimalist targets on Facebook. Or mintargets@gmail.com. Ive used his steel in the past and our range just bought a couple of his double stars.
  7. Are you averaging the middle 3 rounds also? Or the last 3? Or just looking at the last round loaded?
  8. Jawanna post or attach the list here for us lazy folks.
  9. I am making my own casefeeder for my new 650. Gotta love YouTube
  10. GT. What size drill does that chuck up in?
  11. Can someone elaborate on first focal vs second focal plane differences? Dont mean to hijack thread but I’m looking into upgrading optics also.
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