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  1. gunnerBU

    Should I switch from Right to Left hand

    Without the tape over my dominant eye, I have double vision of the front sight. The tape gets rid of the “second” sight effortlessly. I don’t have to squint or move my head. So, I would say that it makes my transitions and follow-up shots faster because I can pick up the front sight quicker with the tape than I can without it. Had I used my dominant eye when I started shooting, it may be a different story. But, I’ve never thought that the tape affected my progress or performance.
  2. gunnerBU

    Should I switch from Right to Left hand

    I'm cross eye dominant (right hand, left eye). Just put a small piece of tape on your glasses over your dominant eye. Make sure the tape is small enough so that it blocks the front sight, but you can see under/around it for movement and reloads. This gives you the benefit of both eyes open for movement/reloads. When the buzzer goes off, you'll never know its there.
  3. gunnerBU

    Reassemble two piece sear?

    My mistake. I remember a video with a 2 piece . Maybe henning?
  4. gunnerBU

    Reassemble two piece sear?

    It is a PITA and takes a while. Keep trying. You have to put a lot of downward pressure on the spring. Watch Memphis Mechanic's video if you haven't already.
  5. gunnerBU

    LimPro to be imported by IFG in 2018

    +1 (except that I am one of the old style hoarders). I don't want to have to worry about which size mags are in my bag.
  6. gunnerBU

    LimPro to be imported by IFG in 2018

    Another "Dad joke"?
  7. gunnerBU

    Stock 2 Front Sight Height Consensus

    I would be interested to try a .140x.090. I have a .150x.090, but haven't installed it yet. I want to keep the rear as low as possible and prefer a narrow front.
  8. gunnerBU

    Looking for Limited Pro

    I think @MemphisMechanic meant to post this here:
  9. gunnerBU

    Good grip or not

    This is one of the most important things I try to do with my grip on any gun, Glock or not.
  10. gunnerBU

    Ghost Stinger/Thunder for Limited Pro

    The LimPro doesn't have a full length dust cover, unlike the stock 2 and stock 3. But, I think the LimPro has the same length barrel as the stock 3. I may may just go with a bladetech made specifically for the LimPro...
  11. gunnerBU

    Ghost Stinger/Thunder for Limited Pro

    Anyone know which ghost Thunder will fit the LimPro? Or if I can buy just the ghost hanger? I like how the grip can be adjusted towards or away from the waist.
  12. Looking to get a Ghost Thunder (aka, Stinger) for a limited pro. Does the Stock 2 Thunder fit the Lim Pro? The only Ghost options I see on BSPS are "Stock 2" and "CZ (SP01)/Stock 3/Shadow 2." I have a bladetech for a stock 2, but the Lim Pro doesn't fit very well. I searched the forum and google, but couldn't find which Ghost holster will fit the LimPro.
  13. gunnerBU

    Where can I find a 2016 Limited Pro?

    Any other leads on a new limited pro (or two)? I'm sure there's at least one sitting in a shop somewhere.
  14. gunnerBU

    Where can I find a 2016 Limited Pro?

    I'm looking for one as well - preferably 9mm. New or used. http://forums.brianenos.com/index.php?/topic/248642-wtb-tanfoglio-limited-pro-9mm/