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  1. gunnerBU

    Glock to CZ back to Glock!!!!!

    For Production, I have a tricked out SP01 Shadow from CZ custom, tricked out Tanfo LimPro and stock 2 from Patriot Defense, and a Stock gen3 G34. The triggers on the non-Glock guns are nicer than the G34, but I can shoot the Glock faster. I shot the G34 for years before I got the other guns. I thought the better triggers and heavier weight would be more comfortable to shoot, but I still shoot the Glock faster (splits and transitions). I always thought of the Glock grip angle as making it harder to get used to the other platforms and never thought about the grip angle actually helping with recoil control. Plus the square grip of the Glock locks into my hands better than anything else, including a Brazos custom 2011. I’ve only shot the stock 2 a few times and liked it, but I’m nowhere near feeling comfortable with it. I just got an STI Trojan to try out single stack for a while, but I think I will come back to a Glock for production. Glad to know I’m not the only one that keeps coming back to the G-rock.
  2. gunnerBU

    Hoster for gen4 g34

    I think my Bladetech holsters are the classic version. I purchased most of mine before they made the signature series.
  3. gunnerBU

    Hoster for gen4 g34

    Bladetech DOH (or boss drop for something a little more sturdy)
  4. gunnerBU

    Should I switch from Right to Left hand

    Without the tape over my dominant eye, I have double vision of the front sight. The tape gets rid of the “second” sight effortlessly. I don’t have to squint or move my head. So, I would say that it makes my transitions and follow-up shots faster because I can pick up the front sight quicker with the tape than I can without it. Had I used my dominant eye when I started shooting, it may be a different story. But, I’ve never thought that the tape affected my progress or performance.
  5. gunnerBU

    Should I switch from Right to Left hand

    I'm cross eye dominant (right hand, left eye). Just put a small piece of tape on your glasses over your dominant eye. Make sure the tape is small enough so that it blocks the front sight, but you can see under/around it for movement and reloads. This gives you the benefit of both eyes open for movement/reloads. When the buzzer goes off, you'll never know its there.
  6. gunnerBU

    Reassemble two piece sear?

    My mistake. I remember a video with a 2 piece . Maybe henning?
  7. gunnerBU

    Reassemble two piece sear?

    It is a PITA and takes a while. Keep trying. You have to put a lot of downward pressure on the spring. Watch Memphis Mechanic's video if you haven't already.
  8. gunnerBU

    LimPro to be imported by IFG in 2018

    +1 (except that I am one of the old style hoarders). I don't want to have to worry about which size mags are in my bag.
  9. gunnerBU

    LimPro to be imported by IFG in 2018

    Another "Dad joke"?
  10. gunnerBU

    Stock 2 Front Sight Height Consensus

    I would be interested to try a .140x.090. I have a .150x.090, but haven't installed it yet. I want to keep the rear as low as possible and prefer a narrow front.
  11. gunnerBU

    Looking for Limited Pro

    I think @MemphisMechanic meant to post this here:
  12. gunnerBU

    Good grip or not

    This is one of the most important things I try to do with my grip on any gun, Glock or not.
  13. gunnerBU

    Ghost Stinger/Thunder for Limited Pro

    The LimPro doesn't have a full length dust cover, unlike the stock 2 and stock 3. But, I think the LimPro has the same length barrel as the stock 3. I may may just go with a bladetech made specifically for the LimPro...
  14. gunnerBU

    Ghost Stinger/Thunder for Limited Pro

    Anyone know which ghost Thunder will fit the LimPro? Or if I can buy just the ghost hanger? I like how the grip can be adjusted towards or away from the waist.