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  1. Carmoney

    Agressively Bobbed Hammer

  2. Carmoney

    Dry firing with an extended firing pin

    Having worked on many 617s, I have found that the extended pins DO in fact help improve ignition reliability. They will ding the chamber edges during dryfire, though, unless you cut relief notches (which isn't hard to do). I don't use extended pins in centerfire revos, but I do replace the new pointy stock pins with the older dome-tip pins that measure +/- .495" (or as close to that as I can find in my diminishing stash).
  3. Carmoney

    Cylinder modifications for USPSA Revolver

    MWP's looks about right. (The bright polish on the chamfered surfaces is purely for looks.)
  4. Carmoney

    Revo holster

  5. Carmoney

    Midwest ICORE Regional

    I put this match on my calendar. Gotta clear some work stuff between now and then, but hoping to make it.
  6. I never drank the Ti kool-aid. I agree it will pretty much prevent the notch peening thing, but that problem is caused mostly by abusive handling, and can be fixed fairly easily. There is no other real advantage, and I have shot (and tuned) LOTS of both types.
  7. Carmoney

    Trigger Job Question

    Not 100% sure about the TK hammer, but the Apex hammer does not have a longer hammer throw. Same arc of travel, same basic geometry as a factory stock hammer.
  8. Carmoney

    Ruger Revolver Triggers?

    A few years ago S&W actually sent me a new 627 to tune for one of their team members! True story.
  9. Mike,


    I hope you received the new loaders in good order. They are now the favorite with the guys at my club. Thanks for being my first customer, that helped kick start my hobby back in 2005.




  10. Carmoney

    All 617s need reaming?

    Or better yet--quit using Aguilla!
  11. How much of a "diehard" could a person be if he didn't already have an 8-shooter and wasn't willing to buy one?
  12. Expanding the division to allow 8-minor was an effort to resuscitate a dying patient. Unfortunately, it was already too late.
  13. Carmoney

    625 loads and other hints

    Most (not all, but most) 625-3s will have chambers that are OK. 625-2s always need reamed, and (oddly enough) most 625-8s. Some 625-3s will need reamed--I suspect these are the earliest specimens where they installed cylinders that were still laying around from the first run of 625-2s. I've never encountered a 625-4 or 625-6 cylinder that needed reamed.
  14. Carmoney

    929 trigger springs

    Be aware that you cannot determine anything from the hits on spent cases. Any hit that fires the round will leave the same indentation in the spent primer.
  15. That seems pretty unlikely.