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  1. Aim at something really small, like a light switch on the other side of the room, and dry-fire DA until the sights stay where they are supposed to be when the hammer drops. Only dry-fire with a hard grip using full muscle tension, or you will be grooving in bad habits. Doing it correctly will be difficult and fatiguing.
  2. I recently watched a couple fairly good revolver shooters slap their cylinders in place with so much force that you could hear the cylinder stop buzzing against the rotating cylinder with every speed reload. Slap...bzzzzzzz...bang. Made me cringe!
  3. The evil swinger killed my match! I finished 8th Limited, and if that stage were tossed out, I would have been 2nd Limited, and by a fairly close margin. I shot the whole dang match in 260 seconds, and 112 of those seconds were burned up on that one crazy stage. Aaarrgh!! Still, I have to admit it was a fun challenge, and I look forward to shooting it again next year. I think I know how to do it now! (I strongly recommend new shooters to the Mesquite match watch videos of people shooting the swinger in advance--pretty sure I would have done better if I had done so.) Fun match--glad I made the trip out.
  4. Am I the only one here who resents the outright thievery of Bob's design?
  5. No. The design was shamelessly stolen from the original North Mountain product, without even so much as a word of attribution. ☹
  6. You can roll down to Columbia with me, Ronnie, as long as you don't mind me firing up my cigars along the way!
  7. I'm of the opinion that ICORE should allow any factory ammo at sanctioned matches, regardless of whether it makes the 120 P.F. or not. However, I am also of the opinion that falling steel targets should be calibrated to always fall with a good 120 P.F. hit. It's not really practicable to try to set steel any lighter--especially when conditions are windy.
  8. What? Not toothpaste? Normally this sort of post involves a recommendation to fill the action with toothpaste.
  9. I always had the best luck with CCI rimfire ammo (Mini-Mags or Blazers). I never had luck with the old Apex 617 hammer--makes me wonder if that might be why it was re-designed? I do know that you don't want to take any weight off the hammer with a 617 if you want good ignition reliability (unlike the center-fire guns). I will not abide clickers. After experimenting with a variety of options, I went with a stock hammer on my 617. You can reduce the DA pull some on rimfire revos, but not a whole lot. Of course, you can hone the internals and improve the smoothness of the action a good deal.
  10. Avoiding 180 DQs is one very important reason for choosing the weak-hand reload. Keeping the gun firmly in the strong hand helps the shooter stay in control of things. It's pretty easy to stay away from the 180 line, even when moving hard to the left. I would think something pretty wild would have to happen to sweep your weak arm/hand with the muzzle.
  11. With proper use of cutting oil, they last almost indefinitely. You guys know how many cylinders I have chamfered for people? A s#!t-ton. I'm still on my first chamfering tool!
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