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  1. Sitting there after the match, I had this weird feeling that pskys2 was going to win the random prize gun. And just like that, it happened. Do I have special powers?
  2. Actually, Bob Perdue thought of it before anyone else did. This is a copy of his North Mountain holder.
  3. Actually, L6 was added purely to accommodate ditching the old "6-round neutral" requirement for stage design. I was part of the board's conversation at the time, and although I had no particular desire to split the participants further, I was strongly in favor of allowing broader course design. ICORE matches no longer require 6-round neutral stages, and match directors who continue in the old ways are missing the boat.
  4. At this point, with only three wheels signed up (including Sam and me), we will probably be switching divisions. Area 3 tends to be a pretty tough match to shoot with a revo, so I guess I'm not all that disappointed.
  5. The V-comp profile is heavier than necessary for minor competition loads, and will slow down transitions to some extent. Get the regular profile 5" PC model.
  6. What you want to do is grab the revolver with your strong hand and grip it as hard as possible. Then wrap your weak hand around there and grip it as hard as possible also! Seriously. A loose grip never works in this game, unless you want to stay in C class forever. The good shooters always use a very hard hold on the gun. Always.
  7. A long time ago, I owned a 5" 610. That is, by the way, a much better barrel length than the 4" (short radius too short) or 6.5" (muzzle too heavy). I had no real use for it, and it was worth quite a bit of money, so it went down the road. Too bad S&W doesn't bring back the 610 in that barrel length.
  8. Carmoney

    hogue grips

    Wood is for show. Rubber for go.
  9. You're thinking of a different model. This is the one Gomar83 is talking about: https://www.dillonprecision.com/comp-tac-international-uspsa-icore-revolver-competition-holster_8_0_26494.html
  10. Registration for the Midwest ICORE Regional is live on Practiscore. I'm signed up to shoot Limited.
  11. Yeah, don't de-prime first, it's completely unnecessary and asking for trouble. Don't try to ream the primer pockets, it's completely unnecessary and asking for trouble! Just tumble the brass with primers in, then load your ammo. Re-squeeze with a hand-priming tool if your machine doesn't consistently seat the primers to below flush with the primer cups just starting to flatten. If you have access to a 1050, it primes on the down-stroke and can be adjusted to create the correct primer seating depth.
  12. We're shooting Friday. Plenty of slots open right now, but that will change.
  13. https://www.dillonprecision.com/comp-tac-international-uspsa-icore-revolver-competition-holster_8_0_26494.html
  14. Actually, the North Mountain with plastic spacers on the posts allows you to quickly load 4 moons off barrels. Check it out:
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