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  1. Try Alliant Sport Pistol.
  2. Ejector is the first thing to check. Make sure it's not hanging up the bolt. Maybe remove the lrbho as well. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  3. longbeard

    Best budget lower

    Less about price than what works. AR9 has his gap between the mag and the chamber that causes feeding issues. Particularly when u add a high cap mag that changes the bullet angle. This is why you see things like ramped barrels. There's no mil spec on this. Different lowers do it differently. QC10/JP have it down. The others are hit or miss. Truth is the AR 9 platform is sort of a mess. Jams, breaking "gas keys", ejector issues, broken firing pins. Most of the things recommended by regulars on this form can save a lot of frustration. Entirely possible to have a flawless PCC. Just takes the right combination of parts. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  4. longbeard

    Best budget lower

    I would strongly steer you towards a QC10 lower. They are terrific, and have the mag angle correct. It's a proven lower on this forum time and time again. Yes, you will spend another $75 to get a lower parts kit from somewhere, but it will be worth frustration saved due to potential feeding issues from other lowers. https://www.quartercircle10.com/products/receivers/lower-receivers/glock-small-frame-lower-receiver.html They currently have blems for $242.50 As far as a LRBHO. I just remove mine. If you're shooting a high-cap PCC I'm not sure what purpose it serves to have one. It's just more mechanicals to potentially malfunction. Good luck!
  5. I ordered the BCM upgraded spring kit. I DO NOT recommend using it. To stiff.. Stay with milspec. I used the O-ring. Feels fine. After 20K rounds, my extractor still looks great. No issues. What is the pin? I ordered a standard AR extractor pin. It doesn't appear to be the same as what is in this bolt.
  6. longbeard

    PCC Stripped Upper Receiver Suggestions?

    Anderson. $47. Look around. Some places carry them a little cheaper sometimes. https://www.andersonmanufacturing.com/product/no-forward-assist-no-dust-cover-upper-reciever/ Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  7. longbeard

    Blitkrieg buffer failure

    As Homie said. It's not going flat. If you look on the blitzkrieg website you'll see they recommend 308 rifle for full length barrels and carbine for shorter. You'll be fine with either. I use a carbine 308 with my setup. If there was a concern, it would be using the carbine in a rifle length tube which would be too short. Also, .223 is technically a weaker spring than 308 so you're actually moving up in weight from what you currently use. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  8. longbeard

    PCC dryfire

    Lots of tools to use when it comes to starts. I switch out depending on distance and sight picture. 7 yards and under I use the muzzle pointed at A zone, and bring stock up to shoulder. It's the equivalent of point shooting from a pistol draw. Just lift up the stock and pull the trigger. Longer shots/better sight pictures I keep a more level from the belt position and pull the gun up to the weld ready to shoot. Make a mental note to keep the muzzle low and try and just put the dot right where you are looking. Live fire. 15yd. head shot draw from belt: .85 consistent is what I strive for. Faster sometimes, yes. Slower, yes... Looking for my consistent time though, not my best time. We can all sit out on a drill and run it 20 times to get a nice social media time (Guilty!). Better to know what you can do cold. 10 yd. full A zone from belt .65 consistent. Index shot 7 yd. and under. Muzzle pointed at A zone is slightly quicker. I never really practice it anymore. Above got to me GM by simply showing up and shooting classifiers. Not much of an achievement in USPSA unfortunately. Although, better since the updates. An interesting exercise.. Practice laser hip shots and see what it takes to just hear the timer and pull the trigger. Gives you an idea of reaction time.
  9. longbeard

    Most Stable Carbon Fiber Handguard?

    I use the Coda Evolution. 1.85" Rock solid mounting. Barrel nut. Followed by a trunnion that the CF slides on.. Love it. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  10. longbeard

    Blitkrieg buffer failure

    Used to race offroad RC cars, and we would tune shocks with pistons and fluid. It was much easier to see what we called "pack" by holding the 10 lb. car and dropping it. The more the pack, the less that initial drop made the shocks move. You could work the shocks by hand, but never see it in action until you dropped it. Theoretically, the harder and faster the blow to the plunger, the more the initial dampening effect. Not a linear equation really, but that's the idea. Initial jolt absorbs the brunt and the rest of the travel smooths it out. IMO. That's what a hydraulic has over a spring which in my mind is more linear (and predictable). Not sure how you would visibly see this without special equipment on these buffers.
  11. longbeard

    QC10 value budget build suggestions

    6 moa in cmore is a pretty established PCC size. Plenty bright on a sunny day. Be sure to buy extra batteries. I toss mine at 2.6 volts. Cmore dots eat batteries. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  12. longbeard

    QC10 value budget build suggestions

    Really recommend you go with one of the PCC buffer systems. For reference they are 6oz buffers. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  13. longbeard

    QC10 value budget build suggestions

    Agreed on all counts. If you were going to go Taccom ULW you're best bet is the whole upper IMO. I'd go the full barrel direction unless you can cancel the QC10 bolt. (Always good to have a spare too) Additional options: Optic: Holosun 510c Odin Works makes a popular rail that many on here use. Can't recall what it is, but should be easy to find. Note the Taccom CF has no way to attach things if that's important. Blitzkrieg buffer with JP 308 spring. Trigger: Hiperfire 24c or similar. With PCC stick with a trigger that is well-known to work. Have fun!
  14. longbeard

    TTI VS. TF 10 round extensions

    Love mine. As far as ETS. I cannot make mine work with any extended base pad. The bullets hang and dont get picked up or they end up coming out nose up. I have zero issues with factory stuff.
  15. longbeard

    510C (green) @ $290 a good buy?

    If you aren't running an offset red dot I recommend moving your laser to this position. Plenty of room behind the 510c for this. Makes a decent poor man's offset optic and you can roll the gun when need be for tight shots within 10 yards or so.