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  1. Field course shooting uses the same principles regardless of the platform. Biggest difference is you will need to learn how to handle a 7# broomstick while moving. Learn how to move to your weak side and backwards. You'll have similar stage plans as open shooters. Don't think sitting back and picking off targets is faster than moving and engaging. It's not. The fundamentals will get you far. Grip. You want a good planted shoulder mount or your second shot will drift. Get this habit now. I'm still battling "soft shouldering" after a few seasons. Gun up. Come in ready to shoot. Keep the stock glued to the shoulder. You save the most time here. Balance/Stability. How much do you need for the position. Have fun!
  2. I spent hours on this once. Then I grabbed a dental tool and it popped right out. Stepped brass is a problem with AR9. FM, Ammoland, IMT head stamps all separate like what you described. Best to sort those out.
  3. Congrats! Welcome the club.
  4. I have one, but it's my backup. I bought mine before their short stroke kit. I short stroke it with a smalley still, but put the smalley in the bottom of my tube with a quarter. It's a much harsher felt recoil than the Blitzkrieg this way, but patterns about the same on paper. I've considered switching to it completely as it's pretty fail-proof compared to a hydraulic buffer. I wish Tim would sell a spring tuning kit for the internal spring.
  5. What you are describing doesn't sound like a well-functioning safety. It shouldn't be difficult to flip off. Are you positive it doesn't need tuned a bit? My JP requires some oil from time to time.
  6. I have issues as well. Currently using duct tape to tighten the fit of the magazine. Pretty well documented fix if you Google it. I haven't shot enough with the "fix" to prove it. Also, This forum is more geared towards 9MM carbines You might get some better info elsewhere if you don't get what you're looking for here.
  7. Whatever you use for your pistol loads will work fine as it's a similar barrel length. Plated/Coated bullets are not recommended for the ULW. The shroud will accumulate crud and eventually you'll end up deflecting bullets. I know this from experience. You can find info on various cleaning approaches on this forum, but best to use FMJ and save yourself the aggravation.
  8. After lots of tinkering I believe that Titegroup + coated bullets = leading. I now use Sport Pistol and Blue Bullets. No leading whatsoever.
  9. Detente is only there for convenience in disassembling gun. Often times is inconvenient. Many do away with it.
  10. A plug for Coda Evolution as well. Very stable mounting system.
  11. The answer is yes, it will improve your felt recoil. Yes, short stroking helps. There are two main systems most use. One is the Taccom. The other is the Blitzkrieg. There's a wealth of information in this forum about both.
  12. There's no absolutes here. It's possible to spend your days constantly tinkering with a spring or a weight or a load and "testing". I think this basically comes down to two approaches. Snappy charge with snappy dot return. Light charge with little dot movement. I like the latter, but have shot both. My .02 is a higher charge benefits from a heavier stroke to help absorb the energy. I also think the weight was added to protect the buffer because so many were breaking. Love my Blitzkrieg, but I have Taccom one as a backup because I expect the Blitkrieg to fail eventually.
  13. 31 +10 31 +5 17 +5 for classifiers and such I would go with a +10 big stick. It'll get you through most things, but one day you might hit a 38 round stage, take a few make-ups and run out. You don't want to run out of ammo with PCC. People will make fun of you to no end (sarcasm).
  14. It's not uncommon to show up and see 36-40 round stages at a local match so you want to be able to handle that. I have a +10 I use almost exclusively, and I carry a +5 big stick on my belt as a back-up. I carry two +5 standard mags for use on classifiers.
  15. You can shoot with anything of course, and they are neat guns, but as far as competition goes they're not real popular. An AR9 from PSA would be a competitive price point and offer some customization if you wanted to tinker with it. You'll find a lot of us did the PSA thing once, and ended up jumping in and buying nicer equipment.
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