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  1. I believe he is sponsored by Limcat and shoots a Tron https://www.limcat.com/tron
  2. I accomplished this eliminating the need to clean it. I was using Titegroup and coated bullets. This is a nightmare of melted slag and build-up that you cannot overcome because it builds up in a very short time. Sport Pistol cured this as it's not as hot. Now every 5K rounds or so a little screwdriver knocks off the small amount of build-up in there that I could probably just leave. You could also avoid coated or plated bullets.
  3. For me personally, I like a heavier gun in USPSA. Right about 7#. However, I did shoot an ULW Taccom for a season and did well with it. A good load and buffer stroke are likely the more important mechanics of the division.
  4. On my AR9 I run it without a riser and like it just fine.
  5. Good point! Coated with Sport Pistol gives me no issues.
  6. Someone at Tandem Kross pointed out to me that the result of this process is lead that is really easily absorbed by anything. So watch handling it. I actually quit doing it after it discolored my SS comp. I just use a small screwdriver or a dremel now. I would think FMJ would be best for the comp. Coated plated bullets lead with Titegroup or other hot powders. Makes it a real challenge to clean.
  7. Anyone have one of these? Curious how it compares to a Blitzkrieg as well as how it works with short stroking.
  8. Backing up what others have said. Drive that gun into your shoulder. Like gripping the pistol, the more you do it the tighter the groups. Remembering to do it in the midst of a stage is always a challenge.
  9. I do not have any experience with that brand, but will comment that for Glock lowers, Glock mags are the way to go. I've tried various aftermarket mags, and nothing beats just a plain old Glock mag for reliability and durability. Not worth saving a few $$ IMO.
  10. I have one on the way along with the Volquartsen trigger. Should I be looking at replacing the firing pin and/or extractor with TK or VQ parts for reliability? Thanks
  11. LOL. Can of worms on here. Personally, I would buy neither. I would build my own AR9, but if you don't want to do that I would say a JP. Many argue that a Sig is softer shooting, but you have many more tuning options with an AR 9. Particularly with JP's bolt and buffer system.
  12. Thanks all. I'll go with a Midway bag.
  13. Anyone have one of these and also have an offset optic or side mounted rail laser? I've seen a lot of guys here who recommend them, I just want to make sure it will actually accommodate offset items.
  14. Situational. You will need to use all three approaches depending on what you are trying to negotiate and what direction you are moving. If you have to break grip and really move, I like the buttstock above shoulder. This works well for weak side movement as well as many times moving weak side with both hands risks a 180. A lot of times moving forward or strong side you can keep grip. For a few steps I try not to drop the muzzle at all. For longer steps I drop the muzzle, but keep the stock on the shoulder.
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