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  1. SNS bullets have a fine product as well as Blue Bullets. Plated bullets can be more brittle than coated. Watch for cracking if you go that route. All can cause leading on a comp if you use Titegroup. A cooler powder like sport pistol is recommended.
  2. longbeard

    SP 01 beaver tail

    If a small tweak is legal and gets you more comfortable I say it's worth it. However, before buying a whole other gun I personally would make sure I have dry fired diligently. We've all had the "If I change guns maybe it will be better" thought. Generally, it comes down to enough practice. Case in point, I just recently parted ways with my CO Shadow. PHENOMENAL GUN. However, I could just never get comfortable with it. They just are not real comfortable for me. I decided this after shooting 10's of thousands of rounds over the years through a few different ones.
  3. This works well. https://codaevolution.com/products/swift-pcc-magpouch Most pistol mag pouches are fine as well, but a big stick with extended base pad is unwieldly in length. The above with it's long pouch allows you get the base pad to a position similar to where a pistol mag would be.
  4. longbeard

    Trigger Help

    I'm with you. Striker guns will never have a trigger like a hammer hook and sear system. However, I am pretty sure the reset can be improved with the right components as evidenced by watching some videos. I just want to understand thoroughly before I spend $100. Looks to me like the AC trigger is a good bet and perhaps the Apex trigger bar. AC triggers are unicorns @ the moment unfortunately.
  5. longbeard

    Trigger Help

    I have the flat non adjustable gg kit. Which imo has very little over travel thus the over travel adjustment isn't critical to me. It's the distance to get the trigger to reset which is much further than anything I'm used to. The AC trigger claims to improve this, but I don't quite understand how set screws will fix the reset position. Seems to me that either is done with a trigger bar or with changing the geometry of the trigger lever itself. Is that what the AC and Keres do?
  6. longbeard

    Trigger Help

    So has anyone definitely decided if the Apex trigger bar paired with the GG trigger is a good thing?
  7. longbeard

    Trigger Help

    I read that, but I've also noticed that keros says for the X5. Has something changed? I understand that the trigger allows pre and over travel adjustments, but this isn't really going to change the distance it takes to reset? Or are those trigger using a different geometry as well?
  8. longbeard

    Trigger Help

    Hello all, I've searched a lot and read a lot, but still can't put it all together. I've come into a legion with the GG trigger. Not sure which springs were used and it has not adjustable trigger. Weight is fine. Reset is horrid. I am confused how to address that issue. Will a Keres or Armory craft do the trick? Is one better than the other? It appears maybe one or both will add some weight to the pull? Is there another approach people are using?
  9. I believe he is sponsored by Limcat and shoots a Tron https://www.limcat.com/tron
  10. I accomplished this eliminating the need to clean it. I was using Titegroup and coated bullets. This is a nightmare of melted slag and build-up that you cannot overcome because it builds up in a very short time. Sport Pistol cured this as it's not as hot. Now every 5K rounds or so a little screwdriver knocks off the small amount of build-up in there that I could probably just leave. You could also avoid coated or plated bullets.
  11. For me personally, I like a heavier gun in USPSA. Right about 7#. However, I did shoot an ULW Taccom for a season and did well with it. A good load and buffer stroke are likely the more important mechanics of the division.
  12. On my AR9 I run it without a riser and like it just fine.
  13. Good point! Coated with Sport Pistol gives me no issues.
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