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  1. There's no match worth getting arrested for over this stupid stuff. There's always an optional fee to re-schedule or re-book. You may not be able to cancel, but you can pay to adjust them. Don't mess with the shenanigans.
  2. Just picked up a new to me Springfield RO and the front sight can be removed by hand. It's not shaking around, but it'll definitely move while shooting. Any tips to tighten it up? Dawson FO if it matters
  3. Haven't seen La Sportiva mentioned. Coming from rock climbing it's all I've ever used. Their mutant is pretty great.
  4. I have tons of junk springs. Send me your address.
  5. Ben's crazy. The only way to keep an open gun running is with a healthy stock of fresh springs. Mine get changed before every match, and after every 3 stages if it's a major. I buy them by the case.
  6. I scrapped the idea, but thanks for the feedback. Too close for comfort for me
  7. I know this topic is a bit old, but I'm looking at one of the Lipsey Custom Operators in 9mm and wanted to get some confirmation on this before I pick up the gun. I may or may not shoot it in USPSA, but I always like the option.
  8. I got my first one in today. I have to say its impressive how rigid, smooth, and quality it is. I'll be a customer next time I need something for sure, very well built.
  9. Where'd you get it? Didn't see it on their website?
  10. Are there more options for mounts?
  11. sstephns

    9 major

    I have some. Haven't played with it. But really, those three powders are the most versatile. I'm fine not re-inventing the wheel.
  12. The u die helps a good bit. I often get ones that fail the gauge slightly but I have plunk tested and shot enough of them to know which to toss and which to keep. I accept ammo that I can push flush into the gauge with a little force that then passes on subsequent tests, and ammo that sticks out of the gauge by about rim thickness. Ammo that hard stops and won't go at all gets tossed, everything else goes to the practice bin
  13. sstephns

    9 major

    3n38, AA7 or HS6 should really only be the three powders we're talking about with this topic anymore. With the bullet started, 9.8ish grains of AA7 should be good to go
  14. I watched one have nothing but issues last week. Not usually one to rain on someone's idea, but you get what you pay for. You'll never go wrong with CK. Their warranty and customer service are great. As a matter of fact, just buy American and you should be in good hands. It may look the same on the outside, but what goes into it isn't.
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