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  1. Was just having a ton of trouble with my hornady powder dispenser, so I came here looking for answers. Looking for an opinion on something that won't break the bank, but be consistent. Powder dispenser (Lyman gen 6, or Chargemaster), or a powder throw and a scale? For someone not crazy into precision rifle but wants good results, what's the best move? Loading 308 with varget, and 300blk with H110/CFE BLK if it matters.
  2. What's the difference in these two? Can I buy the 223 conversion kit and a separate powder funnel for the 300BLK? Do I even need a separate powder funnel for the 300BLK?
  3. Find a local guy to use a 5% off code or I think BENOS is a coupon code too on their website. Maybe I was a few bucks off on $220, more like $230
  4. And again, not a gun problem, an ammo issue. Light load maybe? Mine has done that with powder puff loads I was just burning up for fun. For the record my CK runs like a champ. I've had issues, but due to my mount getting in the way of some weirdly ejected brass. Take care of them, spend some time with them, and they will be just fine.
  5. I haven't to date noticed any leading issues. I shoot blues because they're NC local, they're affordable, and accurate enough. $220/3600 isn't too hard on the wallet
  6. AA#7. 9.3 gr behind a 125 blue. 170ish with three holes out of a 5" CK
  7. All I shoot are blues. 125 comes. No problems and plenty accurate. 5" gun in 9mm with three holes. I do run a full back mount, so I can't comment on the stuff on the lens.
  8. Anyone happen to know the thread size for the case feeder slide retaining pin?
  9. Cheely grip still up? I'll take it if so

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