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  1. Take a dremel to it. KKM barrels don't play nice with MBX mags. I run all MBX with my CKs which have KKM barrels. Reshape the front, it'll be fine.
  2. sstephns


    LaSportiva Mutant. Built by Italians. Definitely makes you go faster.
  3. Found out the hard way on Saturday that 1.17 will run, not 100% without getting stuck in the mag occasionally. Dawson and Wilson ETM run great in my Springfield. Had to bump my OAL down to 1.15 from 1.17.
  4. Well the bag came in. It's very well built and very nice. For an open shooter, it's a hell of a tight fit. 170mm mags do not play well with the mag pouch, but they work. Ammo tray in the bottom holds 4 - 9mm 100 round ammo boxes perfectly. Top tray holds my glasses case, mag brush, wooden hammer handle for smacking gun parts loose, and a few snack bars. Zippered pockets in the front inside flap hold my earplugs and glasses cloth. Side pockets hold assortments of tools and parts (had to get away from my box of tools and put stuff in ziplock bags. Zipper pocket in top flap holds sweat towel and microfiber cloth with room for wallet, keys, and phone. It's a tight fit, and would probably be a little better for someone not shooting open. Also no room to drop a water bottle or anything like that. May have to try something a hair bigger...
  5. I'm at 9.2 behind a 125gr blue, my buddy is 9.6-9.8 behind 124gr PD JHP.
  6. Looks like it solved a problem you didn't realize you had. Looks like the brass was hitting you in the face if that's your ejection pattern...
  7. Went ahead and bought a Vertx, I liked the way it was set up and want to get away from the "open hole" style range bag where I just dump everything in. Will report back.
  8. Looking at a Vertx COF Light, but would like to hear some opinions on compact and durable range bags. Anyone got any advice? Tired of my big midway bag for weekend matches. Don't want to go the DAA backpack route.
  9. You guys are wasting your breath.
  10. 100% agree on crimp before seating all the way, something is off. Also, switch to a MBF powder funnel if you dont want to get an M die and flare separately.
  11. Myself along with a ton of other people run 124/125 gr blue bullets without issue. 10k on this since last cleaning and the comp is fine and I don't have accuracy issues. Apparently coated bullets are the devil, but I dont have any issues
  12. There's no match worth getting arrested for over this stupid stuff. There's always an optional fee to re-schedule or re-book. You may not be able to cancel, but you can pay to adjust them. Don't mess with the shenanigans.
  13. Just picked up a new to me Springfield RO and the front sight can be removed by hand. It's not shaking around, but it'll definitely move while shooting. Any tips to tighten it up? Dawson FO if it matters
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