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  1. I think I'm jumping away from my 6 Creed Gas gun to a Bolt Gun. With the 6 Creed being not in the "norm" would it be better to part the rig out, or sell it in one complete unit. Other than the Barrel & Bolt, the rest could be used to build a different caliber rig. I tried to sell a 6 Creed Bolt gun on Enos a while back and zero response.. I would appreciate any thoughts
  2. Vaportrailtactical.net is the webpage. I dont know why the hyper link is not working
  3. 3 gun trends to encourage success by volume. Slow down and try to Make your hits 1:1. There are some really basic fundamentals that are key to setup. Training is worth the cost. I got most of mine from Sean Little www.vaportrailtactical.net He doesn’t specialize in 3 gun, more PRS stuff and a former Marine Sniper. Good luck
  4. Proof are great. I have a T-Box 6Creed and have had Grendel and 300 BO. REally pleased with them. Eric Lee with www.sgtofarms.com helped me out. Great VeteranOWned business, just hosted the Cowtown Clash Gas gun match in Texas
  5. NERD Coffin Holster. No issues with Retention, no manual devices to operate during a draw
  6. AET doesn’t shoot plated bullets. I switched out to standard infinity barrel and got 1” groups at 25 yards with the right load. Could not get below 6-8” with the AET and plated bullets
  7. I have had a couple of issues and wanted to see what might be causing it. I bought a preowned SVI, no idea of round count. When I got the gun and was trying to sight in I tried to ground the mag to get a stable rest and the trigger would not pull. If I recall correctly when I raised it up, it still would not fire. remove mag, cycle slide and everything is all good. Note to self, if you rest a mag (at least that one mag) on something it will keep the gun from firing. This past weekend, I was trying some speed draws. On a couple of occasions at the end of the session I drew the gun and had a similar result. This time only mag pressure would be from the draw. I had started with a full mag and this was part of the way thru. I like to get the over travel screw fairly short on the follow thru. I am suspecting that if I opened that up it could resolve the issue. I would appreciate any input that can help resolve my problem.
  8. Need, and want are 2 different things. There are folks shooting limited with a 1x Vortex Spitfire at 600 yard targets. I think you will find the industry standard will now be 1-8 moving forward. Lots of manufacturers have started coming out with them.
  9. You will end up with a Benelli, save cash in the long run and start with one of those. Im a huge Beretta fan, shot thousands in sporting clays. I got a 1301 when I started. Ended up selling it within 4 months and went to a Benelli M-2. The 1301 had a tendency to double feed into the loading port, the kind where you have reach thru the port and shove one back in the tube to continue. I shaved the long mag release button down to a circle, and that eliminated some of that problem.
  10. I have a JP and am very pleased with it.
  11. I was running a SWARO Z6i 1-6 second focal plane. I moved this year to Trijicon Accupower 1-8 FirstFocal Plane. I bought my from Euro Sport Optics, but had a 10% off coupon for Optics Planet from Jessie Tichauser I was going to use. Both choices the scope was $1200. FFP is a necessary evil. I had been running at less than 6x and didn’t realize the BDC holds were not the same as at 6x with the SFP scope. The extra Magnificaiton lets me call my shots a little better in the wind. I started shooting 3 gun 1.5 yrs ago. Was going to be a local shooter (we have 400-600 in monthly matches) but wen to 5 majors last year. I have heard the buy once cry once motto. As of now I think with all the options out there if you are not at 1-8, your behind the curve Good luck
  12. Steiner PX4 has really good glass for that price point. Some of the Vortex PST scopes had pretty good glass as well
  13. Seekins is the best I have used. Have one in all of my guns and My PCC is running 24 C
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