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  1. ATLDave

    Tanfoglio Xtreme 9 MM Takedown Pin

    You mean the slide stop pin? Those break a lot on CZ's, but pretty rarely on Tanfoglios. I believe I discussed this with Ben Stoeger in one of his classes last fall and he said he had never broken one. I have used Tanfo's both for competition (major power factor in LTD) and as a launching pad for 10mm's for woods use and ballistics fun. I have also never broken one. I keep a spare around, but haven't had cause to use it. There's some stuff on Tanfo's that breaks... the slide stop pins usually aren't on the list.
  2. ATLDave

    USPSA principles

    Of course the whole point of the "principle" was that the sport is intended to be "experimental" with equipment - results are supposed to teach us something about what gear works and what gear does not. We added equipment divisions to avoid having EVERYONE forced into open-type guns, but the fundamental concept remains. If steel-framed, DA/SA guns are beating up on polymer striker fired guns, that's a feature, not a bug. We're learning that, all else being equal, the heavy weight and better trigger pull (after the first shot) is marginally more important than the faster gun movement and consistent trigger of the polymer/striker guns. That's part of the objective of the sport.
  3. ATLDave

    Henning magwell fit?

    I also had to grind a bit on the magwell and even more on the frame to smooth it all out. I this is, for better or worse, "normal."
  4. I understand that. My point is that, by rule, they are already treated differently in things like start positions and SHO/WHO procedures. And that's all well and good, but when someone whines about a slightly different PCC start position being unfair or designed to "haze" PCC or starts chanting "PCC is not a crime," it's pretty ridiculous. They're special. They're not treated the same as the other divisions anyway. Most of the differences make the match easier for them. Doing something that is compliant with the language of the rules to return some of the challenge that is otherwise lost is not just OK match design - it is better match design.
  5. Having PCC shooters put their gun on a table, then stand exactly where handgun shooters stand, facing exactly the same direction is keeping the same location. Now, allowing PCC shooters to start facing downrange while everyone else has to deal with a turn? THAT's different locations for different divisions - although people think that's "normal." Nope. PCC is special. Everyone else occasionally has to shoot with one hand on the gun; when that is required, it's usually the "guts" of the stage, the main challenge. But PCC is special. You cannot make them shoot one-handed. When everyone else is shooting strong-hand-only, they're shooting freestyle. When everyone else is struggling to control their gun with their weak hand, they are shooting with 3 points of contact. All the notions that "everyone does the same thing" got broken when PCC was introduced. That doesn't mean it was bad or wrong, but that core concept is inherently out the window for PCC.
  6. PCC ALMOST ALWAYS has a different start position than handguns. By rule, handgun competitors cannot start with the gun in hand, which is typical for PCC. By rule, PCC shooters cannot start with their gun in possession and facing uprange. PCC is already inherently different in its start positions. I think putting the PCC on a table or barrel to allow the re-introduction of an uprange/turning start is a very good idea and seems to square entirely with both the spirit and letter of the rules.
  7. ATLDave

    Perforation Scoring

    Baffling call, if that's what actually happened. Was there some hard-cover involved? Was there a wall that you were leaning around?
  8. Position sensitivity is about how much ignition changes with powder forward or back in case (distance from primer, primarily, and area of powder exposed to briassance of primer). That is NOT the same thing as shorter lengths increasing pressure. OAL absolutely DOES matter to peak pressure (and, therefore, to some extent velocity), even if the powder is completely position insensitive. Sometimes people try to improve the consistency of position sensitive powders by reducing the space available for the powder to move around by shortening OAL, but this increases initial pressure.
  9. I like those, too, and often don't even include the "within the shooting area" condition. Except for rare stages where mags, guns, props, or activators are located outside the shooting area and the intention is to make shooters "run errands" during the stage (not a bad concept, but not something you see on more than about 2% of stages), it will almost never make sense to start outside the shooting area.
  10. More support for the volunteers who run local matches would be good. Some kind of how-to-run-a-USPSA guide would be useful. Yes, some clubs have directors or presidents who basically do it forever, but lots of clubs rotate through volunteers. That means that there's a steady influx of people who have shot USPSA, but never run a USPSA club before, constantly learning how to do things. How to upload scores (much easier than it used to be, to be sure), how to renew membership, how to deal with host ranges, how to source supplies, how to build and maintain props, etc. Rather than forcing every new guy to learn that stuff on his own or hope the old guy remains engaged enough to walk him (or her) through it, how about putting some helpful guides together?
  11. Are you trying to measure greatness of performance or influence on the course of the sport? Those things often overlap, but the latter criteria would result in the authors of influential books or training schools getting a leg up versus people who were their competitive equal.
  12. ATLDave

    PCC laser on target at start

    How about all the "crazy rules for start positions" for all the other divisions? Wrists above shoulders? Both hands touching X marks? Hand not on gun? How is asking a PCC to start with one hand off the gun more "crazy" than all the stuff everyone else in the match is having to do?
  13. ATLDave

    Can you wear metal Cleats shoes in USPSA?

    Some of the nastiest falls I have seen have been when guys wearing cleats hit wood or concrete or truly hard-pan surfaces. Cleats are meant for turf. If your ranges are all turf, then they may be a good idea. If your ranges have varied surfaces, they may not be the best idea.
  14. ATLDave

    How's my presentation?

    I agree. In fact, it's not an "IMPORTANT NOTE." I knew the gun didn't have a round in the chamber the first time the OP pulled the trigger and it didn't go bang. Reading it in advance didn't tell me anything I wasn't going to know via watching the video anyway.
  15. ATLDave

    How's my presentation?

    Consider working with a shot-timer or other beep-maker. A big part of the USPSA draw is reacting to the buzzer. Smoothly cycling through a bunch of reps of a non-pressured draw is probably valuable, but you want to make sure it doesn't all fall apart just because you're going from dead-still to full-speed based on when some outside agency decides to say "go."