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  1. Great post/thread (as usual for a CHA-LEE effort). Regarding #1, I think it is extremely helpful for RO's and MD's to have some discussion about the way the stage is likely to be shot, what "concepts" are involved, etc. If a target is wide open and available from a large number of places in the shooting area, then millimetric precision of its height is unlikley to matter. But if it is a target that is partially obscured by an no-shoot or hard cover some distance away from it, then small deviations in placement can dramatically change the difficulty of the shot or the location that the shooters have to go to in order to shoot it (or shoot it without risk). Perhaps for major matches everything should get witness marks on the sticks, but if time is short, then identifying the small number of targets where location is critical can help RO's focus their attention on making sure that those stay correct. This isn't limited to paper target locations, of course. Let's say you have a stage where some poppers are arranged in tandem (one behind the other), with the "concept" being that the first popper in line must fall before the second popper is accessible, and the second before the third, and so on. If one of the poppers has a little horizontal slop at the hinge, the RO will need to pay attention when the steel is reset to make sure that the faces of the poppers are lined up enough that one cannot shoot the poppers "out of order." Just calling an RO's attention to this kind of issue in advance can help keep things on-track and equitable. It's unlikely that a re-shoot would even be required for this kind of thing being wrong for one or more shooters, much less result in a toss-out, but it might materially change the way the stage is shot.
  2. Is Patriot Defense now set up/willing to do that work?
  3. ATLDave

    PCC laser on target at start

    That's pretty similar to how I view it. Every other division, BY RULE, has to start with their hands NOT in the firing position on the gun. Removing that takes away a significant part of the challenge from the game. Requiring one hand or the other to be off the gun re-introduces that element. Moreover, with the stock allowed/required to be against the belt, very little additional strength is required. In fact, if the start position requires the strong hand to be off the gun with the stock on belt, that requires much less strength than just holding the gun with both hands while moving. I would add that we do lots of "muzzle downrange, stock on belt, strong hand relaxed at side (or above shoulder)" at the match I MD. There was initially some grumbling, but once people shot it a few times, they figured it out. Moreover, that position is becoming more common in other matches, and it helps shooters to encounter it frequently in smaller club matches. One may as well complain about how uprange handgun starts make the sport unsafe or may keep some people with bad knees from being able to participate. This stuff is well within the type of thing that USPSA has always, and I hope always will, pose as a challenge to shooters.
  4. Bonus in favor of Henning trigger: Much easier re-installation after each detail strip. Just do it.
  5. The hammer/sear engagement seems to be highly variable from the factory. Some have a ton of creep and some come pretty good. If you happened to draw one with a sub-optimal sear/hammer engagement, you pretty much have to get that addressed to end up with a good trigger. No amount of fooling with other parts will overcome or fix a bad sear/hammer interface.
  6. ATLDave

    Tanfo USPSA Package

    I'm pretty sure that Henning (or Henning's guy) did Ben's new Limited guns.
  7. ATLDave

    Stacked target hit on T2

    We can have it any way the rules are written. The rules are currently written to ding you for the extra hit. We (USPSA) could change that. USPSA could ditch Virginia-count altogether. We could have a robust discussion about what the value of having VA count even is (or Comstock, for that matter). But mostly I was joking. The rules are what they are. And they're pretty clear.
  8. ATLDave

    Stacked target hit on T2

    That happened to me in one of my first 4 or 5 USPSA matches. I knew I didn't know the rules well enough to argue, but it sure made me wonder if I was being screwed. Later I learned that I was being screwed, but that the screwing was perfectly in accordance with the rules!
  9. I have heard, though, that the moved brass sometimes closes up the extractor groove a bit. Depending on the brass and the gun's extractor, this can cause problems. And the potential for other people to have problems if they pick up your brass.
  10. johnbu, got any suggestions for a source of stronger springs to stick under the rear sight leaf?
  11. ATLDave

    Mec gar vs factory mags

    MecGar has been making the factory mags for many years.
  12. ATLDave

    What’s the polite way to pick up brass?

    I try to nonchallantly grab a couple of pieces on my way to or from pasting targets. Then circle back at the end of the match to finish up.
  13. ATLDave

    Impact on muzzle rise of rail weight vs compensator

    The frame weight just adds inertia, the compensator uses a jet of pressurized gas to actually push the muzzle downward. If compensators were not vastly more effective than simple frame weights, lots of open shooters would go without comps and just run frame weights. Nobody who is competitive does this. It's not a close comparison. *Note, the above is for a well-designed compensator that is actually directing a material amount of gas. If you're talking about just throwing a couple of holes in the top of a barrel (porting), that might well be outdone in effectiveness by simply adding mass.
  14. ATLDave

    Miss or equipment failure

    This proposed rule language about wall "supports" is clearly flawed. They need to fix that.