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  1. ATLDave

    Finally a better comp! Pics!

    Is there a gunsmith who is up and running on doing the modifications to work with a Limited?
  2. ATLDave

    No love for the S&W M&P in USPSA

    As others have said, it's generally serviceable as a choice for Production (although not game-optimized in any way), but its peak popularity in that role is long-since past.
  3. Man, knowing the rules is getting to be about like knowing the law: It's all well and good to read the constitution and the statutes, but until you look at the decisions, you really know nothing. FWIW, I think this change is substantively fine. A lot of gear marketed to the USPSA crowd can easily put people outside the old measurement (especially drop-and-offset holster hangars), and I don't see any material advantage being conferred by liberalizing this rule. I'm just struck by how inadequate carrying a rulebook now is.
  4. ATLDave

    FTE / FTSA question

    Well, the MD and the poster went to dinner after the match and had a good time discussing this question. Both the MD (and RM) and the poster were interested in seeing the responses to this question, which, so far, have tracked all the points that came out over dinner and the rulebook (viewed on phones). That said, it's probably fair to say the MD is an a-hole... I'm just not sure this question/issue is the best evidence for that proposition. Especially since the MD didn't assess the penalty (that was another RO).
  5. ATLDave

    EAA/Tanfoglio Chop Shop - NO SELLING OR TRADING

    Thanks! Based on the commentary from you and others about the excessive popple-holing in the Gold Team, I'd be more inclined to try this with a Limited. Lacking a machine shop (or any relevant skills) of my own, having someone put out a turn-key solution would be fantastic.
  6. ATLDave

    EAA/Tanfoglio Chop Shop - NO SELLING OR TRADING

    OH! That looks awesome! What does one need to do to set up a gun with one of these?
  7. ATLDave

    Should Rule be Updated?

    No, the rule addresses the condition after make ready while waiting for the beep. If it were limited to time walking around and not being the shooter, I think almost nobody would have a beef with that. Nor, for that matter, with some requirement about any safety-locks being applied to race holsters.
  8. ATLDave

    Should Rule be Updated?

    Similarly, I think a lot of people who have never messed with race holsters don't understand the degree to which many of them still retain a gun amazingly well without the lock on... until force is applied along just the right vector to get the mechanism to release. Lots of people coming from kydex gun-buckets have a hard time adjusting to, say, a DAA Race Master because it will actually hold on to the gun very strongly unless your draw stroke is in-line with the channel the locking block rides in. You can hammer on the butt of the gun all day and (so long as it was properly put into the holster) the gun will not come out even if the external safety-lock has been taken off.
  9. ATLDave

    Should Rule be Updated?

    I'm not sure that having a retention device applied while waiting for the buzzer is actually providing any additional safety benefit.
  10. ATLDave

    Should Rule be Updated?

    It will make their painfully slow draw even slower, and even more painful to watch. Everyone is punished.
  11. ATLDave

    Should Rule be Updated?

    I can conceptually agree that, in and of itself, this is not a terribly important rule and it does have some the potential for the annoying effect wak' points out. HOWEVER, there are about a dozen other things in the rulebook I'd clean up before I messed with this one.
  12. ATLDave

    Hooded holster vs locking race holster

    Devil's advocacy: A strap and a rigid, hinged bar are not the same. Webster's gives this as the first, most-common definition of a "strap": 1a : a narrow usually flat strip or thong of a flexible material and especially leather used for securing, holding together, or wrapping I'm guessing the language in the rules goes back to the days of leather holsters, and that's what they had in mind.
  13. ATLDave

    Hooded holster vs locking race holster

    The rule says: Unless specified in the written stage briefing, or unless required by a Range Officer, the position of holsters and allied equipment on the belt must not be moved or changed by a competitor during a match. If a retaining strap is attached to a holster or magazine pouch, it must be applied or closed prior to issuance of the “Standby” command. Is the lock on a race holster a "retaining strap"? No, not on any race holsters that I have seen. Is a hood a "retaining strap"? I don't know the answer to that question, but that's what you need to know. An email to DNROI may get you clear guidance on that. Regardless of the answer, it is "fair" if it is applied evenly - everyone has the same opportunity to buy (or make) gear that suits them and complies with the rules. So it's fair for the people involved. It might be "unfair" to strap-equipped holsters... if holsters were sentient beings with any claim to fairness. But they aren't.
  14. ATLDave

    No divisions, only classes?

    Please re-read the question. I wasn't asking what division you think I should shoot. I was asking whether having fields composed entirely or nearly entirely of open or PCC guns is your desired outcome. Because that would be the outcome, without a doubt. I think that would be bad for the sport. You may think that would be good for the sport. I'm asking you to think about the inevitable consequences of your proposed rule change, and whether those consequences would be good. So, once more: DO YOU WANT THE ENTIRE FIELD TO SHOOT PCC AND/OR OPEN GUNS?