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  1. Classifiers are usually the worst, most boring stage in a match. I wish more monthly matches would feel free to ditch them from time to time.
  2. Depends on the individual gun. Some/many run from the box, some don't.
  3. Can you use Tanfo tubes and extensions, or just the MBX tubes? There's an OK big-stick solution for Tanfo 9mm open guys - factory tube, Taylor Freelance 171 extended base.
  4. And have been for about a year. Very frustrating.
  5. Right. USPSA is fundamentally "experimental" in terms of equipment. There are certain parameters imposed, but within those parameters, it is a feature, not a bug, that equipment can evolve. Where evolution of gear, or realization by shooters that something is advantageous (such as production shooters realizing that heavy frame weight actually helps a lot of people versus lighter polymer frames), causes a shift in gear, that's consistent with the spirit and intent of the game. Making affirmative rule changes that obsolete a bunch of gear overnight seems rather obviously to be d
  6. My personal history with USPSA doesn't go back that far, but I don't think any step was taken to affirmatively "allow" it. As I understand it, the original gun rules were very, very loose, and there were no divisions. A large number of technical innovations came about, including some that were considered so advantageous that they needed to be set aside as a special division - or, rather, that everything not using those particular innovations would be "protected" from them in a separate division. That's how limited and open were created. So there wasn't ever a rule change, to my
  7. Changing division rules is generally dumb because it usually screws the people who are already most-invested in a division. Screwing current stakeholders in the hopes that it will attract some additional people who aren't as invested is risky, and perhaps a d!ck move. This is particularly true when it comes to any iron-sighted division. I think the trends of the last 3 years show that all the iron-sight divisions are going to eventually recede into the distance. People taking up shooting now are increasingly likely to rely on dots from the beginning. Iron sights will go the w
  8. It probably doesn't break at the rate of the TRS on double actions simply because it isn't subjected to as much winding/unwinding due to the shorter travel. But I've broken a TRS on a SAO Tanfoglio with a similar spring. It's just a tightly packed thing that is under considerable tension (also makes reassembly a little bit of a pain). After that, I switched to the Henning trigger which uses an entirely different trigger return spring design - instead of coiling around the trigger pin in a very confined space, it sits in a pocket at the front of the trigger itself and just pushes
  9. Yep. A more valid answer would be that you can replace the factory trigger on a single-action Tanfo with the Henning flat trigger, which completely eliminates the broken trigger return spring issue that can hit CZ's and factory-trigger Tanfoglios.
  10. I sent the whole gun back. I got a whole new one in return.
  11. This is about single-action-only guns for limited. The SAO trigger in a Tanfoglio limited can be gotten every bit as good as the TSO, but the TSO will more reliably have a great trigger OOTB. I don't know how the Xtreme version of the Tanfo does in that regard. But ~$1k for a base Tanfo' Limited plus, say, $250 for a Henning flat trigger and an EGW hammer/sear and a trigger job is still leaves you a lot of money compared to either the TSO or the Xtreme.
  12. I wouldn't worry about this issue at all. As I wrote above, I did have a Match (in 10mm) that cracked at this spot... which made no difference to how it shot. Once I finally noticed it, I sent it in and EAA sent me a new gun. I've put a lot of rounds through the replacement (again, in 10mm), including a lot considerably hotter than any .40 load.
  13. I understand that, and, yet, people are very attached to the USPSA-style target for a reason. How do you feel about my hypothetical target fragment stage? You fired up to shoot a bunch of triangles and hexagons cut out of targets?
  14. The dumbness of a disembodied head-portion of a target superimposed on another is not sufficiently self-evident? Ok, fine, let's consider what happens if people decide this is a suitable target presentation. Imagine that next match there are randomly-shaped fragments of cardboard targets, each cut to include 25+% of the A-zone stapled over another target... triangular fragments. Or circular fragments, with the A-zone comprising the left 1/3 of the circle. Does that sound like fun? Do you want to see that? What would the point be?
  15. Yep. The latter are intended as commodity consumer items. The former are enthusiast items.
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