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  1. Get some classifiers on the books for PCC... Make GM in Carry Optics and get my mojo back! Also to cut some seconds on my steel challenge times.
  2. We have never had a classifier match before. ( We are a new club) I do like can you Count... I was looking at running 5 or 6 that wa everyone can make a mistake. .... I was there when max michelle shot the high hit factor on can you count ( on his squad at area 6 in fact).... that one used to be a ball buster on percentage though. he and travis SMOKED it.
  3. I know we have had a lot of new classifiers, My club, is fixing to run a 4 or More classifier match. Which classifiers do you feel are best, I have a number of PCC shooters and a group of 3 gun guys who have never shot classifiers much in the past. I ask you 3 things. Easiest? Most fun? Definitely Shouldn't run. Please don't ask me to use the search function. I have.
  4. Mec gar 18’s and springer precision base pads here! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  5. I have shot so many coated bullets I cannot count them. I shot Precision bullets by Dave long for many years, then a Friend of mine started Black Bullets... then sold it. The new owner and i Did not see eye to eye on some things, and I ended up shooting blue bulllets, through the past 3 years I've shot quite a few of them ( Unable to practice like I should) Disclosure I am a member of the Blue Bullets team. I have enjoyed quantity discounts and or Team spots from all of the above mentioned bullets. I have also shot Berrys, West Coast, Plated, as well as Zero and Montana gold. JHP's. and a LOT of lead Cast bullets. Most of the "smoke" and Dirt people talk about is from the powder they choose.... the cheaper the powder the dirtier it is in most cases. I have recovered all of the above bullets Lead melts... FMJ with an open back, as well as cast lead actually melts and burns creating some added smoke. With plated bullets Or Coated bullets over crimping can effect the jacket causing bullets to keyhole or lose jacket material before impacting the targets. Using a factory crimp die and not over crimping I have found best for my reloading practices. For coated bullets a slightly bigger bell may be needed to keep from causing too much friction on the bullet as it goes in. the reduced cost of coated bullets makes them awesome... sure someone will go to a website adn say it's not that much... BUT if you look at the reality of the pricing.. Blue Bullets you can save 5% by using code Moneypenny, or any of their other shooters. Just by being a member on this forum you can also get 5% off You can save 10% if you put their logo on your shirt, You can save 10% if you order if you order 10K or more They also offer contingency programs. I know other companies do the same.... so please compare equally. Your choice is yours . Consistency with other bullets is not much better than it is with coated. if you want really consistent bullets you can have them.. HAP Sierra Match kings etc are VERY consistent But none of these are going to be precision rifle consistent because they don't need to be. To the Original poster i have been to the blue bullets factory, any differences in diameter are very tiny, they are double struck, with a sizing die.. you can possibly order some .356 to see if they shoot better in your gun. Thickness in coating will be crushed when fired ad not make much if any noticeable difference.
  6. Redhilltactical.com can hook you up he has most of the time folio elite series in his personal collection if you use the code money10 you will save 10% Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. I have never noticed more than a few 10th's of a grain difference in weight. that can be for any number of reasons in the metallurgy. I even get a few tenths off with sierra match king rifle bullets too. Yes I'm on the blue bullets shooting team. I asked to join after shooting their bullets and finding them to make solid power factor and a few batches having consistent coatings and good prices along with very fast shipping. Since then I've shot a lot of them. but have not seen more than a gain difference in weight most of the time.
  8. Like 3 gun nation, they have you hit a button, run and shoot then hit it again in the end? I am interested in this to be able to train with for 3 gun nation matches. I have also seen stop lates, and some attachments, and others that just say " must shoot that plate last. What other timing systems have you guys seen.
  9. If you add extended base pads such as those from springer precision you won't have to download. 40 round mags are nice... and you then rarely have to reload. but if you do you can still reload to over 30 reliably.
  10. A friends Mossberg 930 JM tends to have the trigger get heavy once in every 10 rounds or so, we cleaned it.. and I'm wondering if there is something up with the safety. I can see how it may possibly hang down, and I know there are a lot of known issues.. however this gun has quite a few thousand through it and runs excellently.
  11. There was one sitting on the shelf at Cabella last week in wheeling WV.. I know this is a little old but still glad to see them getting out there.
  12. I am using dawson precision sights.. they needed a little bit of fitting but work great now.
  13. For hand made kydex i go with redhilltactical.com, you can PM me for a discount code. but i honestly think they are as good as any you will find out there, made by a competitor for competitors.
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