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  1. Am i reading stage 2 right is that a 160 yard slug shot?
  2. Redhilltactical.com can hook you up he has most of the time folio elite series in his personal collection if you use the code money10 you will save 10% Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Steve Moneypenny

    Anyone else see this with Blue Bullets?

    I have never noticed more than a few 10th's of a grain difference in weight. that can be for any number of reasons in the metallurgy. I even get a few tenths off with sierra match king rifle bullets too. Yes I'm on the blue bullets shooting team. I asked to join after shooting their bullets and finding them to make solid power factor and a few batches having consistent coatings and good prices along with very fast shipping. Since then I've shot a lot of them. but have not seen more than a gain difference in weight most of the time.
  4. Like 3 gun nation, they have you hit a button, run and shoot then hit it again in the end? I am interested in this to be able to train with for 3 gun nation matches. I have also seen stop lates, and some attachments, and others that just say " must shoot that plate last. What other timing systems have you guys seen.
  5. Steve Moneypenny

    CZ Scorpion Mag Changes

    If you add extended base pads such as those from springer precision you won't have to download. 40 round mags are nice... and you then rarely have to reload. but if you do you can still reload to over 30 reliably.
  6. Steve Moneypenny

    Mossberg 930 JM Trigger Issue

    A friends Mossberg 930 JM tends to have the trigger get heavy once in every 10 rounds or so, we cleaned it.. and I'm wondering if there is something up with the safety. I can see how it may possibly hang down, and I know there are a lot of known issues.. however this gun has quite a few thousand through it and runs excellently.
  7. Steve Moneypenny

    First Class Win

    Congrats, On the way up!
  8. Steve Moneypenny

    Cabelas are listing an optic model 320 on the site

    There was one sitting on the shelf at Cabella last week in wheeling WV.. I know this is a little old but still glad to see them getting out there.
  9. Steve Moneypenny

    P320 competition sights?

    I am using dawson precision sights.. they needed a little bit of fitting but work great now.
  10. Steve Moneypenny

    Sig legion da/sa holsters

    For hand made kydex i go with redhilltactical.com, you can PM me for a discount code. but i honestly think they are as good as any you will find out there, made by a competitor for competitors.
  11. Steve Moneypenny

    320 out of the box accuracy

    I am not sponsored by sig in any way. My sponsors are listed in my signature. I was searching for a light weight, fast moving gun, while still being accurate and reliable, The SIG. shoots under 3" at 25 yards with me pulling the trigger that was factory. .. I sent the gun to Bruce Gray, Then the gun shoots much better... which leads me to believe, I suck. It shoots better groups than my X caliber, and better groups than I've shot wit a glock. The best part of my shooting is accuracy. and distant targets. I feel the P320 to be one of the most accurate production guns out of a box. I actually sold an M&P pro because i couldn't get it to group with the factory barrel. ( my gun was a 40) I will have a compact 9mm in tonight and tomorrow a full size slide to test out.
  12. Steve Moneypenny

    Competition holster for a P320 Carry w/ threaded bbl

    You can contact Bob at Redhilltactical.com the code Money10 will save you 10% he can make any holster you desire just leave the end open.
  13. Steve Moneypenny

    Has Anyone Changed Their Practice Program Based on...

    Never heard of it.. but now i'm going to have to listen to the podcast, sadly no audio book
  14. Steve Moneypenny

    Camera and video questions

    I use my Iphone for most filming from a 3rd person, can put it on a tripod pretty easy.
  15. Steve Moneypenny

    P320 Slide Milling Recommendations?

    Springer precision has done quite a few, I know this post is kind of old. but noticed no one had replied.