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  1. Get some classifiers on the books for PCC... Make GM in Carry Optics and get my mojo back! Also to cut some seconds on my steel challenge times.
  2. We have never had a classifier match before. ( We are a new club) I do like can you Count... I was looking at running 5 or 6 that wa everyone can make a mistake. .... I was there when max michelle shot the high hit factor on can you count ( on his squad at area 6 in fact).... that one used to be a ball buster on percentage though. he and travis SMOKED it.
  3. I know we have had a lot of new classifiers, My club, is fixing to run a 4 or More classifier match. Which classifiers do you feel are best, I have a number of PCC shooters and a group of 3 gun guys who have never shot classifiers much in the past. I ask you 3 things. Easiest? Most fun? Definitely Shouldn't run. Please don't ask me to use the search function. I have.
  4. Mec gar 18’s and springer precision base pads here! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  5. I have shot so many coated bullets I cannot count them. I shot Precision bullets by Dave long for many years, then a Friend of mine started Black Bullets... then sold it. The new owner and i Did not see eye to eye on some things, and I ended up shooting blue bulllets, through the past 3 years I've shot quite a few of them ( Unable to practice like I should) Disclosure I am a member of the Blue Bullets team. I have enjoyed quantity discounts and or Team spots from all of the above mentioned bullets. I have also shot Berrys, West Coast, Plated, as well as Zero an
  6. I've been doing it for years.... fat guy bending over in front of people takes time, and looking for the loaded round is lame and time consuming.
  7. You can also get some grip tape from traction grips, ( they do the skate tape as well) springer precision uses the jessop skate board tape that's just right. Some stuff is just a little too agressive for me. King man also had mounts for a slide ride optic... I think that's the best way t do it. that back up sight thing is kind of pointless for USPSA
  8. Awesome, love having places I can point people to get the guns!
  9. What ammo were you running in both the X cal and shadow, My x Cal should be in today or tomorrow, so I''ll be looking for a good load for it... and "how" accurate.?
  10. as much as i want to play i must learn better sight focus this winter!
  11. Red hill holsters are top knotch, I use one for my USPSA rig, I will be ordereing one for my 3 gun pistol setup as soon as i find out whether or not I will have a light on it or not. lol.
  12. When Kimber was all the rage I walk into a kimber master dealer ask to see then gun, while checking it out i field strip it... his response was priceless, If you can't put that back together, your going to have to buy it!.... the shop owners name was Tex. ... i could barely stop snickering long enough to get the gun back together.
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