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  1. Is there anyway see if the rounds are being swagged? I pulled some bullets and did not notice anything on the jacket. I don’t believe I have an unloaded bullet to compare the pulled ones against...
  2. Added some additional details ( bullet weight and no signs of tumbling).... I have not performed a bench rest test yet. Although I do extensive ladder testing when I change anything, of my standard recipe, I had not seen the need for accuracy testing until now. Everything I had loaded up to this point was spot on. Maybe my gun does not like FMJ.....
  3. First and foremost, I am not a noob in terms of reloading or accurate shooting. There is something wrong with the latest batch of rounds I have loaded. To validate my suspicion, at today's steel challenge match, I shot 10 of these rounds against a steel plate 10 yards away - 6 hit, 4 were flyers. I used a buddy's hand loaded ammo, same test - all 10 were on target. I am usually a very good shot with my Accushadow. (Obviously, today's steel challenge results sucked ass...) I knew something was 'OFF' when at the last USPSA match, I was having a hard time hitting steel, and an easy time hitting no shoots that were offset of the target. Of the hits that were on paper, all were perfect diameter hits, I.e. bullets were not tumbling. So what changed.... This is my first batch of FMJ rounds. Prior to this batch and with great accuracy results I have loaded over 70K rounds of RN plated and RN coated bullets - the last 20K were RN coated .356. These rounds are RMR .355 RN FMJ 124 gr. When loaded, the round, at the base of the bullet measures .3790. I do not believe this is a crimp issue as this measurement is within 9mm specifications. I have 'pulled' 5 bullets, randomly, and the jackets are not marred or damaged - again pointing that this may not be crimp issue. The powder is Sport Pistol, 4.2GR for an average power factor of 127.5. All rounds are case gauged to eliminate any split cases or cases that do not meet specs. The LOA of the rounds are 1.13. For this specific bullet, the CZ barrel allows for 1.136 in the plunk test. The pistol is an CZ Accushadow (Gen 1). The reloading press is a Dillon 650, with a Redding Competition seating Die, followed by a Lee Factory Crimp Die (FCD). On the FCD, NOTHING has been changed between the coated bullets and the FMJ's. I am getting flyers where usually I do not get any. Any insight is appreciated. THANKS!!!!
  4. Like I said, I load all rounds identical. Regardless of match or practice, they all get case gauged to catch any split or damaged cases. The load has been chronographed with the same Bullets, powder, and primers. With over 60k rounds loaded and zero case based malfunctions, I can vouch for uniformity. No need to loose good cases at a match....
  5. I specifically mark nickel as “match” ammo. I load all my ammo the same way, “match” ammo signifies cases that I want to get rid off, i.e. cases I want to loose. Too many split cases in nickel compared to brass. BTW, I also mark as “match” ammo brass cases I have reloaded more than 4 or 5 times - I recycle my brass from my practice sessions and store these cases apart from the rest of my brass inventory. So.......if you pick up brass at matches I shoot, you are picking up well worn brass....also the reason I don’t pick up brass at matches....
  6. Springs need to be replaced; mag, recoil, firing pin, trigger return, etc.
  7. When is the last time you replaced the springs on the magazine?
  8. CZ mag tuning? You must have CZ confused with the high maintenance limited and open guns. Have over 70k rounds through my CZ’s and magazine tuning is not part of any preventative maintenance.
  9. I am over 50k rounds loaded, no primer detonations. Slow and steady, don’t force anything.
  10. No, this is not a RO Recertification question. This happened at Area 6. I was the timer RO and the one that went with the shooter to the safe area to establish a squib round. The two remaining RO's attempted to record this as an "as shot" scenario deeming that the squib round was "shot" and thus "fired". 30 mikes, 16 FTSA's....... but Practiscore would not allow a save without a time. So they recorded a fraction of a second as the time just to be able to save the record. We later find out that the shooter has asked for a reshoot and was given one under the technicality that the time was incorrect. RM stated that this should of been scored DNF, and not "as shot". RM is pretty high up on the pecking order so who am I to say otherwise, but I would of thought an Edit to the score would of been more equitable for everyone......
  11. So, the rules are obvious, the reason for the post is because of the specifics: 1) Did the Shooter “fire”? Because if he did, then a DNF for the stage would not be applicable, you score it as shot 2) If he did “fire”, then what is the time to enter on tablet - shot timer did not pick up the squib.
  12. PCC shooter. Makes ready.... BEEP. Shooter pulls trigger, nothing happens. Shooter cycles carbine and pockets what seems to be the ejected round (for future reference?). RO says nothing, waiting on shooter (5.7.4). Shooter, curses, drops magazine and starts to clear the carbine. RO issues the “If you are done...” command. Once cleared, RO asks, “Why?” Shooter responds “Squib”. RO never heard squib, timer did not pick up anything. RO accompanies Shooter to safety area and verifies squib. CRO and other RO enter the results in tablet. What is the correct entry into the tablet? (14 paper, 2 steel)
  13. Profit is a strong motivator. "Greed is good'" - It fills a need without anyone forcing anyone to fill that need. OK Corral has attempted in many ways to profit off the 100+ shooters that visit each USPSA match, action steel match, 2 gun match, and Steel Challenge match , each month - it has sold and delivered box lunches to the range, it has a buffet lunch that can be purchased, it has cabins that can be rented, it sells range memberships, rents bays, has an RV park, has a bar, provides training classes, hosts top instructors, sells ammo, clothing, etc. It is hosting Area 6 starting tomorrow. Whether or not this is all profitable, I can only surmise, but they do attempt to capture as much side business as possible from the thousands of individual visitors that come to the range because of their action park. It still takes a substantial amount of volunteers: MD (2 of these), check in personnel (3 of these, if not 4), stage reviewers (probably 2), and of course the embedded RO's that are shooting the match. There is, however, no setup or teardown. This makes for a very professional and uniform presentation of the stages and gives the match the aura of a L2 and contributes to its immediate sell out. There are rumblings that they may increase the price (as they should, anything that sells out that fast points to a strong misbalance between supply and demand) and I believe most shooters would stomach a $5 increase if they continue to provide the same quality product.
  14. At OK Corral, there is a MD and volunteers who design and tweak the finished stages. The build is mostly done by Range staff. There is still “volunteerism”, just not much, if any, in the build and tear down. 108 shooters on the 9 stages with a waitlist - it is a quality match with superb stages, rivaling an L2. All for $30.
  15. The monthly L1 match at OK Corral is up to 9 stages that sells out in 15 minutes. Stages are setup and taken down by the staff at the range. Competitors show up, shoot, and scoot. Price is about $30. I get get the concept of volunteerism in the sport, but if I have to choose whether to setup and tear down, versus shoot and scoot, the choice is obvious. I’ll even pay more to shoot and scoot. I believe that disruption in any enterprise is beneficial and it may be the case that we need to disrupt the concept of volunteerism in setup and tear down. Consumerism is not a bad thing, we just need to figure out the value of this consumerism to the consumer and adapt the price of the match accordingly.
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