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  1. It’s back in stock. Seems very popular. Picked up an 8lb jug at Brownells for about $150 to my door.
  2. Not “opinion” but rather “perception”. I am certain many would use those adjectives on one of the principals.
  3. It’s not about liking anyone or not. It’s about the irony of “not wanting f*#kheads on their forums and participants being a nuisance”. It is literally, the pot calling the kettle black.
  4. What’s with the “We” and the “Us” in the present term? I was not aware that you are still affiliated with IPSC. I was under the impression that that chapter was closed.
  5. I have the mini Mr. bullet feeder on my 650. I have six magazines that will hold 600 bullets. I also have six primer pick up tubes. My reloading sessions load 600 rounds. I fill the magazines and the primers tubes while watching TV. It really is a very handy thing.
  6. I am a lowly B shooter. I bet you though, that I have beaten you in the game of life...
  7. I have a 650 with a MMBF. I have 6 magazines and 6 primer pickup tubes. Guess how many rounds I load per session? i load both the mags and the primer tubes while watching tv. works great. Never missed a beat yet.
  8. What I do, is load a round around 1.16 but not crimp. Then introduce the round into the chamber pressing it in. Removing the round gives me the size where it engaged the rifling. Then I deduct about .01. Then I test drop and spin. Not sure what changed..... wait I do know, my original test was on my practice accushadow with probably 20k rounds through it- the hang ups and the chamber test last night was on my match gun with just over 1k rounds through it. Unfortunately, I have resized all the rounds down, no way to test, and no desire to create a test round - I have learned a lesson, plunk test on my match barrel....
  9. I originally did a plunk test and they checked out at 1.143. However, subsequently I did another and they are most definitely engaging the rifling. I took them down to 1.126 and they are plunking fine.
  10. Just spoke to Eli at Gallant bullets - turns out that their 125gr profile is almost identical to the Xtreme 124. Which is very interesting to me as I had recently bought a batch of Acme 124's and their stubbier profile cost me 240 points at Nationals when I must have had a bad primer and upon ejecting the round, the bullet was stuck in the rifling - the next round pushed it further into the rifling as did the next round and the next one. Luckily pistol did not go into battery... And they have a 15% off Black Friday deal....
  11. Last year their black Friday sale was 15% off. Factoring that into the equation, it was the cheapest plated bullet I could find. However, I did not get the order until mid-january. As we get closer to Black Friday, I have to figure out if I want to risk doing business with them again....
  12. I need to buy my yearly bullet cache (about 16K). Anyone buying from Extreme since they declared bankruptcy? If so, how is their delivery time and quality control? Thanks!
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