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  1. Jollymon32

    Mini mr Bulletfeeder

    I have the mini Mr. bullet feeder on my 650. I have six magazines that will hold 600 bullets. I also have six primer pick up tubes. My reloading sessions load 600 rounds. I fill the magazines and the primers tubes while watching TV. It really is a very handy thing.
  2. Jollymon32

    TODAY ONLY: Interview with Bob Vogel, the paper GM

    I am a lowly B shooter. I bet you though, that I have beaten you in the game of life...
  3. I have a 650 with a MMBF. I have 6 magazines and 6 primer pickup tubes. Guess how many rounds I load per session? i load both the mags and the primer tubes while watching tv. works great. Never missed a beat yet.
  4. Jollymon32

    X-Treme Bullets - anyone buying lately?

    What I do, is load a round around 1.16 but not crimp. Then introduce the round into the chamber pressing it in. Removing the round gives me the size where it engaged the rifling. Then I deduct about .01. Then I test drop and spin. Not sure what changed..... wait I do know, my original test was on my practice accushadow with probably 20k rounds through it- the hang ups and the chamber test last night was on my match gun with just over 1k rounds through it. Unfortunately, I have resized all the rounds down, no way to test, and no desire to create a test round - I have learned a lesson, plunk test on my match barrel....
  5. Jollymon32

    X-Treme Bullets - anyone buying lately?

    I originally did a plunk test and they checked out at 1.143. However, subsequently I did another and they are most definitely engaging the rifling. I took them down to 1.126 and they are plunking fine.
  6. Jollymon32

    Black friday components thread?

    Gallant Bullets 15% off....
  7. Jollymon32

    X-Treme Bullets - anyone buying lately?

    Just spoke to Eli at Gallant bullets - turns out that their 125gr profile is almost identical to the Xtreme 124. Which is very interesting to me as I had recently bought a batch of Acme 124's and their stubbier profile cost me 240 points at Nationals when I must have had a bad primer and upon ejecting the round, the bullet was stuck in the rifling - the next round pushed it further into the rifling as did the next round and the next one. Luckily pistol did not go into battery... And they have a 15% off Black Friday deal....
  8. Jollymon32

    X-Treme Bullets - anyone buying lately?

    Last year their black Friday sale was 15% off. Factoring that into the equation, it was the cheapest plated bullet I could find. However, I did not get the order until mid-january. As we get closer to Black Friday, I have to figure out if I want to risk doing business with them again....
  9. I need to buy my yearly bullet cache (about 16K). Anyone buying from Extreme since they declared bankruptcy? If so, how is their delivery time and quality control? Thanks!
  10. Jollymon32

    Virginia stage penalty question

    I concur. It was pretty bad. I was was told that there were issues getting enough officials due to the length of the event. Turns out that the majority of the people that can take 9 days off to volunteer are retired folks - and thus the high number of octogenarian officials. It was my first and for the foreseeable future, probably my only Nationals. I love the sport, but 3 days of what felt like a level 2 match was a bit much. I think my enjoyable limit is two days of shooting.
  11. Jollymon32

    124 vs 135 Acme Rn, help me choose

    I will shoot about 16k rounds this year. So I feel ‘cheap’ as well....
  12. Jollymon32

    124 vs 135 Acme Rn, help me choose

    I would not even be pondering this if Xtreme had not gone tits up. I have shot about 16k rounds of Xtreme 124 for years, never varying the powder, primer or load (except when I load bunny fart rounds). I am a creature of habit looking for another projectile to stock up on, perfect the load, and forget.
  13. Jollymon32

    124 vs 135 Acme Rn, help me choose

    In a nutshell, you have encapsulated what I have perceived and what I am thinking.
  14. CZ Accushadow using N320 powder. So I ordered the trial packs, created the ladders to determine powder loads, and tested for accuracy shooting from a bench with pistol rests. The conclusion,: there is no conclusive difference between the two. They both are extremely accurate and I cannot tell the recoil difference between the two, even though the 135 is using less powder. The only difference is that the 125 can be loaded a bit longer than the 135. i am leaning towards the 125 as they are a bit cheaper. Any personal experience with this dilemma?
  15. Jollymon32

    Yes, they do break

    I carry spares in my bag just for that. What I have noticed is that I have not had this type of failure since I started reloading rounds much less powerful than factory loaded rounds.