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  1. I am using 3 comptac single mag pouch PLM and have been completely happy with them.
  2. I tried the Cain and was not impressed, it does appear to be 3D printed and, as I recall, only added 3 rounds. I recently tried the Arredondo and it has worked great and added 5 rounds. This gives me a 22 round mag for those times when the 21 rounds of the Pmags I routinely use is just not enough, haha.
  3. I think I am in the minority, but I prefer the Shield RMS, or SMS2, with the scratch resistant polymer lens, not the glass lens. The dot is always on and self regulates brightness well, the housing around the lens is thin and not obtrusive, the polymer lens does not have any strange colors and there have never been any ‘ghost’ dots or double dots when shooting into the sun, the battery life has been good (I replace them annually anyway), and I have not broken one in the past 17k rounds on my G34. The Shield also mounts low on the slide and with their Glock plate it mounts low enough that ta
  4. I have had good luck with vibratite for small screws, like RDS mounting screws, and as a bonus it can be reused a few times before a new application is needed, like if you need to dismount the sight to change a battery.
  5. Yes, stock Glock gen 5 barrel in the 34 and I also shoot the blue 180 grain .40 in my stock gen 2 Glock 22.
  6. I use Slip 2000 725 degreaser. That stuff is amazing, like industrial 409.
  7. I ran a Seattle slug on a G22 in limited and really liked it. It gives you some weight plus a bit of a mag guide.
  8. Oops, yep, 135 truncated cone, with a round nose
  9. I load my 135RN BlueBullets to 1.11 for my gen 5 G34 and they work great. As far as loading 231 in 9mm, I have no experience.
  10. Earlier this year I had to change 170 rear sights on Glock pistols and used the MGW tool and it worked flawlessly. Brownells has them.
  11. I have been running the 140mm, 21 round, Magpul Glock Mags exclusively now for over a year and have had zero issues.
  12. I have been using a Comp-Tac International for my G34 gen 5 MOS for about 6-7 months now and am really happy with it and would buy it again.
  13. I use Ergo grip precut panels on the front strap of my 1911s.
  14. Kitanica RSPs and Range Shorts. Made in USA, too.
  15. I am shooting a Shield RMS 4MOA, and am completely happy with it. It is a smaller window than others, but mounts much lower and has been accurate and trouble free.
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