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  1. I am using the Magpul Pmags exclusively in my G34 in carry optics and they have worked great, 21 rounds reloadable, and have passed the 140mm gauge pop quiz at a match. I like ‘em!
  2. I am still real happy with my Shield RMS. I have about 3000 trouble free rounds through it so far on my Glock 34 MOS .
  3. My gen 5 34 has the same build up on the crown shooting blue bullets. I have not noticed it affecting accuracy but I do scrape it off when I clean the pistol.
  4. I have about 3k on a Shield RMS and it is still going strong.
  5. I am loading 135 Bluebullets in 9mm with OAL of 1.11 and 3.4 grains bullseye which is 130PF from my gen 5 G34.
  6. I had similar issues when I started loading polymer coated bullets in 9mm and the Double Alpha Mr Bulletfeeder Dillon powder funnel solved the offset bulge issue for me. I now use one when loading polymer coated bullets in 9 and 40.
  7. Jack, I have been running this system with 3 senders (in different zones) for a few years and am real happy with it. A nice feature is the ability to assign a different alarm sound to each zone so you know where to look. https://www.guardlinesecurity.com/
  8. Looks like a Ponsness Warren shotgun shell reloader to me. https://www.ballisticproducts.com/800-Plus-progressive-shotshell-reloader-w_-EZ-Seal-Top-Plate/productinfo/16180/
  9. I am also shooting Unique with 180 gr. bullets in .40 S&W, from a Glock 22. I have found that loaded to OAL 1.140 with 5.0 Unique chronos at 967 FPS with 180 BlueBullet, while 180 MontaGold JHP took 5.5 grains to reach 941 FPS.
  10. I am sending three up this year, unfortunately I have a prior commitment and can not attend. Thanks for continuing to host these matches!!
  11. Gordon, I may bring a team up again. If I can work it out, we wiill see you there!
  12. I'm in!!! First match I have been able to make time for in quite awhile and I am really looking forward to it!
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