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  1. Normally lots and lots of Sharks there to gauge where you might end up at, unless you are a killer Whale..
  2. I’ve been told to “ gas it up” or ”make it hot” more then I care from both sports..
  3. Ever thought about using wax/plastic bullets?? My uncle has shot them in his 30’ garage out of a couple of 36’s and mdl60’s for more then 50 years. I use to help him reload them several times when I was young and shot several hundred rounds with him..Take some brass and an 1\8” drill bit and enlarge the primer hole, prime, then press into a canning paraffin-wax bar or load plastic Speer bullets. He had a 4’ wide by 6’ tall box made out of 2x2’s with it covered loosely with a thick green canvas in the back doubled over and stapled targets to them.. he mainly point shooted them 90% of the tim
  4. never understood why the MD just doesn’t add a separate Practiscore sign in for PCC shooters and make it their own match,so the pistol shooters won’t be soooooooo tore up on the results.. takes 2 mins to do..
  5. New rule posted this week for Carry Optics.. https://draftable.com/compare/DzGQVOqbbUkq?fbclid=IwAR3RnRYNGpBM1zUS_cwd0X6cgXxoygn3LKh9plnfKcQtExTe7hn8llNQKHQ
  6. This explains it .. https://www.berrymanproducts.com/chlorinated-vs-non-chlorinated-brake-cleaner/
  7. What powder and charge weight ? i use to use 231 a lot and when the powder crunch came few years ago,all I could find was Nitro 100NF and god it was awful. left a lot of unburnt powder in cylinder . Used most of it for practice only since I had to brush the cylinder after 18 rounds. . Got some Tightgroupe and while dirty it burned hot and the cylinder stayed pretty flake free..
  8. Been on here 16 years this September and have purchased a press and items from Brian over the years. I do a good bit of competitive training for beginning shooters and will mention several times during a class about this forum for the amount and wealth of information here. Have always enjoyed reading about a shooters journey from the beginning to end and have really enjoyed every post. Things change and life goes on,but I would pay a yearly fee to keep this going. If Brian does change to a different server or platform, please make sorta like other social media styles where we can “ like”
  9. Have a dedicated room also and Had it happen couple times over the years and 1: wear muffs 2: when they came 3 or more times and found it annoyed me,I had them set behind and made them watch or let them give me random starts on the timer.3: have also turned off the lights and practiced reloads in the dark or ambient light ..
  10. GmanCdp


    Just depends on the club. anywhere from 2 to 6 yards to 15 to 20. Match couple weeks ago had 2 out in the open stages at 10 yards and 4 other stages the engagement was 4 to 12. When I practice I always start off with slow 15 yard head shots then go from 4 to 10 yards with several targets in between. I made a drill I call the Big.V that can be shot so many different ways and I shoot from 2 yards to 12 yards.
  11. GmanCdp


    Looks like it would fit in BUG loaded to 6 rounds, with a max of 3 more mags on the belt. 24 total rounds Can be shot in CCP and ESP using 7 round mags with 3 on the belt. 29 total rounds. 8.1.4 Division Capacity SSP, ESP, SPD............. 10 rounds CDP, CCP.................... 8 rounds REV, BUG-S................ 6 rounds BUG-R........................ 5 rounds total In all semi-auto divisions except BUG-S, the shooter will also start with one additional round in the chamber, unless the stage description requires otherwise. 8.1.5 Loading Device Count A. A “loading
  12. I use Ready Tactical holsters on K,L and N frame revolvers.. go to 4wheelguns.com for legal IDPA comp3 holders. Made with DCL combat loops which hold great !
  13. I use the Apex bases on the 19 mags and they work great with a little more wider platform to make grabbing them better .
  14. Hello, I use the Apex Red flat trigger setup in a 19 and 26 Glock for CCP along with 10-8 and fiber optic front sight and Magpul mags . Went with the drop in Apex and really like the crisp break and a shorter rest. Good luck..
  15. Steve Anderson’s books and “ podcasts”.. gotta listen to Steve’s podcasts..
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