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  1. “Trigger shoe” is a wider add on that makes the trigger wider. Slides on the trigger and Normally held on with 2 Allen screws and usually seen on 1911 or revolver triggers. Would not work on the polymer tripe triggers with the safety lever. That was always confusing to see that with new shooters. Trigger shoes are more for NRA bullseye shooting. here is a link to show different types of shoes. Even though it’s says paintball, application and design is the same. https://www.baccipaintball.com/parts/trigger-shoes.html couple companies also show a shoe for Glocks, but really it’s just a trigger made shorter in order to reach it better. https://suarezinternational.com/face-shooter-trigger-shoes/ The shoe listed in the rule book has been in there for 22 years or more so I think IDPA is referring to the old style I mentioned above,as a add on shoe.. Any trigger with any outside adjustment is not allowed in SSP
  2. Dedicated 650 for 38spl and one for 45ACP.
  3. I ran 9 round mags for several years in a Bear P2 9mm. Never seen a dis advantage doing so unless you get that one MD does like Jim mentioned ..SO’s questioned me a couple times thinking I was using 10 rounders..
  4. Couple years ago flying to Phoenix out of Memphis, I decided to carry my 642 and put 2 speed loaders each in a paper towel tube. 2 tubes 4 speed loaders and put them along with my 9mm match ammo in a separate box inside the suitcase with both guns in one box. Went thru X-ray and got pulled because the tech saw the 2 paper towel tubes .3 TSA guys got n and pulled out the tubes and told me I had to put them back in the car. I explained to them that the shells were secure and in the tube and that was no different then the 6 Glock mags I had loaded fully with ammo. They disagreed, I explained to them that a speed loader has been used as a loading device since the late 60’s,but since none of them has never seen one before they stood their ground. About that time an older dude came from behind a wall and asked what was going on.Told him my side and he looked at the 3 guys and said I was correct and I went on my way. When I got to Phoenix,I went to the Dillon store and bought a cartridge box to save the hassle flying back.
  5. GmanCdp


    Love it for 45ACP..used with BBI 230gr bullets and regular lead..
  6. Normally lots and lots of Sharks there to gauge where you might end up at, unless you are a killer Whale..
  7. I’ve been told to “ gas it up” or ”make it hot” more then I care from both sports..
  8. Ever thought about using wax/plastic bullets?? My uncle has shot them in his 30’ garage out of a couple of 36’s and mdl60’s for more then 50 years. I use to help him reload them several times when I was young and shot several hundred rounds with him..Take some brass and an 1\8” drill bit and enlarge the primer hole, prime, then press into a canning paraffin-wax bar or load plastic Speer bullets. He had a 4’ wide by 6’ tall box made out of 2x2’s with it covered loosely with a thick green canvas in the back doubled over and stapled targets to them.. he mainly point shooted them 90% of the time.. just be sure to mark the brass and keep it separate ..after I got older I did the same for years.. These were very accurate by the way.. https://www.speer.com/bullets/plastic_training_bullets/19-8510.html Didn’t know about the glue gun glue trick..h
  9. never understood why the MD just doesn’t add a separate Practiscore sign in for PCC shooters and make it their own match,so the pistol shooters won’t be soooooooo tore up on the results.. takes 2 mins to do..
  10. New rule posted this week for Carry Optics.. https://draftable.com/compare/DzGQVOqbbUkq?fbclid=IwAR3RnRYNGpBM1zUS_cwd0X6cgXxoygn3LKh9plnfKcQtExTe7hn8llNQKHQ
  11. This explains it .. https://www.berrymanproducts.com/chlorinated-vs-non-chlorinated-brake-cleaner/
  12. What powder and charge weight ? i use to use 231 a lot and when the powder crunch came few years ago,all I could find was Nitro 100NF and god it was awful. left a lot of unburnt powder in cylinder . Used most of it for practice only since I had to brush the cylinder after 18 rounds. . Got some Tightgroupe and while dirty it burned hot and the cylinder stayed pretty flake free..
  13. Been on here 16 years this September and have purchased a press and items from Brian over the years. I do a good bit of competitive training for beginning shooters and will mention several times during a class about this forum for the amount and wealth of information here. Have always enjoyed reading about a shooters journey from the beginning to end and have really enjoyed every post. Things change and life goes on,but I would pay a yearly fee to keep this going. If Brian does change to a different server or platform, please make sorta like other social media styles where we can “ like” or dislike a post ..Many thanks for shooters and vendors.
  14. Have a dedicated room also and Had it happen couple times over the years and 1: wear muffs 2: when they came 3 or more times and found it annoyed me,I had them set behind and made them watch or let them give me random starts on the timer.3: have also turned off the lights and practiced reloads in the dark or ambient light ..
  15. GmanCdp


    Just depends on the club. anywhere from 2 to 6 yards to 15 to 20. Match couple weeks ago had 2 out in the open stages at 10 yards and 4 other stages the engagement was 4 to 12. When I practice I always start off with slow 15 yard head shots then go from 4 to 10 yards with several targets in between. I made a drill I call the Big.V that can be shot so many different ways and I shoot from 2 yards to 12 yards.
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