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  1. North Mountain http://4wheelguns.com/IDPA.html
  2. These were used at the 2018 Nationals and were legal.. There is post on FB with Robert Ray saying they were legal also. Contact your AC...
  3. Stage start had on deck shooter to the left while the shooter laid pistol on a barrel down range. At the buzzer, the Nationally known shooter went to grab pistol and kicked barrel causing pistol to turn to the left and as he grab it, caused a ND 1 foot into berm beside me..MD came over and DQ’d shooter, but let him continue later saying it was a prop issue.. another time a National ranked shooter at the buzzer did a full 360 sweeping the whole squad and once again, the MD gave him a pass to continue to shoot..
  4. Some club rules override IDPA rules so that it does not upset the paying club member that wants to shoot IDPA but not join and will never shoot anywhere else..That is why it might be ok to use some of the mags you have and may be able to draw AIWB. Not all clubs are IDPA legal,but still use the targets and rules..
  5. Yup was a 45ACP.. Now I did order a new Ultimate Master that took 4 months to get ,only to sell it after 2-3k with issues. Sold it to a member here and he never had any issue with it
  6. Been a 1911 junkie for 40 yrs and got my 1st Les Baer in 1999 and bought another for competition use only in 2001. Basic change out of recoil springs and grips changes, I did an overhaul at 109k in 2014. Over the years I sold off 11 Colts and bought 4 more Baers. Pretty good 1911’s out of the box after adding a mag well and whatever you want .
  7. Also if they are a lighter load, look at changing out to a lighter recoil spring or take a worn spring and cut off 4-6 coils and try that.
  8. I shoot and rotate out 3 Baers and none have reliably ran 185/200WC. I have about 2k of Rainier 200WC and 1500 185 HP that I want to retry again along with 5K of 185WC lead left over from bullseye shooting and some various 10 to 12lb recoil springs.I do run at times 200rn Rainier jacketed and no issues. currently run BBI 230gr run for the past 12k with no issueswith great accuracy and on my last 8k of the old Tennessee Cartridge company lead bullets. The TCCbullets smoke pretty good with all powders, but are really accurate.. I bought 4K of Montana Gold 6 years ago, but I was not real impressed.. Rainer and Delta 230gr HP gave the very best accuracy, but is cost prohibitive for me even for major matches.. OAL 1.250/1.252 crimp is at.469 all the time.. I use mixed brass and have some old bullseye brass from the 60's and 70's now mixing in with the newer brass..I had one Baer with 112k on it when I cracked the frame, so I got a new frame and bbl and had it rebuilt... guess you can tell I like the 45ACP..?
  9. Get on maps and go to the satellite view to see what is around you . Also check with the Parrish to see if there are any restrictions . neighbors ?? Do they shoot ?? I have a small 25 yard deep by 16 yards wide range I have used for 15 years.. Neighbors are good with it and there is a Church less the 3/4 miles down the road, so I won't shoot on Sunday till after 2pm and not on Wednesday evenings. I can backup to 60 yards on the range and go out to 100 on another part of the property,and I only have 2 acres.. Berms are about 7' tall,but the land goes uphill pretty good...
  10. Be sure and make up several dummy moon clip loads to practice with, I have 6 . I stack mine,1 holder 2 clips and 1 more behind the revolver and use thumb and middle finger to get the clip up and let the index finger help also once out. I shoot LH'd and holders are on the same side as holster. Be sure to let gravity work with you with a straight up cylinder eject and a cylinder straight down on the load to let the clips just fall in.
  11. GmanCdp


    Yeah I know Billy and he said they didn't received panels yet so he took some plastic panels and tape them up with clear tape and checked the width. However, the box should have been dried out and shrunk with the Az weather..lol.. I was surprised with the lower turn out of shooters this year. I worked the match several years ago and shot there last year. Love that range setting and Phoenix is the place to be for all type shooting sports.
  12. GmanCdp


    Just be careful and check before you pay to shoot a Major. Jan 2017 I flew to Az and my Glock 19 would not fit using the Apex base pads in their box [tried them before the match started], but passed at another state match that used the new Lexan box. EDITED: To say I use the new Magpul mags also.
  13. GmanCdp


    Glock 17 height with mag is 5.43". CCP box height is 5 3/8" = to 5.375 So the 17 is.055 to tall for the CCP box
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