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  1. Thanks for the input; I'll make a note of that and correct it in the next round of updates.
  2. Vortex is uploaded. As always, please let me know if you see any errors. I don't have most of these sights, personally, so am creating these based on how I read the owners manual. qrc_vor_v8.pdf
  3. Trijicon RMR is uploaded. qrc_rmr_v8.pdf
  4. Ah, gotcha. The breech face cut seems to have been introduced after the Gen 5's got into production. My 2017 early model Glock 19 (with half moon cut) did not have one; my 2020 purchase Glock 34 and my 2021 purchase Glock 19 both have one. It appears as a small groove or indentation on the breechface; my belief is to aid to ejection. Ok, so I took my G34 apart (1,351 rounds of factory FMJ) and can see what you are talking about. Mine manifests itself with a square indentation under the face of the extractor (Glock Part 10). I cleaned the front of the breechface as best I could and got this shot (I am no photographer.) Hope this helps as a reference.
  5. I went to go look at my 2020 purchased Glock 34 Gen 5. I can't quite tell what you are referring to in the pictures? I mean, aside from one of them having the breechface cut and one does not, what specifically are you talking about by "breechface wear"?
  6. Yes, understood. I took off the tape so I could install the M beavertail, since I wanted it more like my G34 (which I also have the M beavertail on) resulting in more room for my support hand. Grip texture is important, so I may or may not put another set on, but maybe not the rubber, and maybe not the whole grip. The one I tried this time was the Galloway product, which I don't think keys in as well as the Talons I've tried multiple times. I've been shooting matches without any tape or stippling so far, but I do apply grip enhancer solution (Tourna Grip Rx) to my hands. So far I've not stippled either gun, both are pretty new as I bought the G34 last year and the G19 just arrived from GT Distributors in July. Good comment about texture, I'll have to have a think about that going forward.
  7. Skillset September 1, 2021: Watched a bunch of videos, including one by Ken Nelson / TPC. Started to experiment with his “pliable / C-clamp” grip concept. I ended up trying to press a lot with support pinky, quite a bit with support middle, and a fair amount with support index. Relaxing strong hand, but firm pressure forward on the top of the tang, in the opposite direction of the support hand (pulling at the bottom and pushing at the top; but this is hard to put into words.) Also not hunching shoulders up. Just raise gun to eye level, press trigger. September 3, 2021: Live fire at LGS. Shooting AE115 FMJ range ammo. 20 rounds through Glock 19 carry gun to make sure it still works. It does. I am starting to be less happy with the grip tape I have on the gun. It almost feels too “fat” with the tape. 70 rounds through the Glock 34. Today I worked on this new grip, per Dry Practice. I used my AMG Shot Timer to shoot some doubles from low ready. I set it up to minimum sensitivity and even though there were shooters at the next stall, it only picked up my shots. Cool. I was shooting as fast as I can, seeing the dot return. Did 10 rounds strong and 10 rounds weak hand only. Shot The Test for a so so 93-2X in 7.42 seconds, and put 8 / 10 on paper at 25 yards untimed for a lackluster 68-0X. Interesting day. Gun is definitely more comfortable, and since I’m putting less grip pressure inward and upward, my shoulders and back are not even tired. I can tell my support hand is doing a lot more work on my grip now. Round Counts LCR: 510 G19: 279+20=299 G34: 1,281+70=1,351 Static Accuracy Glock 19 MOS TT: 95-1X (7/5/21)(1) 25: 88-1x (8/1/21)(2) FYL L1@5 yards: 9/10 (8/1/21) (3) Glock 34 TT: 99-0X (3/24/21) 25: 92-3X (5/30/21) FYL L1@5 yards: 10/10 (1/21/21) Toolset Installed a Dark Star Gear Dark Wing onto my JM CK carry holster. Seems to have the desired effect; the gun tilts in a bit more at the etop. I moved the Dr. Scholl’s gel pad up to the top, where I had it before. Still carrying without a Junk Carry Pillow; not sure I need it. Also removed the grip tape and installed the M beavertail.
  8. Will do. I have been working with Tim to get in one of his classes for a while. Unfortunately one earlier this year was cancelled by the organizer at short notice. I kept at it, and found that he is teaching at Homestead FL in March '22. I have registered and put down a deposit on that class. Thanks, good to know. I have heard very good things about Tim's classes, in particular as they related to USPSA, and I am looking forward to it.
  9. Thanks, I'll follow up on that. I had registered with TPC to take a class in 2020, but unfortunately it was cancelled due to COVID. I was pretty disappointed, because the area around St. George and Zion National Park is one of my favorite places on earth. Anyway, thanks, I have watched a lot of TPC videos and I'll chase up the one on C clamp. Much obliged. My shoulder is much improved, some biofreeze and rest helped. Should be able to get back to Dry Practice soon and plan to attend next Monday's mini-match, assuming it is still on with Labor Day holiday.
  10. I believe that is correct. The manufacturers specify 1 click adjustments in windage and elevation in MOA, not "inches". If you change MOA "up" by say 4 clicks, you are raising the average group center, but the amount it will raise will depend on the range to the target. The values in "inches" I provided for each size reticle are at common sighting ranges. For example, a 32 MOA circle will be larger at 25 yards than 10 yards. I just thought it was interesting to actually compute how big a 2 MOA dot was at 25 yards, for example. Hope this helps; I just converted to dots this year, so I am no expert. There may be easier ways to explain this...
  11. Here is a QRC for the 510C, let me know if you see any errors (info is derived from the online user manual). qrc_510c_v8.pdf
  12. Romeo 1 Pro is uploaded. qrc_sig_r1p_v8.pdf
  13. If you give me a day or two, I can generate a QRC for the Holosun 510C. I just need to locate the user manual. Be back in a bit.
  14. No problem at all; I hope they are useful.
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