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  1. NICE to KNOW! I love the Hyperfire! but they are very spendy. I decided to try one of PSAs drop in 3.5 lbs on sale for 99.00. I was going to take a Hyperfire out of one of my other guns and try it? Now! if I am not happy with the PSA, I will swop it out with the PSA. JD
  2. What triggers? I have been running Hyperfire? Tim did you get the Hyperfire to work with BHO? JD
  3. I think it will be fine! If you use the Tac Com barrel with the upper bullet guide? The ARV has it's own guide rams built in and they work great. JD
  4. You have to take off the bolt hold back and the ejector. Then follow the regular directions for use. Once I set it up it goes in fine after that. JD
  5. With all due respect, you asked for input on running the press without the ratchet? And are give us all of your reasons for not doing it. As you have heard, most of us run without the ratchet. That works for us! You should do what ever feels right for you. Quite frankly I have found that solving stoppages is easier without the ratchet. Just my .02. JD
  6. If there’s a problem,the handle nominally stops! Many times you an locate the issue and continue on. You will get the feel of what things go wrong and come up with your own solutions. It’s always the same one or two issues. Try it for a while you can always go back. Just the getting rid of the noise is worth it. JD
  7. I’ve been using Tim’s TacCom and they work great. Just curious if anyone else’s thoughts. Staying with what works. JD
  8. On My 1050 I just removed the the assembly. And use the bar as a spacer. I just lower the head and line up the bolt and bar. JD
  9. It works great! I changed over to get more capacity for my SMG, now I can shoot 50rnd drums in my M 15. JD
  10. It sounds like it works better than anything else? Buy the way I polished my Dillon powder funnel with Flitz and a Dremel buffing wheel, and it still sticks. I think I will try the Photo Escape? Does it bell a 9mm case OK? JD
  11. SORRY! I meant Shooting Sports Innovations! It also sticks on the down stroke of my 1050 with 9mm! So does the Photo Escape stick? And how does a coated bullet sit on the case from a bullet feeder? I can,t find a happy setting so coated bullet don’t fall off or lay over about 1 or 2% of the rnds? JD
  12. I have the double Alpha, it’s a little better than the Dillon, but it still sticks! JD
  13. I am just finalizing setting up my 1050 for 223! I stated with a Lee app and got tired of handling the brass 15 time? So I started to play around on the 1050, first clean brass with primers in Brass Juice. I kept the 9mm shell plate and hand fed cases. Spray cases with lube then into the decap/size station and proceeded to the next station and swaged all the brass. Then I did the same thing but bought a 223 plate for my case feeder. Then I realized that if I got a powder funnel, I could do powder and hand feed bullets and seat and crimp on the 1050. Using the 9mm #3 shell plate works kind of OK, but it does not hold the case in the center well enough when priming!! So have a FFB #5 223 shell plate coming and that should solve that problem? I know! I Know! LOL! I could be buying new ammo for what I have in this project!!! Just thought you might like to know? I have to much time on my hands!!! RETIREMENT does this to you. JD
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