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  1. Matt, did you get the sight OK?  JD

    1. matteekay


      I did, thank you! 

  2. Thanks Guys, just what I wanted to know!! Sounds like I will just stay with what I have. A lot of my bullets are a little tilted. I load a lot of coated bullets and they don't seem to always sit straight. JD
  3. I am considering changing to Micrometer type of seating die?? I have a super 1050. I want to get away from having to loosen the nut and move the die and recheck in order to change the seating depth. Which is best and do they save a lot of time?? And are they easy to use? Thanks, JD
  4. I will try to get some better pictures!! Sorry!! JD
  5. Sorry, I don't. PM sent to you. JD
  6. I got mine from Mike last year. He only supplied the 3D parts and the rest of the things Motor, wiring, other things, I got at DDA. Works great!! and the DDA components are easy to install. JD
  7. I bought one about a month ago, love the gun it shoots great. The only thing I did was spend $20.00 Springco trigger kit and 12lbs# Glock recoil spring. I just felt the recoil sprig was really stiff for me and my loads. I shoot mainly CZs but I really really like this gun. Just my .02 JD
  8. More problems with the Canik mags! Im still having problems with the Canik +2 mags, ends are still nose diving about halfway through the mag. What OAL are you guys using? Any suggestions? Thanks, JD
  9. I am trying to mount a Romeo1 on the SF and didn't know that there standard plates don't match up!! Does anyone know of anybody making other plates for the SF?? thanks, JD
  10. I used the #43712 12lbs Glock spring from Wolf. Just opened up the small end to fit over the Q5 guide rod. And it seems to be working great. Only put about 100rnds thru it so far. But it racks much easier than with the stock spring. I am shooting minor loads and they eject with no problem. JD
  11. Changed the recoil spring to the 12# Glock, gun ran great with my minor loads and still seemed to shoot just fine with factory ammo. The effort the charge the slide is noticeably easier. JD
  12. OK, I have gone thru it all again!! and it seems to be working OK now. I did change out the Blue tip even though it looked OK!! but that seems to have made the difference. Just curious, how often do you guys change the Blue tip??? JD
  13. Hi Greg, thanks! I have done all of the above and still having the problem of not primer shuttle, not picking up a primer on 1 or 2 out of a 100. I will recheck all of the above!! and I will replace the blue tip again. JD
  14. I have tried everything I can think of! One or Two out of every 100 rnds it fails to pickup a primer. And I can’t figure out why. Any suggestions. JD
  15. Same here! Comp-tac from Amazon 3 days to my door. JD
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