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  1. Look at the new Lee APP! I bought one to load 223, but you you can load any thing. It is lots of fun and very inexpensive to get started and the company is great. JD
  2. Hyper fire here also. Tried others and gone back to the Hyperfire, even in my S&W 15/22. JD
  3. The plate is the same width as the Alpha3. It protrudes little on each side of the slide. You can check the mount width on CZC website. JD
  4. Here is my Accu Shadow with the Dovetail plate mount!
  5. On a reg Shadow2, you could have the slide cut and drilled for the optic. Or buy a dovetail plate mount. CZC CZ custom or Cajun gun works or Henning all make them. I have my Alpha3 mounted on a dove tail mount on my Accu Shadow SP01, it works great and you do not have to have you slide milled.JD
  6. On my SP01 I have a CZC dovetail plate. So I don’t have a length problem.
  7. On a open gun, it should work with any over slide mount that is drilled for RTS2. They generally don’t have a length problem. JD
  8. Romeo 1, the glass is quite a bit higher which I find it easier to find the dot. And it is only a couple of cm narrower.The buttons work much easier. Just like the sight better. JD
  9. Until after the first time. LOL ! JD Love the sight,the window is great.
  10. Got my 8moa on Monday. Mounted it on my Carry Opitics CZ and went the range. The 8 moa on the lowest setting is great. I think 8 moa outside and for steel challenge will be really nice. My only suggestion would be to be able to use a small screwdriver to adjust the sight. Having that small Allen wrench is a pain. Love the sight so much better than my Sig! Just my . JD
  11. Got my 8 moa yesterday. Looks great! Decided to try the 8moa. Really cool that it comes with a cover and the buttons work really nice. Will let you know how it shoots next week. JD
  12. I’m definitely pro CZ CM. I’ve been shooting my CM for 5 years and it just keeps shooting anything. I go to a shoot every weekend and see all these other guns having all kinds of problems. Buy a CM and enjoy shooting or buy something else and enjoy trying to get it to shoot rite! Just my .02. JD
  13. I agree, easy to use. A fun inexpensive press. And really versatile. JD
  14. Note: I check all 223 in a size die, and all passed using Lee decaping and Sizing die.
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