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  1. OK, I have gone thru it all again!! and it seems to be working OK now. I did change out the Blue tip even though it looked OK!! but that seems to have made the difference. Just curious, how often do you guys change the Blue tip??? JD
  2. Hi Greg, thanks! I have done all of the above and still having the problem of not primer shuttle, not picking up a primer on 1 or 2 out of a 100. I will recheck all of the above!! and I will replace the blue tip again. JD
  3. I have tried everything I can think of! One or Two out of every 100 rnds it fails to pickup a primer. And I can’t figure out why. Any suggestions. JD
  4. Same here! Comp-tac from Amazon 3 days to my door. JD
  5. OK, I ran the Canik 18+2 SFX mags and they ran fine, except they don't hold the slide open. Not that I need that anyway! So that gives me 20rnd mags that work in the Q5 SF! I also put the 12 Wolf Glock spring in and the Sprinco trigger kit springs and that lowered the trigger pull. What we really need is for Apex to come up with one of there triggers for the SF!!! Just my .02 JD
  6. I have been running mine for about 18 months. Freedom smith trigger and lighter recoil spring, and it runs fine with my minor loads. JD
  7. What AOL are you running? And what loads? Powder/Bullets JD
  8. Looking for a 5moa SRO? at decent price. most of the popular sites have them on BO. Any body sees one, let me know! JD
  9. I tried all of my Canik mags and they won't hold the slide open all of the time!! And when I ran full Canik mags, I had some rnds nose diving into the ramp. I have a early Canik! maybe the mags have changed?? My Canik +2 standard mags don't seem to have as strong of springs, also the little plasic tab on the follower does not extend as high up as the one on the Walther 15 round mags. Juat my .02 Let me know what you guys find out?? JD
  10. I ran 18+2 sfx with the Cain +2 or 3 extensions and had several nose dive rnds!! I am going to try them in the stock configuration and see if they work better. Also they would not hod the slide open. JD
  11. I have some Canik SFX 18+2 rnd mags with Cain extension!! and they don't hold the slide open and they were having some jamming problems with the bullet nose hooking on the feed ramp. I didn't try and the regular 18+2 without the Cain extension. I am going to try the Canik 18+2s and see how they work. Will update Monday!! JD
  12. I just got on also, and I have been shooting CZs, Czechmate, Shadow2 and Accu-shadow. Love all of them but the Walther was really great right out of the box. Points really well and I love not having to deal with the safety! JD
  13. I called them, and the person I talked to said he had no idea when and if one was coming. JD
  14. Removing the lugs is not a big deal. You can file them off or take them off with a belt sander , , which would be the easiest way. JD
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