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  1. Just a project. For something to do. JD
  2. I thought maybe this may be of interest to some of you that enjoy doing your own thing. I am one of those who had no luck with the Primer Pro. More trouble than it was worth! I tried all of the fixes and none of them worked well enough to keep it around. SO! The JD primer feed system. Total cost about $15.00 As fast as the Primer Pro and for ME much more reliable. I sometimes have 1 or 2 primers out of a 1000 upside down. I normally load 8 tubes at a time and it takes about 15 minutes or less. It is made up of a RCBS primer flipper/Feeder and a little battery powered fan with the blades removed and a couple of spent primers in the fan hub to make it vibrate. WORKS GREAT!!
  3. Same here!! to those of you that have had great luck with it, I'm happy for you. I'm not apposed to doing some adjusting and fiddling. But I spent week and many phone calls and still had nothing but problems. And for DDA to say they won't pay shipping even one way on a product with this many problems is not very good customer service. There answer was we have 1000s out with no problems!! That is great for the people that have one of those!! I have one that has a problem and that is the only one I give a damn about. I really felt that DAA would stand behind this product when I bought it, but that is not the case. Just my .02 JD
  4. As I recall,without the shroud,it is about the same as the C-More. JD
  5. It’s not a big deal to make a pattern from the bottom of the sight. I wanted the blast shield, so I used it. JD
  6. If you want the blocks on the bottom of the 510 to locate it. You would have to machine those slots into the mount. Which you can do if you use the Tevo blast shield for a pattern. JD
  7. I agree, I just ordered one from Range Panda. You find great things on here. JD
  8. You can also use a heavy rubber band the same way. Buy going from the snap clip down under the tool head around the bottom of the depth die. It seems to work well for me. I just never seem to getting the time to rig up the spring set up. JD
  9. For what ever it is worth!! I put in the Springco trigger and safety spring. A 12# Glock recoil spring with the small end opened up to fit the standard guide rod. And have shot minor loads with no problems. (124 gr 3.6 titegroup) The gun shoots great, easy to rack, and light recoil. JD Note: I have done this to several of my friends SFs with the same results.
  10. No not at all. If I can be of help just PM me and I will get you my contact info. JD You can reinstall the C-More with no problem.
  11. I did mine with end mill bit in a drill press! But it would be much better and more precise if done with a mill. I just takes some time to get everything measured up. I have shot 1500 plus rounds and all is good. Love the 510 and the big window. JD
  12. Get in touch with Lars, he can walk you through it. JD
  13. Yep! all of those things will work just fine, except you still have to watch what is going on with the case feeder to make sure you have it timed right or step on the switch to fill the tube!! I have been using Lars (340Weatherby) system for 9 months now and it works perfectly. So as the saying goes, what ever floats your boat!!! This system doesn't require any planning or effort to work. Works great!! JD
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