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  1. Would like to make contact with someone in Florence, SC. Please PM me. Need a favor! JD
  2. Thanks Guys! I thought it was a little expensive also. JD
  3. Anyone shooting the MBX Pro PCC? Comments Please. Thinking of that or a CMMG Resolution 9mm PCC. Thanks, JD
  4. Thanks so much for all of the posts. I will keep working on the problem to get it solved. I'll update if I find anything. Thanks again, JD
  5. Thank for all of the feedback, I am checking the cases. I reset the sage rod, also replaced the blue tube tip. Still had 2 out of 100. I tend to think that it is the brass. I will check the headstamp. JD
  6. Thanks Sarge, I will try to recheck my swage rod. Do you use a everglade primer hold down die?? It seems like it may help? Any thoughts. I was also considering a aftermarket shell plate? JD
  7. Hope someone can help me! I have a super 1050 and it smears 2 to 3 primers out of every 100. Either they don't go in straight or they don't go in at all and the crushed primer falls out of the large hole at the front of the primer bar. I have called Dillon several times and all they say is it's my brass. I thought it was the CCI primers, but I ran a 100 Remingtons last night and had the same problem. ANY THOUGHTS??? thanks, JD
  8. I have Mikes BF, and it works great. It uses all MF parts. Karl’s and Mikes are about half the cost of MF. I would recommend a separate mount for either one. JD
  9. I originally put it in back of the case feeder. I could not get it high enough in front, It worked much better in back. In the end I ended up making a separate mount out of 3/4in pipe,36in high and placed it behind the power tower. Works great and doesn’t viberate when operating the press. JD
  10. After I got the Accu-Shadow, I just couldn't bring myself to having the slide cut. And for me at my age the little difference in overall accuracy was not worth it. I'm very happy with this setup. JD
  11. It shoots great. No Problem. It comes up very natural. I have a Venom 3 moa brand new, if your interested? JD
  12. I have both and love them both! I was going to setup a S2 for CO but decided to go with the Accu-shadow. I put on a CZC dovetail mount and that was it. The gun is 43.55 oz with a stock mag. I couldn't see milling up a S2 when I already had a great gun that would do the job. Also, no need to cut the slide on the Accu-Shadow, and if I want to go back to stock, just push out the mounting plate and push in the sights. Just my .02 JD
  13. A guy out of Atlanta Mikesreloading.
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