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  1. If they have any left get the Alpha3!!!
  2. I use the APP with size and decap,bullet seat, and crimp. I just ordered a Lee seat/crimp die in hopes of saving one step? JD
  3. QUESTION! I can not get the allen bolt that is in the left end of the crank to move??? Any thoughts? I have tried heating it, still will not move! JD Is there something I am missing?
  4. Same with mine, about 60 K and they are quite loose. Just ordered a set from Amazon. Did you use Loctite to reinstall? JD
  5. Can the bearings be replaced on a Dillon Super 1050? Crank and handle bearings? Or does it have to be returned toDillon? Thanks JD
  6. LOL! This the only thread! About a primer filler, that the only complain is that you can get them! Not one complaint, only rave reviews about the product. I have had all of the others and wouldn’t trade one Pal Filler for all of them. Just my .02 JD
  7. I think yours is a great way solve the problem also. JD
  8. I can see how you can see this thread as a waist of your time.. if I had a 1050 that ran that well and I was as good at foreseeing problems in advance as you are I wouldn’t bother reading this post either. Unfortunately some of us need the help of others! Hence this post! Does that explain without being obtuse or Polly Anna? Thanks for your help with this matter. JD
  9. That seems like a lot of work to solve something that is pretty simple. See pictures below. Also!!! 99% of primer problems on my 1050 were solved with the purchase of a Pal Filler!! If all of the primers are right side up!! most problems will be solved. Below pictures show a easy way to take off the primer tube. Just loosen bolts and slide thin right angle plastic shim between primer slide and primer tube block. Then hold the shim in place while taking out bolts and lifting primer tube off while shim holds primers in place. You don't loose any primers from tube!! You can even tape the shim in place and reinstall on press if you wish. I usually drop all of the primers in a tray and refill the tube. Just My .02 JD
  10. I just loaded my 5k round after buying and filling tubes with the Pall Filler! Not one upside down primer!!! Best money I spent, after all the crap I bought and returned. Just my .02 again. JD
  11. Easy peasy!! I have a similar thing. Piece of thing plastic bent at right angle. With beveled edge on the side that goes under the primer tube! Loosen bolts, slide beveled end of 1"flat plastic between primer tube block and slide! Hold in place while you remove bolts. Take off tube while holding right angle of plastic against tube block. Place tube on side or release primers into a cup or tray. JD
  12. Drop a PM to Umberto and tell him your interest. Umberto54 JD
  13. From Double Alpha Academy $13.00 bullet feeder spring. JD
  14. The people the Tandemkross are great to work with! they should be able to tell you if there stuff will work! JD
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