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  1. Thanks for the info. Hope he gets his medical issues fixed.
  2. Does anyone know the website for Canyon Creek in Streater Illinois? I’ve searched and can’t seem to find it .
  3. Thanks. Impact did it no problems. No loctite but very gritty. Even after it broke loose i could not turn it out by hand.
  4. I have a Super 1050 that I purchased used ( little over 1 year old). It was originally ordered set up for 9mm and never changed over to another caliber. Im switching to .40 S&W and need this to remove the tool head to switch the shell plate. I cannot remove the tool head mounting bolt. I've tried everything except a impact wrench which I'm hesitant to use. even tried a socket wrench with a 12” cheater pipe. Unless its a left hand thread or there is locktite on why it should be that tight. Anybody else have this problem?
  5. Hello Sida,

    Is the 1050 still available? I won’t be in Phoenix for a couple of months but I have a freind that would be able to pick it up if we can make a deal. Thanks.





    1. Zoomy


      Is the 1050 still for sale?

    2. philippshen


      yes it is, we can either communicate here or you can text me at 602-245-7381

  6. I ordered the Weber Tac holster. Thanks to all for your input.
  7. Like everyone else said. Best mod I’ve made I’ve made in a while.
  8. I’m looking for a level 2 retention holster recommendation for a STI 2011 Pistol for 3 gun. I got a DQ when my AR stock hooked my pistol grip while abandoning it in a barrel and pulled the pistol from its Blade Tech holster. I need a holster that is compatible with the ELS system and offers a fast release.
  9. I guess I’ll have to wait until I get it to see what I can change to make weight. Thanks for the input.
  10. I have been considering a Dan Wesson SSC in .40. These are built exclusively for CZ Custom in Mesa. Since DW and CZ custom are reputable companies and the $1710 price tag it would be an economical way to get into USPSA single stack. While checking the specs I noticed that the weight with magazine is 43.2 oz’s making it illegal for single stack division. I know I can change the guide rod to aluminum and make weight but I’m curious why CZ Custom would have a gun built to their specs and not make it legal weight for single stack. The 9mmis even further into the red at 43.7 oz’s. Does
  11. I sighted it in at 100 yards last week. Using cheep federal 55gr it shot .8” groups. With 69gr Gorilla ammo it shot .7” groups with a NightForce 1-8 scope. My rifle is 6 pound 7 ounces with the scope and mount and it shoots just as accurate as my 11 pound 2 ounce rifle with a 18” SPR barrel from Compass Lake Engineering.
  12. I ended up with the same Geissele mount and the NightForce NX8. I have the Mission First stock. Heads up shooting at 1X is fine but going prone at 8X leaves me searching for the reticle. The scope does not have a generous eye box but with practice I seem to be aligning things quicker.
  13. I already have a AR that I built 6 years ago that I have been using for my first four 3 gun matches. It has a 18” Compass Lake Engineering SPR profile barrel that gives me sub MOA groups using factory ammo. Problem is it weighs in at 11.2 pounds with a mounted 1-8 scope. The lightweight build I am using the BAD barrel on will weigh in at 4.95 pounds without optics. I think it should work fine on 500 yard steel targets and make for fast transitions on close in targets.
  14. Thanks for the advice. I was also looking at the Warne mount. Another question I have is whether a 20 MOA scope mount is necessary for ranges less than 600 yards. I notice that most of the NightForce mounts only come in 20 MOA.Here is the stock that I have. http://www.missionfirsttactical.com/Products/Rifle-Stocks/BMSMIL-Milspec-Stock
  15. I recently purchased a NightForce NX 8 1-8 scope for my light weight 3 gun build and considering the Geissele scope mount. I like that Geissele number the saddle and caps before line boring the rings to keep everything as accurate as possible and they have managed to keep the weight under 8 oz. The question is should I get the standard scope mount with the 1.5” centerline height or the high power version that has a 1.34 centerline height.The NX8 scope has a smaller exit pupil so getting a good repeatable cheek weld and my eye centered might be pesky when shooting long range at high magnificat
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