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  1. I will take the Flat CMC trigger. Send your address and I will send Postal Money Order.

    Max Bedwell 

    2126 Mark Twain 

    Seymour In 47274


  2. I don't care for the Nitrofin. Sold all of mine and went with the frame mount gaspedal
  3. I set my take to as little as possible and still reset. Around .010.
  4. SCGC will host their annual Bob Trueblood memorial match this Sunday the 7th. 8 Stage 250 Rds. Match fee is $30 there will be a meal after tear down in the Club House. Sign in Starts at 8am Go Hot at 9 AM.
  5. That is what I am wondering!! Will a Walter PPQ holster fit the FXS?
  6. Any recommendation on competition holsters?
  7. Looking for a good competition holster for the Canik P9FXS to use in Cary Optics. I saw the one from Smoky Mount , lt looks good . Any Comments?
  8. September 2nd USPSA at SCGC 180 rds. 6 stages. Setup at 9am Saturday. Target set at 8am Sunday. Sign in at 9am go Hot at 19am.
  9. SCGC May USPSA Match Sunday. 6 Stages 180 rds.
  10. Has anyone tried the Taylor Freelance Fatty?
  11. I had the same problem with one of my Stock 2's. The breech face had a really sharp edge so put a 45 degree chamfer on it.
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