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  1. I bought a few Q Whistle Tips at a good price to use as blast diverters / thread protectors for my Cherry Bombs. The versions I got are in the raw and not PVD coated. What's the best (and most cost effective) way to coat them / dull them so they lose the shiny gold luster (and preferably become black)? Rattle can them? Does it have to be a heat resistant paint? I have a buddy that does Duracoat, but I'm not excited about that option and would rather do something simple myself. Recommendations?
  2. Broke my el-cheapo New Frontier pin. Replaced it with a CMMG pin and spring and it's been fine thus far (but only a couple thousand rounds, if that through it). POF trigger.
  3. I need to grab some pictures, but I ended up doing a LLW barrel (swings super fast), an Axiom stock, and a bunch of Kidd parts (trigger kit (2 1/4 lbs), firing pin, recoil spring, buffer, charging handle, bolt release, pic rail, etc.). I polished the bolt and tried beveling the back edge, but I'm pretty sure he's just getting a new bolt for Christmas. Oh, and I ended up buying a Holosun tube sight for it. I wanted to thank all of you for your suggestions. It came out really nicely and the kiddo is super happy with it. I'm honestly kinda jealous.
  4. I didn't specify and would have gone Sport anyway, probably. This gun was more for going fast than to put all the shots on a dime at 100. I have a soft spot for .22's and have other guns that could do that if I was interested in that sort of thing. But I've been on more of a Ricky Bobby ("I wanna go fast") kick lately. If it were for me, I'd go with the lightest pull for sure. But didn't know what people's opinions were on a 2# trigger for a 12 year old (he just had his birthday). Like I said before, in my opinion, either you have trigger discipline or you don't, and 1 pound isn't going to make a huge difference.
  5. So... he's getting everything this weekend. I ended up going with: Axiom stock Wiland LLW barrel Kidd trigger (and a boatload of their other small parts including slingshot upgrade, rail, recoil spring, etc.) I'll just polish the factory bolt and receiver a touch and call those good. Two additional questions: I got the trigger spring kit - what weight do people feel is appropriate? I've always been a "either your finger discipline is good, or it isn't" kind of guy and run light triggers on my stuff. But not sure how a sub-3 pound trigger would be for a kid... Ammo? Do people have a preferred .22 load? I value cleanliness over accuracy for steel challenge since I HATE cleaning guns. We ran Rem Thunderbolts a couple matches ago and that was a horror show of dirtiness (we both had FTE's toward the end). I'd like something I can buy a boatload of. Mini-mags? Something else?
  6. Just be careful - if you shoot a bunch of .22 rimfire, it tends to gum up the can, then when you shoot a higher pressure centerfire round through it, you can cause some issues (read: metal chunks flying). As long as you can clean baffles / internals when going from rimfire to centerfire, you should be good to go.
  7. Oof. Centerfire can on a rimfire? Does it disassemble for cleaning? We have a direct thread rimfire can, so while I don't "need" the comp for a .22, it's nice to have the threaded barrel. I'm going to try to find a cheap Axiom and go from there. This build is pretty close to exactly what I was thinking of doing. Thank you.
  8. Sorry. He's a 5'2" 11 year old. But his upper body strength is a bit lacking. He struggles holding long guns up for too long. Otherwise I'd probably let him try my SBR PCC. I think the TCR's are solid guns, but I kinda got the itch and just want to build something. But maybe I'll just get a CMORE and stick it on his rifle for now to make sure he actually enjoys it. But then again, I kinda want something for steel challenge, too... PS - I looked at my original thread and did mention his age, but it's buried in that wall of text...
  9. I've shot matches with a TRS25, a cheap 1-4 (on 1x) and a Primary Arms Advanced. I played with a guy's C-MORE at the last match and I think that's the way I'm leaning for the build I'm working up. I'm just stuck deciding between 8moa and 12moa.
  10. Background - my son shot his second steel challenge match this past weekend. The first match he shot last fall - we swapped guns back and forth. He used my SW 15-22 with a cheap 1-4 on it and his TCR22 (Thompson 10/22 rip-off) with a TRS-25. He said he liked the scope better on 1x than the red dot, so before last weekends match, I swapped optics around. After sighting everything in, we played with the plate rack to work on commands and transitions and the rifle with the scope was on the heavy side for him (he's a tall 11 year old, but seems to lack upper body strength). So he ended up using MY TCR22 that I had moved the TRS-25 to, and I used the 15-22 with a Primary Arms red dot. We talked after the match. He enjoyed himself and wants to set his TCR22 up for Steel Challenge. However, the more I think about it, the more I'm thinking I want to build one of my 10/22's into a steel challenge gun that maybe we share (or maybe I'll start shooting pistol to try to help with my abysmal USPSA performance... ). I have a few 10/22's - one in particular, that I'm good Franken-gunning. I am looking for suggestions on stocks, barrels, optics, etc. BUDGET FRIENDLY. I'm thinking either a Hogue Overmold or Blackhawk Axiom stock, a lightweight .920 barrel and some sort of comp. Maybe the polymer C-MORE? Any other suggestions? Other upgrades?
  11. So... last fall, my tall for age, but scrawny 11 year old shot his first Steel Challenge match. We both shot RFRO. I was planning on using my 15-22 with a cheap Bushnell 1-4 and was going to have him shoot his Thompson Center TCR22 (basically a 10/22) with a TRS-25. Being a level 1 match, we swapped rifles a few times just to play (yeah, I know it's technically not allowed, but I asked and got the green light). He said he preferred the scope. Fast forward to this month, when he's shooting his second steel challenge match. He still wants the scope. So I put that on his TCR22. I put the TRS-25 on my TCR22. And I put a cheap Primary Arms dot I got on sale on the 15-22. I ask him no less than five times if he's sure about the scope, due to weight (remember, he's scrawny). We go to the range and sight everything in. I have him run the plate rack to freshen up on commands and work transitions. He struggles with the weight of the scope. So at the match the next day, he runs my TCR22 with the TRS25 and I run the 15-22. TLDR- the 15-22 and 10/22 (and TCR) worked well for him. I like the 15-22 for kids due to the adjustable stock and vertical grip (more ergonomic), but mine is the old quad rail version - for a kid, I'd make sure to get the round foreend mlok version. Easier to handle.
  12. You know... most of what I shoot is on rifles, so 2-3 moa - and they all seem to bloom about the same. But this weekend, I shot with contacts and the bloom was nowhere near as pronounced. I wonder if the contacts helped... I was checking out a guy's rifle with a knock-off c-more on it, but with a factory c-more 12 moa dot module and it seemed pretty crisp. I've owned and shot Vortex, Primary Arms, Holosun, Bushnell, Trijicon, Aimpoint, etc, and it all bloomed. I just crank them way down for precision work, and for up close and fast stuff, the bloom doesn't bother me.
  13. I have a slight astigmatism, so my 3.25 "blooms" and appears bigger than it actually is. I'm a "C" shooter in CO, so I don't shoot well enough for dot size to make a huge impact. That said, everyone I've talked to who has tried one says the SRO in 5.0 is the cat's pajamas.
  14. M&P with small backstrap. That's what my 11 year old is shooting this year. And an Apex FSS trigger puts the trigger closer to the grip to reduce reach.
  15. My son is cross eye dominant. He's right-handed and left-eyed. He shoots handguns righty and long guns lefty. When he tried shooting rifles righty, he'd try to crane his whole head over the stock to use his left eye. I used to be left eye dominant, but developed some slight scarring on my left eye - just enough that I made myself right eye dominant over the years. Most of the time it's fine shooting righty, even both eyes open, but sometimes I'll pick up the front bead on a shotgun with my left eye if I'm going too fast on clays. But my point is... when I was a kid, I started shooting left-handed because I was left-eye dominant. I found that having started that way, it's easier to now shoot rifles with my off hand. So I'm hoping the same holds true for the kiddo.
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