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  1. scroadkill

    Closing the gap on A class

    yep.. for practice I'm thinking live fire, 4 boxes, 2 targets. 2 2 move 2 2 move 2 2 move 2 2 .. video it .. gun up on entry .. first shot as last foot is legal. exit as last shot breaks. repeat.
  2. scroadkill

    Closing the gap on A class

    ^ This is what I'm thinking.. squad with the As/Ms/GMs running limited. plan my stage. watch them run theirs. *learn why they did it that way. learn how to stage plan for more efficient movement and then work drills that focus on each. *video all. and study the details. ask the right questions.
  3. scroadkill

    Closing the gap on A class

    Thanks for the tips yall - I'm not reloading yet, so 40 is out for the moment. I have all the gear for it, just don't want to feed it factory ammo.
  4. weekend is almost here.. I'm finishing in the middle of the pack of the B class shooters. two matches lined up this weekend.. gun and gear all running silky smooth. I want to close the gap some on 5 A/M/GM limited shooters I chase. I'm thinking : Don't think/worry about classifiers/classification - focus on the process. I'm probably gonna have to start practicing again. I'm staying with 9mm limited minor for now. Video stages POV & 3rd person. Don't get married to my stage plans - watch others and tweek mine. Push harder on entry/exits/transitions Squad with the As and Ms and study their plans and movements. look at the details and whys. Tips? suggestions?
  5. hey all - I've begun capturing my stages with a pov hat-cam, editing and posting video - now I'm thinking how to I critique myself. The areas that come to my mind are: -------------------------------- Stage planning - was this the best plan I could come up with given my ability, strengths and weaknesses Stage plan execution - did I execute the stage according to plan Reloads - did I work in reloads efficiently Round count - did I use my mag capacity wisely Entry/Exit - did I take advantage of entry and exit targets Momentum - did I use my momentum into positions wisely Gun up on entry - did I keep my gun up, in work space, and on target as I enter positions Shooting on move - did I take good advantage of opportunities to take targets on the move Movement between positions - did I move quickly position to position Transitions - did I drive my eyes and gun from target to target Splits - does the cadence on pairs make sense Accuracy - did I get my hits (%A's) Gear - did the gear all work What needs practice most --------------------------------------------- please critique/contribute
  6. scroadkill

    Enter or exit on hard target

    I think we are saying the same thing.. My brain is on auto-drive doing the shooting - but I must interject conscious thought as I start to move the next array. I'm thinking my visual queue for this is the last target in the array.. -- see last target, start shooting - meanwhile brain says "load back foot - start reload as I break away - keep gun up in work space... NOW BREAK!.. enter on target" - L to R pew pew pew.
  7. scroadkill

    Enter or exit on hard target

    I'm a new B class limited shooter and I discovered yesterday that there is plenty of time to think about "what is next" while finishing the array I'm working on - including shifting weight, loading back foot and visualizing the entry into the next array. before yesterday I worked step by step through my stage plan, but didn't make good use of the time while still shooting. It is a bit strange letting half of my brain shoot while the other half thinks.
  8. scroadkill

    stage for private range

    I started working on my private range about two years ago.. I started with 3 pieces of 12"x20" ar500 steel and set them out at 8 yards, 1 yard apart at the shoulders - perfect for el presidente and enos' transition drill and any draw, shoot reload shoot type thing. I then added steel further out and invited friends for some outlaw type steel challenge. I mounted the steel fairly permanently, and used easy to move no-shoots to block targets to change the course of fire. moving steel ain't that easy. I then built a wall in front of it with a few doors and sliding ports. We ran outlaw steel challenge type stuff for about a year, and then I started back (after a 20 year break) with uspsa. That 1 bay grew into 4 with a mixture of fixed and movable walls and target arrays - c. 50% cardboard - 50% steel. the one thing that has remained is the 3 steel target array. great for leaving set up, and I can just walk down to the range and have a little practice session w/o having to set up, tear down or think to much. Great for a little friday - pre-match warm up exercise. Ditto when guests come over for some unplanned, unstructured plinking.
  9. scroadkill

    Need Kadet Feedback

    I have one I run on my sp01 shadow. I'm generally happy using it for practice on the frame I use for competitions. same grip, same trigger, same holster, same sized mags, same sights. accuracy is always excellent. FTF and FTE were an issue. The federal automatch seem pretty reliable. I avoid winchester wb. use a 15lbs main spring.
  10. scroadkill

    Moving to Carry Optic

    I tried CO 6 months ago for a few matches and got pretty fed up with all of the issues you mentioned and i went back to limited until tonight - I'm gonna give it another go. Ive been drying firing a bit working on using the front sight for the first shot and letting the dot take over after that.
  11. scroadkill

    CZ 75 Mags hanging

    I put my soldering iron on the screw for 3 minutes, and found a good fitting flat head.. and got the screw loose w/o too much fuss. My wife was sitting there telling me if it breaks off I was going to use that as an excuse to order another gun and I would have to match the new gun $ for her. so the pressure was on. then i discovered you have to remove the trigger bar to get it all the way out.. and I really have to be in the mood to break my gun all the way down.. especially with a match the next day. It will have to wait. Thanks all for the encouragement and tips.
  12. scroadkill

    CZ 75 Mags hanging

    Match today when perfect.. I just started off each stage w/ a CZ mag I polished up a bit above and below the mag release holes. stock springs. TT+4 base pad. I'm thinking it is the Mecgars being a being a bit too wide causing the problems mentioned above. Ide do the spring trick, but the screw is really in there - I dont want to bugger it up. For now the mecgars can ride the belt for #2, #3
  13. scroadkill

    CZ 75 Mags hanging

    copy.. I was thinking this may be a possibility. Mark on youtube has a video on tuning cz mags to help hold the top round back. You have a link/pic to show a propper chamber?
  14. scroadkill

    CZ 75 Mags hanging

    done. mag brake was ok. I have one mag I use a lot as my 21 rounder to start with. all others I down load to 20. So this starter mag has wear marks where the mag release makes contact - but I see long wear marks on both sides.. telling me I press the button in pretty far, or hold it way in while trying to remove mag. I looked at the mag release spring and it doesn't have the bend on the right leg. I can press the mag release all the way and hold the mag in place from the left side catch... so tat mod should help. I tried to remove screw that holds the springs in place, but damn. I'm afraid Ill gall it up, so punted on that and going to plan B. spring mod will have to wait. Plan B I put some rouge on my buffing wheel and polished the black finish off of my starter mag above and below the mag release holes. Now when I push the mag release button all the way in and hold it it still holds the mag, but barely. I also took my flat file and filed the texture off of the insides of my LOK grips where they stick inside the frame. cleaned and oiled everything up. Out of curiosity as a test I took a stock CZ 18 round mag and tried a MecGar 17 round mag and there is a huge difference on the tension on the mag while holding the mag release button all the way in. CZ mags seem less susceptible to the problem I'm having. I may put one in my range bag for classifiers etc and low round count stages.
  15. scroadkill

    CZ 75 Mags hanging

    interesting.. let me get this coffee down, and Ill start the disassembly. Rowdy - will do Gene - will look at tension. its pretty strong.. Ill do the little hook trick if not already done. Thanks all for the tips.