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  1. Im a big limited minor fan.. as a training aid to force you to shoot alphas.. and as an easy way for first year shooters to learn the ropes.
  2. 40 major.. yes. huge fan. 9 major w/o comp? sounds like crazy talk
  3. imo messing with cameras at a match is a distraction that can easily cause more harm than good. I dont /wont video anyone unless ive shot the stage already.
  4. once on deck.. walk back to range cart / bag quit helping / socializing / talking turn off ear pro drink water get a fresh stick of shooting gum dry hands - re-apply dry-hand stuff check mags are loaded quit watching - face away and visualize whole stage a few times - and step through stage facing away. get a good last walkthrough once RO calls range is clear -- looking at landmarks / index points rehearse first few steps until RO calls make ready
  5. limited major.. and bring lots of mags
  6. scroadkill

    A01 LD for Limited

    I get that.. but I like my tso grip / frame / trigger / holster / thumb rest / mag well / huge safety / mags etc.. and with some czc fitting the BS 40 upper should fit and work just fine. I'm curious what the barrel weight, delayed unlocking, and slightly shorter slide will do to the center of mass and handling in race mode.
  7. Man - IMO run your G34 in limited minor until you make B class. It's a great way to learn the game - and how to aim. try to compete hitting 80%-85% alphas and no mikes. Once you reach B class minor scoring will likely be holding you back in limited and its time go shopping for a new gun and press - or you will have moved on to carry optics.
  8. scroadkill

    A01 LD for Limited

    sporty.. so.. I could send in my tso frame and a fancy new bull shadow 40 upper? also .. are there skinnier options for the front sight? something like 0.10" ?
  9. Im thinking if you are familiar and comfortable with your gear - and trust in it and in yourself you will be better able to focus on the task at hand. doubt and worry are distractions. as are botched reloads, jams, etc... so in this regard gear matters.
  10. scroadkill

    CZ TSO .40 OAL?

    1.135 on 180 rnfp blue bullets 1.080 on 200 rnfp blue bullets I good friend of mine tried to max out oal but it leads to jams. a bit shorter works.
  11. i intentionally avoid watching anyone once Im in the hole.. and take one more shooter to quickly clean any dropped mags and reload.
  12. well put Doc.. Ive been running a TSO in limited for just over a year.. and just picked up another. amazing limited pistol period. amazing gun for the money... and only falls off a few hundred in the used market. I hear the 2011 song - but I just dont see making a change anytime soon.
  13. yeah.. good stuff. been there, done that. and a 2mike FTE sucks. ill add - a good stage offers a few ways to run it - before the match try to solve the problem, and narrow it down some. once your squad shows up and the stage briefing is read narrow it down to one. call it engaged. and walkthrough your plan as many times as you can. once it feels smooth - its time to get married. lock it in. visualize the hell out of it. dont change it. sneak in more walkthroughs while in the hole and on deck. then.. face away from the stage, close your eyes and see the whole stage - every target, reload and key position, and feel the footwork. keep doing this until its hard wired in your head. when the RO calls make ready - draw your unloaded gun and airgun it again from the start box. try to feel it. then.. stand by..
  14. Great question.. I dont think Ive ever noticed shooting better or worst when squadding with friends - but I have had to remind some of the more social chatty guys that - I dont video anyone - dont talk to me while im in the hole or on deck. - dont give me stage tips - even if great - once Im in the hole ( safety issues are ok) - If I say i'm married to a stage plan - shut up about yours. after a group of friends has shot together for a while all this goes without saying.
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