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  1. Yo stuart .. you mentioned a TS 40 slide fs.. still got it?


  2. hmm.. see them all plan footwork to get close so I don't have to use my sights adjust plan so I don't stop shooting or moving walkthough until it flows
  3. more aggressive/creative/detailed stage plan ideas. It is always informative to hear them breakdown a stage... but painful to adopt said lesson.
  4. i was working from memory.. I recalled the dummy rounds.. but the empty cased not so much. I know ide have a hard time DQing someone for spent brass in the safe area. Now DQing someone for picking up brass in the shooting area while a squad is doing walk throughs I may take great pleasure in.. Now I just need that rule#
  5. I dont think thats a DQ.. edit.. i stand corrected.. 10.5.12 Handling live or dummy ammunition (including practice or training rounds, snap caps and empty cases),
  6. On occasion Ill talk myself into squadding with a squad full of Ms and GMs with the hopes of learning a few things.. but generally only crash and burn... riddle me this.. anyone else falling for this trap? is the pain ever worth it ?
  7. Agreed - the game is hard enough w/o adding the extra mag changes and extra stage planning complexity. . I'de get 2 x +4 base pads for stock 17 round mecgars and just shoot limited minor for a while.
  8. Im kind of in the same boat.. Ide like to think im willing to dryfire a bit each day - and I know thats the only way out of B class - but it just doesn't seem to happen. I feel so dirty
  9. i count make up rounds available.. then count them down... and I count steel at two shots ea.
  10. I see MCRC, SSS, CSRA and Belton hosting matches again in SC.. PGC should be opening back up soon.. first saturday likely
  11. so here is my 2 cents.. go shoot that P226 in limited minor until you make B class.. and learn the game.. save your money or buy a press you can convert from 9 to 40. Then re-evaluate. The thing about limited is you will really need to reload.
  12. if kneeling stand up gun pointing into rear berm square shoulders to back berm. eject mag in hand and put in front pocket rack slide hard enough to clear - don't be cute show clear to RO wait on hammer down command - then with gun level and square into back berm let slide forward and pull trigger holster set lock double check lock is set pick up bullet if sure its mine
  13. MFM - if you havent bought one yet the sp01 shadows are going for 750nib.. great way to get into the game... and small enough for practical use. also - imo limited minor is a much better division than production for new shooters.. and factory ammo makes life easy. get one, hop in, shoot 50 matches to learn the game.. at which point you will have a better idea what you want to do next.
  14. enough talk. sign up in practiscore. find an uspsa match and go shoot. it is a very social game and the shooters are generally very helpful... so just jump in.
  15. Im a big limited minor fan.. as a training aid to force you to shoot alphas.. and as an easy way for first year shooters to learn the ropes.
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