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  1. his class is a great confidence builder... and an eye opener into where time is wasted.
  2. IMO when you start to ask the question you probably should have made the jump already.
  3. Howdy Mr Gallo - Columbia born - out in Blythewood now enjoying the country-ish life as I face slowing down a bit.. I'm still in the fight to compete with the youngsters. After a particularly sloppy match last month Bob Bailey put his hand on my shoulder and said.. "looks like we are growing old together"... lol. damn it.
  4. I suspect u may be rushing your second shot. IMO: shoot as fast as you can see your sights lift over the middle of the available target. keep shooting until you do: "visual patience" helps. on the long shots let your front sight settle, balance the light windows enough and use the top of the sights.. not the fiber.
  5. well.. the slide to frame fit can be pretty snug on a new gun.. ide suggest run what ever it shipped with for 1000 rounds or so.. and grease the barrel lugs and rails... and light oil on the barrel until things settle in. then play around. I think I ended up buying some cgw springs.. #12 for 165PF 200gr seemed to work well. The key is you don't want your sights to dip below horizontal with a good grip on things. seems like the stock spring may be 14#
  6. I practice at L1 matches.. cause I like shooting matches - and cant stand dry fire or otherwise wasting primers. Zero or Hero Mode: I practice taking the high risky / aggressive plans, stupid shots, way out of the way positions, and complete opposite of everyone else just to see how different things work - to know my limits and to know where the risk/reward works and doesn't work. and this is just so much fun. zero or hero or stage at a time. Match Mode: I'll shoot for no mikes - see both of the sights lift - call all shots before leaving. Kind of boring.. but ok. Speed Mode: don't worry about mikes - just focus on moving hard - again learning my limits and risk/reward. as L2 matches approach Ill stay in Match Mode for about a month before hand then at least start the L2 match in Match Mode.
  7. well.. Ive been playing hearts and speed sudoku on line - to exercise my mental processing speed and memory. while driving Ill play little games snapping my eyes from signs to cars and back - to exercise my eyeballs. on occasion Ill airgun the fridge / tv etc - on the move working on keeping my airgun and eyeballs smooth and level. while gun handling is part of the game.. foot work, eye work and brain work matter too.. and saves on primers.
  8. While on deck finding my happy place.. Relax. Avoid chit chat. Non-amplified ear muffs. Shooting gum. Clear my mind of everything except visualizing my plan with as much detail as necessary. ..then calmly focus on the first target while revving up my senses as I wait on the very first instance of the beep. ---- rinse. repeat.
  9. lol.. that has to be popsquest.. good friend of mine.. shill runs the 3xl - but I think he puts electric tape on the screws to they dont move
  10. ill bet the over travel screw was not loc tited, is missing.. and the culpret
  11. I'm hoping the open feeling will translate into tighter pairs - and then acceptable pairs while moving more aggressively - and then shaving a few seconds here and there.
  12. UPDATE: Its not really the trigger that has me curious now.. its the weight distribution, and front sight getting back on target. Last Saturday I managed to bench my TSOs for the day and shoot a match - first half with a 5" Cameron Custom bull barrel 2011 40sw .. and the second half with an Altas Nemesis. The Cameron Custom felt like a lot like my TSO.. kind of ho hum,, very nice gun but not really different. And to be fair the loads were not tuned for that gun, and the sights were just rough adjusted (it was brand new never fired). But then I ran the Nemesis.. and OH MY. Just a few targets in I was distracted by how fast the front sight was back on target just screaming at me to go faster. Not the same. Not close. The trigger comparison was really close I don't think I even noticed once the beeper went off.. The other ergos were close enough to only be a mild distraction. a few hundred rounds and some dry fire can fix that easy peasy. Its the sights and recoil characteristics that will take some time to adjust to. In Limited I'm only able to go as fast as I can see and the sights settle.. but these sights settle faster than my brain is accustomed to. Might be a game changer. Next match is just a few days away.. and I'm planning on another half-and-half match.. Nemesis vs a stroked Akai tungsten sleeved gun. Should be interesting. May be an expensive weekend. Its nice to have friends who are wiling to let me play with their toys.. I guess it helps when they are selling the toys in question. lol.
  13. yep. the cheely E2 has a similar profile.. has me interested
  14. I don't see any A/M/GAs running TSOs . With major power loads does the 2011 style trigger matter more the faster you go? Do you think a hinged trigger contributes to pulling the second shot of a pair low vs a 2011 trigger - all other things being equal.
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