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  1. to do it right ide have to shoot and reload 9 major to make the comp work.. and my tinnitus is pretty bad already... I dont even like ROing open shooters.. so no 9 major.
  2. copy that.. i'm gonna give it a try as a training exercise. add an optic to my limited gun - but keep it easy on / easy off. no comp. stay with my limited loads.
  3. So ive heard if you want to shoot faster with iron sights, then shoot open for a while.. or PCC for a while. someone please explain how this works
  4. scroadkill

    CZ TS orange ?

    uspsa limited major for 40sw and limited minor for 9mm
  5. well.. the way I look at it - if you aren't throwing a mike per match you are going too slow. so when Mike comes to visit on the first stage.. well thats just my quota for the match. nothing to see here - move on. the only time it bothers me is when its a full target and I swear i was on target and saw the sights lift on target .. I sometime think my eyes cant keep up.
  6. tswisher .. if you are thinking about limited major .. TS 40sw uppers are available..
  7. scroadkill

    Should I clean my TSO?

    every match + rem oil wipe down everything + swap barrel + clean feedramp and around extractor. + lube the lugs and rails. + clean out the mags and followers. + soak action / sear cage area. every 5 matches +replace fiber +remove and clean firing pin, spring, and channel... and pencil test
  8. I know where you are coming from. I blame john wick.
  9. extractor spring hole and spring.. lube lugs and barrel
  10. welcome to uspsa.. imo find a group or coach that can help guide you and squad with them... and you'll have more fun. get to match an hour early with your group and walk stages together and learn how they stage plan. then ask the better shooters about how they visualize the stage during pasting, and once in the hole. i'de also suggest iron sights for a bit.. work on splits and acceptable sight picture. lots of bill drills .. lots
  11. I made one for with a heavy umbrella stand, pvc pipe that fit inside the stand, and a wooden dowel that fit inside the pvc pipe. use hacksaw to cut parallel lines in pipe. I bit wider than bolt. dremel to smooth out corners. screw the bolt into the wood dowel.
  12. limited minor works for a while.. learn stage planning, shooting on the move, etc and shoot 9.. for lots of steel I think minor is an advantage, and you get 22-24 rounds/mag vs 20 for major.
  13. shadow 2 orange perhaps
  14. yep.. props to SPSA. great matches.. and a few degrees cooler than the midlands
  15. im also in denial but discovered the young go fasts sprint then shoot.. and the old slows try to just keep shooting.. and both ways seem to work pretty well.
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