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  1. https://www.glockstore.com/Pure-Tungsten-Guide-Rod-for-Gen4-5-Glocks https://www.glockstore.com/Thug-Plug?quantity=1&custcol7=6&custcol8=16 Fill the rest of the grip with this: https://www.amazon.com/Pinewood-Derby-Weights-Tungsten-Fastest/dp/B004AG3C3W
  2. I used tungsten buddy, kids darby car stuff (Pinewood), and shaped it to fill the entire grip recess. Brought the weight up from 2.4oz to 3.1oz and takes all the flex out of the grip. I don't think it'll be easy to get out...
  3. Yep, fence posts, truck beds side rails, car hoods, rocks, t-posts, everything and anything.
  4. https://www.armageddongear.com/Waxed-Canvas-Optimized-Game-Changer-_p_137.html Greatest flat surface area and large contact pads for the rifle. The rest of the stability is based on the way you set up a rifle. Flat under the balance point, barrel low in the stock/chassis, width of the flat, etc. I've been using this bag for the last 3 years (whenever it came out). I've been shooting PRS for a while and tried most of the popular bags out there and have a pile of them in my garage. If you have any questions about bags hit me up.
  5. Few passes with a file and it should be fine.
  6. My thug plug measured .1 inch too long and I'll have to trim it if I take it to a major match.
  7. Thanks for the heads up. I'm ordering one to try it out.
  8. Down. Cans create a lot of back pressure. I wish I could find a tooless adjustable gas block like the one on the SP10M. Those have to be outside the handguard. I do remember noveske having one years ago. Larue makes a nice one but I don't think they sell it separately, only on their rifles.
  9. For a complete gun or upper I'd look at JP or Larue. Those are the two that have consistently delivered superb accuracy. If you're on a budget than build using a premium barrel. I've had great accuracy out of the Proof Research stainless steel barrels. I believe they're the most consistently accurate barrels until you get to the customs. If I remember correctly Compass Lake makes custom AR ready barrels out of Bartlein and Kreiger blanks. Here it is: https://compasslake.com/product-category-hide/barrels/match-rifle/ Other factors in the consiste
  10. I'm using a blade-tech cheap'o holster and haven't seen any wear.
  11. The ALS for the full sized P320 will work for the X Five. https://www.safariland.com/products/holsters-and-gear/holsters/duty-holsters/retention/model-7390-7ts-als-mid-ride-duty-holster-34843.html Any of these for a full size should work. Get a model for an attached light like a x300 and that'll insure room for the slightly longer barrel. The tac light models work with or without light attached. The only down side is these holsters don't work with a red dot attached.
  12. Tis is for a G17 G4 frame and a G17 G5 slide. G4: Frame Locking block Guide rod Barrel trigger assembly Frame small parts G5 Slide Slide small parts
  13. So if I use a gen4 barrel in the gen5 slide it won't work? The gen4 barrel should work with the gen4 locking block.
  14. Will a gen5 slide, small parts, gen4 barrel, gen4 spring, and guide rod work on a gen4 frame, trigger assembly, and locking block?
  15. epault

    Gen 5 34 Issue

    All my triggers do this. When I release to reset then take my finger off the trigger the trigger safety is stuck on the frame. Take a file or razor to the back of the trigger safety. You only need to take off a little and it won't hang up. This will leave your trigger safety full functional, just a little shorter on the back. While you're at it take off a bit of the front of the trigger safety until it's flush with the front of the trigger and remove the bump, I think it makes the trigger feel much easier to control at speed, and it may stop those occasional shots that wonder t
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