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  1. Did you ever try the Larue trigger in the MPX? How'd it go?
  2. Can you post some pictures of the upgraded X5 trigger. I'm considering sending mine back.
  3. Nordic barrel + HyperFire trigger = failure to strip round from mag. Rumor has it that Nordic cuts a smaller gas port in the barrel then most. Mix that with having to overcome the extra spring tension on the hammer in a HF trigger and you don't get enough BC travel to cycle. I have the Voodoo BC and it works, except with Nordic + HyperFire. Good Luck.
  4. epault

    Glock 34 accuracy

    I'm a mid 90's on a NRA B-8 tgt. I'd like to see more 99-100 scores. I changed my striker and the faster lock time helped. I'll probably end up with a Bar-Sto barrel sooner or later. That will help me chase down those last few points. A wise man once told me "The foundation of all combat/practical shooting is the ability to place one well aimed shot on command."
  5. So I can't have a plus one on a 8 for pre-load? That would be able to hold 9 thus not legal in TO?
  6. I would like clarification on the amount of rounds I can have in the shotgun in TO. Is 8 in the tube and one in the chamber the max after the start signal? Or can I load more after the buzzer?
  7. How do you insure the safety's are not disengaged when you remove the pre-travel from the Glock-worx set triggers? Everyone I've ever seen the trigger bar nose was engaging the striker safety (you can look in nag well and see it) and the trigger bar sear had preloaded the striker on the striker spring enough to ignite a primer (you can see it with an armorers back plate). I messed with set triggers a few years ago and gave up on them because I'd see them fire when the slide went forward during a reload and when dropped from chest level. I'd tried set screws in an aluminum trigger and in the trigger housing both failed. Is there a safe way?
  8. I've used a 3x with EOtech or T-1 for a bit. I'd say I use it for 15% - 20% of the 5.56 shots during a match. This is not proportional to the importance of having the ability to magnify. Everyone shoots the close stuff about the same, however I've see several long stages fall apart and ruin a match. When you need to magnify you really need it. Having a good variable power scope is an advantage to a magnified dot. The vx scope will allow the shooter to adjust the field of view by adjusting magnification based on the distance from one tgt to the next. If I could see all my targets at full magnification I'd run full magnification. I at least want to see the next tgt I'm going to transition to in my FOV.
  9. Did you get the parts from SRM? I'd like to hear what you think. I have a SLP and it runs MOST of the time. If those up grades make it 100% I'm in.
  10. By the one you think will run 100%. If you think your'e going to save money getting an entry level blaster it may cost you in the end. One high end SG is cheaper then 1 x cheaper and 1 x high end.
  11. I ended up ordering an easy-hit. We'll see how it goes.
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