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  • My name is Trace McDonald and I'm a career Cop with over 20 years of experience. I've been with the Texas DPS since 1996 and a Texas Ranger since 2004. I am honored to work for one of the most famous Law Enforcement Agencies in the World.

    In February 2008 I shot my first USPSA match and absolutely fell in love with the sport. It's the most fun/rewarding sport I've ever been involved with and many of the competitors have become my very best friends. I primarily shoot Limited Division, but I'm also classified in Open, L-10 and Single Stack. My goal is to have fun, work hard and become the best practical shooter I can be.

    I've been blessed with some great sponsors who make products that I trust my life with....Cheely Custom Gunworks for 1911 style pistols. LANTAC-USA for AR style rifles,  Alamo Precision Rifles for your Custom Shotgun needs, Safariland for the ultimate in duty or competition gear and Weaponshield to clean and protect all of the firearms. 

    www.ckarms.com, www.lantac-use.com, www.safariland.com, aprilfes.com  





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