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  1. I think you may be confusing reputation with popularity. They look great on IG, they may be a bit better than Mil-Spec, but they certainly don't earn top tier status if you shoot them.
  2. I've got a BA barrel in an 8" 300BLK that works just fine. While Triarc is local to me and I want them to be awesome, that's not what I'm hearing from Departments who are using their rifles, along with a couple pistols I have personal knowledge of. There is more to Accuracy and reliability than sexy pics of operators on the Gram.
  3. I assume this is a Gen2 polymer grip? If so, STI has a newer gen mag catch to help. Also, Dawson makes base plates that are designed to help prevent over insertion, but it's probably just with an STI mag well. You might try one and see if it will seat with the Cheely mag well.
  4. Agreed. I would need to shoot the 5x5 with each to see if there is much of a difference. And maybe with my Cheely XWF. I'd probably be sad to see that I'm just not very fast these days........
  5. They went to quite a bit of trouble to make a 4.6" legal. Their testing shows the 4.6" gun with factory ammo have a perfect return to zero compared to the 4.25" bull barrel guns. I'm not paying another 5K for .4" of barrel!!
  6. Too bad Atlas when to the trouble of making some 4.6" bushing barreled guns!!
  7. RMR has gotten caught up as well.
  8. Nope. As long as it was made that way from the factory, (think Wilson Combat EDC) they are good to go. But you can't put a grip with a non-functioning grip safety on say a Staccato and still be IDPA legal.
  9. Yes sir, I joined in 2008 after my first or maybe just before my first USPSA match. Loved reading those founding guy's posts.....
  10. Highly for 40 or 9mm. Once I started using one, I could have stopped case gauging ammo. And now I only check match ammo.
  11. I have a Strike Eagle and a Razor. The SE is a POS compared to the Razor. Don't judge the company based on anything you hear about that line. I dropped my Razor from chest high to a hard wood floor and it didn't do anything to it. And if it had, they would have repaired it.
  12. That round is arguably best out to 200, so a 1x4 or even a dot would be fine. WIth 1200 free money I'd go with an ACOG
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