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  1. Desmo412


    10.5 under a 115jhp in my 9major open gun with 2 holes was the best shooting load I have found other than the old HS7. It never seemed overly dirty to me
  2. Glenn at lone star innovations makes the nicest safeties I have ever used. They are amazingly easy to fit and look fantastic
  3. Any more than an 8lb spring gives me severe dot dip when the slide closes
  4. Just had my 08 monster s2r1000 out for the first time this year. It truly is the best stress reliever there is
  5. This is just a plastic cmore that Bobby put on to take the picture. I'll try to find a more recent picture
  6. My pistol is a mix of chameleon pvd and TiAlN on the barrel, comp, and controls. It is a great looking finish and holds up really well. It is a darker Gray that perfectly matches an aluminum cmore slide ride
  7. the OAL doesn't make a difference since the point of the spacers is to get the edge of the case mouth in front of the front rib. you need that width on both ribs to keep the mag from becoming a salt shaker. not saying some people aren't lucky but that's the idea behind the spacers in 9mm
  8. he may be referring to a short wide frame vs a standard width 2011 style frame
  9. you can easily make major with #7 and 115s in 9mm. I use 10.5 under a 115 jhp at 1.165 and make a 175PF with a cheely comp and 2 small popple holes in a full size gun and it shoots quite flat
  10. Doesnt seem any worse than my 9.3gr hs6 load at the same PF. Definitely produces more gas though. It's the closest thing to HS7 I have found
  11. 10.5gr under a 115JHP gives me a 175PF in my FGW full size gun with 2 holes
  12. When I first had my FGW open gun built, I had a slot cut for holes but none were drilled. I started with 124s, as I was just learning the game and wanted to play it safe. The first time I tried 115s was a game changer. I had to send the gun back to Bobby for some repairs and had him drill 2 1/8" holed while it was there. I adjusted my 115 load back up to a 175PF ( only lost about 20fps with the holes) and the dot tracking was perfect. It always went straight up and returned to center....it just seemed to happen a LOT faster with the holes. When I have another gun built, I'm going to experiment with v4 holes in addition to some straight up....I love the concussion
  13. My FGW open gun came with the same comp and was tri topped. It cracked in the same place after the first season. It was right when Cheely was coming out with his titanium comp so I switched.
  14. Desmo412

    Loud Bikes

    Ride an '08 ducati monster s2r1K with a twin and a dry clutch. With an open cover on the clutch it is significantly louder than the Leo Vince full exhaust. I love the looks I get from Harley riders..."is that thing broken?!?...what the hell is that spinning thing?!?". I usually go for the "just my Flux capacitor
  15. I have always had good luck with sprinco springs. Have had one of their cryo 8 lb in my full size open gun for the past 2 years and it has yet to wear out....that's with a constant diet of 175PF 9 major loads
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