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  1. dannyd

    38 Short Colt Brass

    I use 38 Special cases cut down to .75 for 38 short colt. When I taked to Star all cases from short to 357 are the same just stamp and length are different.
  2. dannyd

    Hello from Florida

    Welcome, ever if you are a Gator
  3. Go to Oregon Trail site and download their manual its free. They have loaded using bullseye for both bullets
  4. Hornady shows a load for the 200 grain using #5 or bullseye.
  5. Mine works okay with CCI and Federal does not like Winchester's. Your mileage my very.
  6. dannyd

    Hornady LNL progressive and RCBS lockout die

    That way works best
  7. dannyd

    GP100 extractor extension

    Use 38 short colt or trim your 38 special cases down to 38 long colt length and use the long colt load data.
  8. dannyd

    Lee Pro 1000

    All I run is Winchester SPP and they work for me. Over 50,000 of them. They do not work as well as Federal or CCI.
  9. Look at the primer Winchester's have curved cup and the rest are flat. Winchester's also have problems in primer tube filling equipment.
  10. dannyd

    RCBS Progressive press

    That not quite fair My LNL's work as well has my 550.
  11. To some people the LNL is like the Browns
  12. dannyd

    .38spcl IDPA load

    I only use lead bullets. I have used HP-38 and w231 for 30 years good powder if use with right load.
  13. dannyd

    .38spcl IDPA load

    4.0 or 4.3 of 231 work good with a 150 or 160 gr bullet also HP-38 and 231 are the same powder.
  14. dannyd

    .38spcl IDPA load

    easiest round you will ever load there's about 116 years of load data
  15. If you polish all the surfaces it will run better and you will have less problems.