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  1. If you read the history of shipping primers and powder it's all about the money. Hazmat fee over the years has made UPS and now FedEx millions of dollars. This goes back to the 1920's with Railway Express Agency. The Complete Guide to Handloading (1937) by Mr. Sharpe has some of the history.
  2. never found a need to clean off "Hornady one shot" but I do clean "Imperial Sizing wax" off of my rifle cases. One Shot does make it easier to resize and neck expand.
  3. I remember coming back from deployment and primers were 5.00 dollars a thousand. That was 100 percent increase in a year. We just about lost our minds. That made Winchester small primer 25.00 for 5,000 it was just robbery
  4. I may think about it, I always like new equipment.
  5. go to the Hodgdon web site and look at the 45 ACP data for HP-38. use the 200 grain if it doesn't show 190.
  6. That Rollsizer is some piece of equipment, if I were younger I would probably get one.
  7. My wife had her's done 10 years ago and her sister had hers replaced last Friday. Best thing my wife ever did. Do your rehab and you should be great too.
  8. I would like to stay and talk, but have to go wash brass for next Saturday.
  9. First off Tidewater people don't use "Dang Sure" I tried and liked it and the 50 rounds of 308 we shot today was easier to load because it was cleaner than running it in the Dillon 500 with Lyman green. That's just my opinion after loading 170,012 rounds I think I can have a valid opinion.
  10. Tried wet tumbling after 32 years of reloading and it makes reloading easy. Little more work but definitely better option than dry tumbling. It is not just about shiny brass.
  11. If I stopped reloading or handloading I would never shoot again. Range time per week 4 hours reloading time per 25 hours. That's between pistol, rifle, shotgun and reading or loading up data. In winter more time casting bullets for next year. Between grandson, his dad and me, we use about 25,000 rounds a year. Tried case and bullet feeders and just didn't like them. To old to change the habit of loading case and bullet by hand.
  12. This is just an opinion, but I think the lead level rising may have more to do with shooting indoors or outdoors in bays with walls and poor ventilation. I been casting bullets (over 200,000) and reloading for 32 years and when tested mine was 4 which at the time was the bottom of chart.
  13. I load 165 grain cast bullets in my 300 win mag and they are plinking rounds. The only problem I see with a 650, 750 or any full progressive press is resizing the brass. The 550 would give you better control resizing the brass it takes almost a 4 inch stoke to Full length size.
  14. I have loaded 3160 rounds of 300 Winchester Magnum. I would use a 550, Turret press or single stage. Just wondering that not really a plinking round, so how much were you planning on loading.
  15. Last year went through 24,969 not counting shotgun rounds. Like I said make sure you have the time. Also casted all the bullets I use. Paid 259.00 new for my Dillon 550 sold it for 300.00. The guy that purchased it used it about 6 months and quit. You are lucky to have all the videos to watch now.
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