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  1. 35 years ago CCI's were easy to store in those little boxes.
  2. With the current primer shortage, you want to setup your equipment to use any primers you can find.
  3. I learned to shoot right handed makes it easier to find gear and way easier on your heart with the recoil.
  4. Everyone has a different experience 550 and SDB about 50,000 LNL 88,105 no problems with any of them. LNL 1,000 rounds this week. I did sell my LNL case feeder to noisy in the house. Dillion's do hold they resale value better that's how I got into the LNL. Paid 250.00 new for my 550 and 189.00 for SDB sold them both for a good price and got two LNL's. Mostly load 38/357 but I cast 12 different bullets, so the quick change dies save me time and money. 12 tools heads would be pricey.
  5. Your 100% right. The new winchester's have a anvil height that sometimes comes about the cup. Checked Winchester's against CCI, Federal the last two are flat and winchester is just a little above the cup on some but not all. I'm an old guy and still fill pickup tubes by hand.
  6. if you want to shoot in any competitions in Florida or Georgia you have to be mobile and willing to put in the windshield time.
  7. Welcome there are a couple of us from NE Florida
  8. Any of the Dillons work be able to make that happen. The Dillon is a better Machine than the Lee but that's why it cost about 4 times as much once your get everything for it.
  9. Nope no Unicorn, They will work just as good as a Dillon own both. 87,665 on the LNL little more on the Dillions.
  10. One thing for anyone looking to cast bullets. You don't have to use Hard Cast Lead use can use 12 to 14 bn and a good lube just fine. Hard Cast and Hard lube is mainly uses because of shipping. This will save you some money but the only real way to save money is to stop shooting.
  11. I went 28 years without buying bullets. When I started reloading box of 50 38 special cost me .35 cents. When primers started going for 25.00 a 5000 we thought the world was coming to an end. I do love that young mans math if it only worked like that it would be great.
  12. You would buy the lead ready to go for your bullet. Lyman #2, Hard Cast, 1to16, 1to20 and on an on. Started over 30 years ago with wheel weights, but now with the flat weights and the China mix I buy from dealers because you know what your getting. Never had a master caster but I have 30 mounds. People ether love it or hate it. Between equipment, your time and lead your won't save any money now days like we used to.
  13. I have five GP100's from 1989 till 2018. The spring and polishing help. Not like a 1955 Python but they do clean up and almost never fail.
  14. I have found that the guy ordering determines a lot of that. If they like one more than the other or the price if they don't reload.
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