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  1. I'm proud to say I have only left Florida 5 times in the last 24 years. For the 20 years before that always gone.
  2. Once you start it's hard to stop
  3. Go luck with Lyman, I used there bullet casting equipment for years, but there customer service was horrible.
  4. Unfortunately they had ammo, so to help not get anyone hurt I would take a person or two to the gun range every weekend.
  5. In the Navy in my twenty years went to the range about 5 times. We would put people on watch with a 1911 that had never shot. Also look up the history of the CMP and why we needed it. We are a nation of Sock Drawer Guns
  6. You can try these http://saas.shopsite.com/magnusbullets/store/page5.html
  7. Start small and work your way up. I see more reloading equipment for sale that has very little time on it. I started over 30 years ago with a single stage press and dies. I load about 1000 rounds a week, but I also have the time and use two progressive presses. Please don't go into debt remember it's a hobby.
  8. dannyd

    Off season

    Please, we have summer, summer, summer and January.
  9. Starline may be the only manufacturer of Short colt, I make mine out of 38 special cases.
  10. I use 38 Special cases cut down to .75 for 38 short colt. When I taked to Star all cases from short to 357 are the same just stamp and length are different.
  11. Welcome, ever if you are a Gator
  12. Go to Oregon Trail site and download their manual its free. They have loaded using bullseye for both bullets
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