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  1. I'm proud to say I have only left Florida 5 times in the last 24 years. For the 20 years before that always gone.
  2. FART brass dryer works great
  3. Once you start it's hard to stop
  4. Go luck with Lyman, I used there bullet casting equipment for years, but there customer service was horrible.
  5. Unfortunately they had ammo, so to help not get anyone hurt I would take a person or two to the gun range every weekend.
  6. In the Navy in my twenty years went to the range about 5 times. We would put people on watch with a 1911 that had never shot. Also look up the history of the CMP and why we needed it. We are a nation of Sock Drawer Guns
  7. You can try these http://saas.shopsite.com/magnusbullets/store/page5.html
  8. Start small and work your way up. I see more reloading equipment for sale that has very little time on it. I started over 30 years ago with a single stage press and dies. I load about 1000 rounds a week, but I also have the time and use two progressive presses. Please don't go into debt remember it's a hobby.
  9. dannyd

    Off season

    Please, we have summer, summer, summer and January.
  10. Starline may be the only manufacturer of Short colt, I make mine out of 38 special cases.
  11. I use 38 Special cases cut down to .75 for 38 short colt. When I taked to Star all cases from short to 357 are the same just stamp and length are different.
  12. Welcome, ever if you are a Gator
  13. Go to Oregon Trail site and download their manual its free. They have loaded using bullseye for both bullets
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