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  1. I typically come to the match a day early (or early enough to walk the stages for a local match)and watch others run the stage. This gives me a basic idea. I then form a plan for the stage by walking it and committing to memory start positions, movement and reloads. I then look for ways to “save time” in movement and transitions based on target position and body position. Once I’ve figured out the most economical way to attack the stage I burn it in my memory. Then run it ten times in my mind before shooting the stage and once more at the make ready. God bless.
  2. Hello ranger trace. Question. I have a .40 SV single stack AET barrel. What powder/bullet combos gave you the greatest accuracy. I know VV N320 is great, but Brandon mentioned to me N310 gave him the best accuracy. I have more 310 then 320 but haven't loaded 310 yet. Anyway just curious. Any other non-Vita V powders you've used with good success. Thank you sir!! Stay safe out there. God bless. 

    1. RangerTrace


      Well, I never messed with N310....only N320 and Clays.  If you can find some Clays, my load was 4.7 under a 180 grain Montana Gold to 1.22.  They were soft and accurate. 

      This site scared me off of Clays, even though I never had an issue and Enos told me he shot 100s of thousands of 40 major with Clays.

      I still get decent accuracy with N320.  Just today, off hand I was shooting 3" groups at 25 yards and I'm pretty rusty with horrible 48 year old eyes.  

      I have a pound of WST i'm gonna try one of these days......


    2. jetdriver71


      Yes I had the same accuracy with 320 shooting off hand ?  I've shot Clays with exceptional accuracy and soft recoil. I still have 10# or so. I guess I'm looking for a cheaper option to VV powders. They're great but little more pricey. I've got 310 too. I'll try it soon. Brandon said he got 1.5" groups at 50 yards with that which is pretty impressive with a .40. Let me know how WST works out. Thank you. 

    3. RangerTrace


      I"m guessing any accuracy they mention is from a barrel fixture with they have inside the factory with a 50 yard range.  

  3. Hey Aric. How's the SV open Gun working out?

    1. Aric


      I am happy with it.  Shoot it at nationals.  I had a few malfunction.  I switched to an 8lbs recoil spring and it ran great.  I think the extractor is too tight.  


      Areyou interested in in selling your super comp brass? 

    2. jetdriver71


      Yes. I'm currently on a 6 day trip. I'll contact you when I get back about the brass. Talk to you then Aric. Glad you had fun at the nationals. 

  4. Trace. What kind of mags do you run in your SV. SStack. Will Tripp mags work? Thank you.

  5. Awesome. I have a sister there. Count me in!! You guys have a nice range. I look forward to it.

  6. Hey Daniel. Good to hear from you. Good luck in Fl. Be sure to stay in touch. We're having the SC Champship in May here in Charleston again. Keep an eye out for the application soon.

  7. Thank you Scott for the kind words on my equipment. Hope to sell soon. God bless.

  8. This is Daniel York. Used to shoot with my son Jacob

  9. Just saw your name on the forum Lee. Hope you are well. I moved from SC to Melbourne Beach, Fla. hope to see you in a match in fla. take care.

  10. Steve. Talked to you a few years back on the phone. Gotta question. When you grip your gun do you apply fwd/rear pressure with the right hand and side/side pressure with your left hand...applying more with the left. Just trying to work on my grip. Thanks bro.

  11. That and I would add to just call every shot. When I do that And stick to my plan and not worry about how someone else is shooting I do well. I plan on picking up Saul Kirsh's DVD today I hope it helps!! I'm all about saving and not wasting time and doing it right!
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