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  1. yes I will. Surely today I will get it.

  2. Recently Had the mounting screws back out of my Illum dial on my 1x5 Steiner. Customer service told me to send it to them.. Today about 3 weeks later received a new scope. Very Pleased.
  3. I enjoyed it. It was the first movie in a while I did not fall asleep in
  4. Thanks for this information. I have a friend with a mile strip of land out in open space and If I would help him with ideas from bench to shelter, targets and such he would build these things and we could share it . Couldn't get a better deal then that. Thanks again
  5. Looking for a source or two for long range target lights that flash when the steel is hit. Thanks Kelly
  6. Thanks for link. Was interested in this match also . Pretty close to home
  7. I had a HSGI thigh rig and some 4x4 caddies I didn't like anymore. I cut the pouches off the thigh rig and I took the back plate off the 4x4 and used it to mount a tec lok on each pouch I think it's going to work great
  8. Only fired 30 rounds this mourning but I believe 3.9 IMR RED under a 230 gr blue bullet is the softest and accurate I've seen
  9. Had a forum member and past squad member make Maize a great deal on a unfired SP10 18 inch . Might try heavy myself sometime.
  10. Finally made the decision today before all my gun fund was spent on the daughters back to school clothes. Found the sig 2000 on sale with no shipping on Optics Planet and went with it. Thank for the replys
  11. Thanks for the reply. Glad to hear it's light also. Planned on waiting till I sold the DPMS but now I might just order tomorrow.
  12. Daughter likes to shoot heavy some of the time. I would like to upgrade her DPMS 16 rifle. I was wondering if anyone has experience with the Seekins rifle. She has a $700 discount coupon which would put it around $1800 . Thanks Kelly
  13. I've had a hard time ranging some smaller 350 -450 yard targets with my Bushnell 850 Range Finder. I was wondering if the Vortex 1500 Ranger would be a good replacement? $425 dollars is right in my price range and it seems to be in stock everywhere.
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