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  1. A few of my 150 year old long knives all custom made at home. And a couple of my 100 year old folders. I lot of interesting things were going on at the Texas -Mexico boarder about 1870 when these were being carried daily
  2. love my tx22 lots of fun Would like to find a Comp model in stock somewhere
  3. It's not a mixed crowd . Not one reply said they regretted getting one.
  4. A year ago I bought 5000 Wolf small magnum rifle primers 20 dollars a 1000. thought it was a mistake. Today I'm using them in a old trojan 40sw with 4.1 WST They are working great. Looks like I can now shoot for a year without getting into my SPP stash very much.
  5. Used this a few minutes ago on a non primed Toyota bumper but it will get a sealer before paint
  6. My Kings bullets shipped yesterday right at the expected 3 week notice. First time to order from them
  7. I scrolled down and then clicked on purchase now
  8. I had no problems on 9-7-20 I was told after ordering it would take about 8-10 weeks
  9. My problem was the 9th round and often the 8th nose diving. I pushed a bullet like the picture till I felt I had changed the angle. Have not had another nose dive since
  10. I had a similar issue with my Trojan and some Tripp 9 round 10mm mags. The 8 and 9th round would nose dive. I install a higher mag catch from EGW which helped . But it was after I tweeted the tripp followers did it become 100%. This may have been the first time one of my experiments worked and I didn't ruin something .
  11. I found this really interesting. Going to try moving my elbows down. Thanks
  12. Hiperfire didn’t recommend it. But I went with the 99 dollar EDT trigger. Only at 400 rounds now. We’ll see
  13. I went ahead and built a QC lower for my taccom 5/16 upper. Seems to work fine and I leaving my GMR 13 intact
  14. I tried a taccom upper on a GMR 13 and the mag sat to high for the taccom bolt.
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