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  1. Being a Senior, I am not really very technically savvy. I load as many primers as I want to load, I lube up the same amount of brass & have as many bullets standing by. Primers, they seem to always come in minimum package of 100, (I do buy them 1000 at a time, though). The primer tubes I got from Dillon for my 3 1050's , coincidently also only hold 100 primers each. When I finish loading my completed rounds for the day, I box up all the "good" (I toss any flipped primers & upside down bullets, etc.) bullets in Dillon ammo boxes. (they also can be ordered with a capacity of 100). This makes it easy for me to see how many bullets I have loaded for a given session. This way of counting completed rounds has worked for me for many years. It does not cost any extra money, also.
  2. getting & using are two different things. Do they hold 30 & work after 10-30 times?
  3. Gary, Get well soon!, You now must have had more stitches than Frankenstein! Hope to see you back on the range.
  4. heat gun if you have one, otherwise propane torch
  5. My name is Revo, and I am a reloadaholic! I was at 4 1050's , 6 square deals, 1050's: 9x21, 38 super major, 38 super comp major, 38 super comp minor, (with conversion kits for 38 spl, 40 S&W, 45 ACP, 9MM) but it takes to long to change over! Square deals, .38 short colt, 38 spl, 38 super (minor), 40 S&W, 45 ACP, & 9MM. But after therapy! I am down to 3 1050's & 3 SQD B's, (I did drop 40 all together & since I don't shoot 9mm much, I can buy 9MM cheaper than wasting hard to find components!) I perfer new brass & quality jacketed bullets...............
  6. I have three, oldest 1999, the newest one (2009) needed a a quick call to Dillon at set up, I was quickly talked through adjustment needed. All run great!
  7. Plus ONE! Step away from the Dremel.................
  8. Yep! Well said ............if water pistols were a division, I am sure Max would be a winner..........
  9. Hummm, take out the spacer(s), IF there is one (or more)
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