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  1. I'd stick to the Precision Delta 124gr JHP. Great Pricing, excellent customer service, and very consistent!
  2. $2150 for the Solution. As you progress you may want slide cuts, metal grip, etc. and then have to pay to re-finish. And that is outside of getting better internals should the need arise. Check out the Phoenix Trinity Race Shop. https://ptrinity.com/product/honcho-race-shop/
  3. Phoenix Trinity release their IPSC Legal Honcho.
  4. I believe from the photos floating around the Twitterbook, they're using Geppert X-Line Triggers.
  5. Willing to wait... what... 10 weeks? For either an ALL IN model (Race Ready or 3 Gun), or something built to your liking in their Race Shop? When most other builders are 4-6 months and more?
  6. There a QUITE a few Honchos in your area! Might I suggest contacting Phoenix Trinity and maybe they can set you up with someone in your area so you can test drive one?
  7. There is an IPSC Legal model in the works! Stay tuned for more details!
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