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  1. I'd stick to the Precision Delta 124gr JHP. Great Pricing, excellent customer service, and very consistent!
  2. $2150 for the Solution. As you progress you may want slide cuts, metal grip, etc. and then have to pay to re-finish. And that is outside of getting better internals should the need arise. Check out the Phoenix Trinity Race Shop. https://ptrinity.com/product/honcho-race-shop/
  3. Phoenix Trinity release their IPSC Legal Honcho.
  4. I believe from the photos floating around the Twitterbook, they're using Geppert X-Line Triggers.
  5. Willing to wait... what... 10 weeks? For either an ALL IN model (Race Ready or 3 Gun), or something built to your liking in their Race Shop? When most other builders are 4-6 months and more?
  6. There a QUITE a few Honchos in your area! Might I suggest contacting Phoenix Trinity and maybe they can set you up with someone in your area so you can test drive one?
  7. There is an IPSC Legal model in the works! Stay tuned for more details!
  8. Can anyone provide some load data (simplified) for use in reloading 9mm Ammo for USPSA Production? We are going to be using AutoComp with 125gr Black Bullets. Thank you in advance!
  9. Thanks for those specs! And I visited your link to your load data. I have a lot to review and toy with. Thanks again!
  10. We are chronoing this weekend since there is no match. Will also look into 124gr NATO. Thanks!
  11. kneelingatlasIf it comes to that, I will... For the time being, I don't want to start ripping the gun apart before I start with the simplest step; which is the ammunition. Thanks for the suggestion!
  12. kneelingatlasIs the 8lb srping like the factory Glock Spring? I do not have the non-comp'd barrel. The gun was built for us.
  13. Hi-Power JackThe 11lb is the lowest I have. I don't think there is one less recommended for a Race Gun. And I do not reload at the moment. I am using factory Ammo. gng4lifeI do have the upright SJC mount. Not my preference. The gun was built for my son. Currently we're going to try a few different Minor loads and see how those react compared to the factory ammo. I shot 1200 rounds through it and my son shot a match with it successfully... Only 2 jams. But the concern was the rounds weren't ejecting properly. Quite a few people that were there said to start with the higher PF minor loads, and go from there. Thanks again everyone for your input!
  14. KwontanamoWe have the lightest recoil spring provided in the gun. It's an 11lb. You can see the rounds are barely making it out of the ejection port. himurax13We are using factory 115gr Aguilla 9mm Ammunition. We have yet to Chrono. Hi-Power JackThe gun can be set up for Minor and Major. We were provided with the hardware to run both set ups. Reasons behind this, I didn't want to throw my 12yr. old into a Race Gun with Major loads right away. I want to see how the gun reacts to Minor Loads first, and see how he feels. However, if the Minor loads still do not allow the gun to function properly, then we will make the move to Major. Regarding your "over springed, under powered" comment... That's what a few people said at the match. Factory Loads + Compensator = Weakend Power of the Factory Loads. Cases getting stuck are just the slide not having enough power to kick them out correctly. I VERY MUCH APPRECIATE EVERYONES INPUT!
  15. Hey Everyone, My son just started shooting open. We have an Open Glock build from Carver Custom. Glock 17, Gen4, Lightened Slide, 3 Port Comp, 11lb ReCoil Spring. (Set up for Minor currently...) I need some help on how you would load your Ammo for 9mm MINOR -and- 9mm MAJOR. He seems to have the gun running somewhat consistant... But the rounds don't seem to be ejecting as they should. (They're kind of just plopping out, and sometimes get caught between the ejection port and the SJC CMore Mount) Any assistance would be great! Thanks so much! -Deven & Josh.
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