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  1. Very nice, which one is you favorite?
  2. LS holster might be able to help as well.
  3. I like 2 140s and 2 170s, need to try out the 155 though
  4. OP, did you get an answer? Also, they offer a forum discount.
  5. I believe the Gen 2 grips are still a few weeks ago.
  6. For a quiet host, it’s hard to beat a P226. The Legion SAO RX is my choice for an out of the box option. Also, Barsto sells a threaded bull barrel for your P320 X5. The DVC Tactical model was discontinued and never offered with a HOST cut, STI is offering the Tactical model with a HOST cut option. Also, suppressor height sights will not cowitness with a Deltapoint Pro according to the STI rep I’ve spoken to in the past.
  7. I don’t have an issue going used, STI’s warranty is good to go.
  8. Yes to the ROMEO 1 6MOA if you need an optic right now, or wait for the rumored updated ROMEO 3.
  9. 6MOA is very bright, highly recommended if you’re looking for that size.
  10. Can’t go wrong with either, but for my money, the Atlas Chaos.
  11. Video I found on Youtube, no set date for release.
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