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  1. I'd seen someone describe the Tanfoglio "Wonder" finish as being most similar to NP3 coating, and someone make the claim that they keep their Wonder Witness under the seat of their saltwater fishing boat for years with nary a damage to the finish, but upon inquiring on here people were saying the Wonder finish is quite prone to damage. Would I be better off in the long run buying a blued slide and getting it NP3 coated over waiting for a Wonder finished one?
  2. Sorry to ask so many questions, what about guide rods? I'm really new to all this stuff so I'm pretty lost on all this. I'm assuming I'll need a shorter guide rod.
  3. EAA doesn't have any compact Wonder 10mm slides or conversion kits it. Would any other caliber slide work? And where would I go about getting a compact size recoil spring?
  4. Man, that doesn't look too bad even unthreaded, kinda just looks like an M9. Does anyone know if the exterior dimensions of the 10mm barrels compared to something like a 10mm 1911 or Glock 20 are close enough to use the same thread protectors on a threaded barrel?
  5. Just a boring old full size Steel in Wonder finish, though I do think my blue Henning grips look nice and they were free after my red pair fit poorly and ended up having a grip screw shear off.
  6. I'm looking to turn my 10mm full size steel into what I now learned is called a "semi compact" because I can't stand how the dust cover just cuts off. I measured the length of the dust cover and it's 6 3/8 just like the OAL of a compact slide. My main thing now [except that EAA never has the 10mm "Wonder" compact slides in] is as much as I'd love the looks as is and it would fit the duty of a "BBQ gun" I wonder about the loss in velocity dropping 1.2in of barrel. I'm thinking now of getting the end of the barrel threaded and putting a thread protector on it, or maybe a comp but I don't know my options, or what a 4.5in barrel poking out of a compact slide with a thread protector on it might look like.
  7. Huh, my Witness is just my home defense gun though after I customize it a but I am planning on it being my open carry/BBQ gun. I've put a couple thousand rounds through it with no discoloration but probably nothing compared to people on here. As for Chrome vs. Nickel I once again don't have a ton of personal experience of empirical evidence, though I had heard from people that the "Wonder" finish holds up remarkably well though such anecdotes are probably suspect. That and I don't really like the look of Chrome guns, and as I said before I really wish there was a stainless steel option.
  8. Sweet! My dustcover is also 6 3/8 so if I can pull this off it'll come out looking like a shortened Wonder-finished Stock III. I really wish Tanfo made a Wonder Stock II but I'll take what I can get.
  9. Thank you very much! It's odd, it almost looks like I already put a shorter slide on my frame looking at the length difference in my pistol as it came stock. What is the OAL of your compact slides? That way I can just measure my frame and see how they'd mate up length-wise.
  10. How about how a compact slide mates up with a full size/"steel" frame? Would the slide be about the same length as the dust cover then?
  11. I really want to get a "Wonder" compact slide to put on my full size steel then get the barrel threaded but they haven't had compact 10mm "Wonder" finish slides in over a year. Also wish I knew the OAL of the compact slides so I know how it'd look on the full frame [all this because I don't like how the dust cover ends abruptly and I'd rather modify my gun than buy a new one].
  12. I love the look of them, I just wish they were Nickel or in a perfect world stainless steel instead of chrome plated.
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