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  1. What benefit does a lighter hammer have? If anything I'd think a heavier one would be desirable for reliability reasons.
  2. I have a stock standard Witness steel frame, and especially with guns and ammo being so hard to come by accessories are a good outlet for my hoplophilia. Aside from aesthetics is there any difference between the standard, Delta Xtreme, and Hart [Heart?] shaped hammers?
  3. Yeah, it suddenly got quite warm and humid here in Michigan, but it's supposed to go down near freezing a few nights this week so you can't even plant yet or put houseplants outdoors.
  4. That charging handle is so cool! And I love the way the silver controls look. I might have to send my Witness off to get the controls, trigger and hammer coated too!
  5. Guess I'm just on a Shield Hero kick, but hearing the english lyrics to this song I can see why Ken Ashcorp would write a song about this series relating about his feelings for his wife. And just like his song this one fills me with a deep longing to find love like he has.
  6. This song hits me so deep it really messes me up. Between reminding me of a past, very misguided relationship and what I so long for in a future one that will be successful this just wrecks me.
  7. Does anyone else's anti-virus flip out over EAA's site? Or is it just me? I even tried whitelisting it but I still have a grand old time trying to go there and look for things. Edit: It appears to be working now, though I'd still ask if it was really weird for anyone else over the past couple months?
  8. Man that's cool! Whatever it is you got one awesome rig. Though can red dots stand up to 10mm reliably? I've heard that as far as ones riding on reciprocating slides most micro red dots are only intended to be used on 9mm and .45acp.
  9. It's certainly a creative take on the usual Spartan Helmet motif. So if you're really into that symbolism I'd certainly say you've made it unique and different from the mass produced imagery of that sort.
  10. My Witness for the time being as I wait to hear back from places that do NP3+ and maybe thread barrels.
  11. Yeah, I don't like it as much as a square-top with front slide serrations but those are hard to come by right now. I wanted to know before I sent it off to get NP3+ coated since I can't get a wonder finish compact 10mm slide at all.
  12. Approximately 600rds per year. What kind of round counts are people usually experiencing slide cracking at, on average? Like 5 figure numbers? And all this seemingly admits that the round slides do indeed crack easier?
  13. In my continual struggle to make my Witness look the way I want I bought a compact 10mm slide to send off and get NP3+'d [since the Wonder ones are never in stock] and I ended up getting one of the "round sided" ones and saw people complain about them cracking compared to the "square sided" ones? Any feelings on this matter?
  14. I listen to a lot of chiptune/ 8-bit music if that counts.
  15. I'm of course more familiar with his more... infamous song, but I've been listening to the rest of Blast Radius and think I might be a genuine fan of this guy's music.
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