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  1. I'm of course more familiar with his more... infamous song, but I've been listening to the rest of Blast Radius and think I might be a genuine fan of this guy's music.
  2. In retrospect, yes. God only knows how they are going to tie it all together in their last 30 episodes. Seems just long enough to build up one last storyline they can end in a wholly unsatisfying way.
  3. Man that season finale was rough... "We need to take out the skins!" Genius idea Mr. Dixon, why didn't anyone think of this sooner? And then they all just get off-screened as if the hard part was just coming up with the idea and weaving through a horde to silently execute the armed humans disguised as walkers is just child's play.
  4. tested it out with a new 22 pound recoil spring and it worked much better. I'm not even sure the spring the guy gave me in the slide when I bought it was even a Witness spring.
  5. Yeah, I'd go with a .40 S&W Rhino. I kind of want to get a 200DS as a winter carry gun though I wonder how hard it would be to hide AIWB compared to an LCRx...
  6. I'll admit mine goes to Goats of Anarchy since I really love goats and they don't get the charitable attention dogs or cats get.
  7. There are a lot of things EAA isn't seeming to get in these days...
  8. Henning is awesome! My Tanfo came with one grip screw hole drilled poorly so my aluminum grips I bought from them where floppy and one screw stuck out. Eventually a screw sheared off and not only did drill out the screw for me for free but they gave me a new set of grips because my old pair was scratched up from struggling with screwdrivers.
  9. So I took my new slide to the range and I think the recoil spring is too weak. It is WAY easier to rack and to hold in place to pop the slide stop out to switch slides. When I shoot I can feel it chugging along and if I try to drop the slide on a reload it gets stopped by the round in the mag, I have to pull it back all the way and slingshot it. I had plenty of failures to feed and occasionally the slide would try to go home on a reload from the mag sliding in. I really hope this wasn't a lemon.
  10. I can confirm my fit right off the bat even though you can see it is a very old model and mine was made in 2015.
  11. Within 2 hours of posting on Armslist I found a guy 2 hours away selling a 10mm Wonder compact kit. Now to get that barrel threaded and the sights drilled for night sights or fiber optics...
  12. It's a "steel" model so I think it's integral to the slide. Model 999220
  13. I've not really found a lot of "competent gunsmiths" around me, the two I've encountered are more "parts installers" who explicitly say they won't do anything that would be considered "damage" by the manufacturer.
  14. I'd like to put fiber optic front and rear sights on my Witness steel which breaks down into two issues: getting the front sight milled and finding a rear sight that will fit. Tooltech will drill out the front sight for me but it's part of installing night sights and I'd rather have fiber optics, I think, so is there someone who'll mill and install fiber optic sights? Second, Fusion Firearms sells rear sights they say fit Witnesses which I was previously unaware of since years ago when I looked into this on the CZ forums was a guy who put the rear sight for an Egyptian pistol on hi
  15. She certainly looks strong, which is hot AF. I want a girl who could bridal carry me off for her own devices. Bet she'd look hot dressed in Roman Lorica Segmentata.
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