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  1. Coming from patterning loads when I shot trap and then using same loads as 3-gun, the actual amount of pellets on target with 1/8 difference in load is negligible. It actually matters more in trap/5-stand because you can break a bird with an extra few pellets, I wouldn't say the same for steel. Even so we went to 1oz and some to 7/8s for trap. I also have a MEC9000 and realistically, you can buy Walmart 1 1/8 shells and do just as well. There's lots more going on with velocity, trajectory, pattern, etc when shooting a bird moving along at 40mph vs a static piece of steel. I'm using reclaimed
  2. bulge the barrel... well it was either setback or I squibbed and didn't know it. I know its kinda hard to overcharge 9 major. I used 8.5g HS6 and it pretty much fills it. I would thin a squib would be catastrophic and being an RO for some time I usually pick up on that. It felt like a smack to my palm, that's about it. You are right on reloading technique, though I have been doing it for years and done 1,000's for this gun and others - it only takes one!
  3. First mishap with any of my guns - bulged the barrel on my STI GrandMaster 9mm with the two port T1 comp trubor. Would I replace this with the same barrel or go with the T2 comp with 3 ports? Forget STI and go with a Schumann or something else?
  4. I'm pretty happy with the RMR 124 HPs, they look strange loaded all the way out vs a conical HP, but for the price they are great and the accuracy is good too.
  5. 9# 9mm major STI Grandmaster Trubor
  6. I'm using xtreme hollow point which are heavy plated in my STI GrandMaster 9mm open gun and they work really well. Not as good as JHPs but for 7 cents (on sale) each I bought 4,000. Load them just like the JHPs
  7. I dunno, I'm using 26.2 of 748 26.0 got me and average of 2817 with mixed brass with a 16" 1-7 barrel
  8. I am a lefty and like the RHT. I had to shave it a bit to fit flush to the frame on the right hand side and fits over the slide release bar or whatever its called... but yes, had to drill the frame. Adding one to my limited gun.
  9. RMR on sale 10% off with MERRYANDBRIGHT code, free shipping - works out to just over .07 each with 3,000
  10. I've loaded about 5000 and shot 2000 so far in 9mm major. I have loaded them at 1.135 minor in the gen 3 G34. We had a match with long distance targets and they were accurate in 9 major.
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