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  1. What OAL? Just found that 1.14+ fails plunk in my S2O barrel.
  2. Solid advice, how about the actual equipment? Dillon 750 and Mr. Bullet Feeder the way to go? Where should I buy it? Also, like you said time reloading takes away from time training. I don't pick up brass, let alone piss around with polishing it. I'll probably use once-fired I buy online already polished. As for measuring and gauging every round, F-that! Maybe if I was shooting USPSA Nationals or some s#!t. Otherwise I'll probably weigh my powder 2 or 3 times each run and check the first couple OAL then rock a 2,000 rounds or so. Looking to save time, not piss around in the basement...
  3. First because ammo is scarce, and secondly if I'm going to burn 4k+ rounds/month saving .10 per even if buying once-fired polished brass it adds up quick. I have a CGW Shadow 2 Orange, and an X5 Legion. I'm likely going to sell the X5 and focus my training on the Shadow 2.
  4. OK, to the point. Just started practical pistol and competition shooting this year. Really like it. Ammo has become scarce, I'd also like to shoot 4k plus rounds a month. I'm thinking Dillon 750 with case feeder and bullet feeder. Might as well make it efficient? Is there a better setup for bulk 9mm? Also, thinking once fired polished brass, or even new? Where should I get brass? I'm not about to start washing, drying, and polishing. F-that... For bullets I'm think bluebullets.com?... As for powder and primers, local? Thoughts? Thanks, Justin
  5. Yeah, just ordered another GXProducts Vice, I'll set it up the same as my current rig so I can quick swap. Doesn't look like such an animal exists.
  6. Except I use the same belt for my Sig... and it uses a fork. Not the quick swap I'm looking for.
  7. I run an ELS belt. My Sig holster is a GXProducts Vice with a Boss Hanger and ELS fork... Does the DAA work with an ELS fork without modification? Does any solid race holster?
  8. So just ordered a new S2 Orange w/the full upgrade pkg from CGW. I'm thinking I may want to try a race holster for some steel challenge matches. I read that the Everglades MRH is the s#!t, but they don't make one to fit a CZ. Any other thoughts? TIA
  9. Thanks for the reply. The slugs are 7/8 ounce. All the bird shot is 1 1/8 ounce 7.5. But it is all Fiocchi. The softer case and sharper crimp could definitely be the issue. That's exactly where its hanging up.
  10. Thanks, looked at some of those. I'm going to have Briley install their rear express sight and do a few other things.
  11. New gun, maybe 300 rounds. Probably 75 slugs or so and the rest is bird shot. Running Fiocchi 7/8 oz target loads and JM 3gun loads. Jammed on me twice today within about 5 shells. The shell didn't feed all the way and caught the edge and jammed. I was shooting pretty fast, running speed drills and target transitions at 10 yards. I shouldn't need to clean it yet... too hot from rapid firing? Just doesn't like Fiocchi JM 3gun loads? Needs an action job/polish? This is my first semi-auto shotgun... a bit concerned considering what I paid. Thoughts?
  12. I know I'm digging up bones with this thread... However, this is awesome. I was shooting slugs like s#!t today. Anyone know of a solution that mounts to the 1301 comp pro without machining the rail? Even from a bench I'm shooting to the right. Tried figuring out a workable hold. No real luck. I'd like a low pro express adjustable setup like this. TIA
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