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    Been shooting all my life, and since the 70's trap, skeet, Int skeet, 5 stand, pins, IPSC / USPSA. Ex-NRA and State of Florida Law Enforcement Instructor, and I still do CCW classes.

    I have cast smooth bore Minnie type ammo and loaded many odd calibers (some 35 or so) as well as "wildcats" and even a custom one of a kind cartridge. Fishing, boating (all fresh water) 12 months of the year in sunny Florida. I'm a tropical fruit tree collector / grower, and guitar player...I have no idea how I ever found the time to work before I retired.
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  1. gnappi

    X5 trigger work

    I have two X5's neither in the same universe as my CZ Shadow 1 or Tanfo limited. IMO you shouldn't have to send a premium gun to a smith to get a decent trigger. Don't get me wrong, the X5's are fine guns, but nowhere near a comparable out of the box Tanfo or CZ. It's a shame too.
  2. Since you have four other tanfos, have you tried swapping the entire slides or just barrels to the new one to try and narrow down the issue?
  3. All I have are the Armanov pads on my Tanfo mags. The price, color selection, availability and function all fit my needs.
  4. gnappi

    X5 Grip weight

    Ah, grip WEIGHTS, not grip weight. Illumination.
  5. I wondered, my X'perf may have issues but the trigger isn't one of them.
  6. What was the reason you changed it?
  7. We used to call that "negative recoil" I never witnessed it
  8. gnappi

    X5 Grip weight

    P226? SAO or DA/SA (I read they made a DA/SA model of some sort too too) OEM Plastic or wood? I can weigh my P226 X5 grips but I don't have the ship packaging, either way I doubt they're more than an ounce away from each other
  9. I've been to the range a lot more than usual lately and surprisingly there's been a lot of .40 shooters there. I unashamedly ask if they do not reload if I can take the brass and I've come away with a LOT of brass. Food for thought.
  10. I read of a guy who used two paper toy gun caps to reload the primers. Given the labor needed, and the unavailable nature of paper toy caps I'd wait till primers became available before diddling with the notion.
  11. Agreed. Blaming COVID for everything has lost traction. Every business I'm personally familiar with is working overtime to fill needs. From ammo makers, Kitchen cabinet fabricators, Floor tile, granite / marble counter tops, retail and restaurants are going full tilt. Sure office workers have been slimmed down, I think to easily remove dead weight without repercussions from government and ex-employees.
  12. Did anyone ever go to Colt for parts? Not me IMO there's nothing Colt does others haven't done equally well or better for less money. We'll see what they do for them.
  13. It's the frame dust cover that are different lengths, not the slides. AFAIK, they only come in (from Tanfo) one length except the longslide tancoat (not compensated), that one fits the limited custom frame.
  14. I'm not saying these are THE reasons for not allowing an extended mag release in a defensive pistol game but food for thought. Here's my take on the "practicality" of "excessively" long mag releases. I've been carrying since about the time the carry law was enacted (late 80's) in Florida. That said, more than once I found an extended mag release had somehow accidentally been pressed by me looking for change in a pocket for a toll while driving, getting bumped in a holster on an amusement park ride or even an inadvertent bump of the gun into something which pressed the mag release
  15. After buying an alloy framed X5 in 9mm I liked the SA reset (and of course the rest of it) and queried the folks at Sigtalk and they steered me into the Short Reset kit for my P226ST. A very inexpensive option, and well worth it! Aside from the DA first shot it shoots much more like the X5 now.
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