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  1. gnappi

    Moving to CZ?

    I advise you to if possible handle or better still shoot a friends gun you're thinking about before zeroing in on a brand or model.
  2. I have a mental "check list" like I have for my boat. I don't leave my driveway to go boating or shooting without going over my checklist. That said, with a check list, I think I'd forget my underwear before mags, ammo and a gun.
  3. That could be "at least 4/23" of NEXT year! It sounds like they need some web design help, maybe the guys that are doing the EAA site could... never mind, that one won't be done till next year!
  4. That would have been a nice option, but I guess EAA likes holes in the dust cover? I got this one instead...
  5. I want my LGS / dealers to visit the store you visited, down here dealers have Glock, 1911's and assorted cheapies, NOTHING like the selection you got to handle
  6. I too would have held out for a few months had CZ been forthcoming with more info on the issue. Those are interesting thoughts on the vaporware aspect and I'm now questioning whether or not we'll ever see a DWX.
  7. I think it's unlikely that will happen... design by "potential" buyer committee would be a bad idea. I'm sure they have sycophant test subjects that have slathered enough praise on it to make any design changes other than functional improbable. As it is, since I also wanted a DWX, like many others I've moved on, in my case I'm now firmly in the Tanfo camp.
  8. Agreed 100% on everything but... "and competition shooters are the most vocal gun owners on line." I've heard shooters squeal like a stuck pig over a machine mark on the underside of slides and other minor issues that the owner could not even photograph
  9. I do that for every new gun before I will carry it. Otherwise I give mine a chamber / bore brush, extractor pic / clean before any match and lube it.
  10. I have Witnesses in .38 super, .40, and 10mm and found that some mags (all Tanfo supplied) can be reliably pressed into service for use in other calibers. My .38 super mags work 100% of the time for .40 and .9mm. I have plenty of 9mm mags but need .40's as well as .38's and I'm wondering if instead of buying a bunch of both, it other Tanfo owners have used super mags with success with 9 as well as (more importantly) with .40?
  11. Hmm, I tried putting a slight radius on that corner but it did not change the top round scooting forward. But I don't think it really matters because on ejection the top round gets scooted all the way back into the mag from the slide. I guess you could always load it, remove the mag and scoot the top round back but it doesn't seem to affect reliably feeding.
  12. Nowadays I only buy metalform for my 9mm Loaded Target. I have Colt, Shooting star and a few others and they all (mostly) work, but I trust the metalform. Also I like the pre-drilled holes in the metalform mags for pads.
  13. I carry a Tanfo Limited pro. If I ever shoot competitively again, I'll shoot my either the Lim pro or Limited Custom, both are .40's. Hey Sean, I used to live in an upscale "safe" neighborhood and I found out that the safety was only assured when bad guys were not on the prowl. Unfortunately some in the area found out that upscale meant easy target, but luckily they lived to regret feeling safe, they started locking their doors, and bought a firearm.
  14. I never had a problem with a heavier shotgun at clays "overswinging" nor with a heavier handgun. I think the tendency to over correct is more likely with a lighter gun so I'd never compete with one of my Berettas, they just feel too flimsy. For me the whole thing with weight is a balance between comfort and accuracy. Find that and you're golden. Nowadays I carry a Witness Limited pro with magwell which when loaded tips the scale at 50 ounces NP. I figure if petite female police officers can wear a vest, carry a gun, spare mags, stun gun, radio and handcuffs for an 8 hour shift I'm on shaky ground crabbing about a few ounces plus or minus on a single firearm.
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