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    Been shooting all my life, and since the 70's trap, skeet, Int skeet, 5 stand, pins, IPSC / USPSA. Ex-NRA and State of Florida Law Enforcement Instructor, and I still do CCW classes.

    I have cast smooth bore Minnie type ammo and loaded many odd calibers (some 35 or so) as well as "wildcats" and even a custom one of a kind cartridge. Fishing, boating (all fresh water) 12 months of the year in sunny Florida. I'm a tropical fruit tree collector / grower, and guitar player...I have no idea how I ever found the time to work before I retired.
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  1. Hey, don't laugh, I read peeps are using spent primers and filling them with paper caps
  2. It's not often a post has me chuckling, thanks!
  3. Since I am now loading down to save powder anyway I tuned my guns to work just above the power floor. I'm kinda liking these wussy loads. Maybe this could be a new division?... Maybe name it something catchy and make poppers from aluminum and paper targets scored by penetration thru the paper or not?
  4. Not that I needed more but I just traded 5k shotshell primers for 5k spp. We were both happy about the deal.
  5. It's not only primers that have become unobtanium, brass prices have gone nutso too. At least one local range here is sitting on their range brass waiting for prices to go even higher. When I go I ask other shooters if I they do not reload if I can have their brass , invariably they not only let me take it, they also help me harvest it.. So far that's been profitable but one range employee did not like me asking shooters if I could take it saying once it hit the floor it belonged to the range. I disagreed and said it was the property of the shooter and it was theirs to pick up and
  6. OK don't buy one. Components are NEVER coming down in price, the EPA will ban lead, fire departments will reclassify gunpowder as commercial use only products, and the potus will close ranges and make only single shot .22's legal to own. There you have it!
  7. I have an SA "Loaded target" in 9mm/.38 super and its the best single stack 1911 I have owned.
  8. I wish I was.. Maybe Miami drug money? Imagine a coked up dude loading?
  9. At a gunshow a few weeks ago you could only get 100 primers at a time at $35 and they were selling them.
  10. Stock up when prices are low, if you shoot several calibers and gauges resource balance usage and barter what you do not use much of. Today I traded 5k shotshell primers for 5k spp's. With what I got last year I'm set for a bit anyway. Stocking up when prices are low for use is not hoarding as some are being accused of.
  11. AFAIK, the main difference is the model like the Witness Elite "Match" do not have a "competition" frame... you cannot add a magwell. It is what it is
  12. I upgraded from Lee presses and now have two 550's and a 450 for many years and never saw a need for anything else. I load my primer tubes whilst watching tv and the presses will load ammo nearly as fast as I can shoot it.
  13. Yup, when I want to see new and shiny, I can put the 9mm slide on it But, a couple of minutes on the buffing wheel takes off some years...
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