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    Been shooting all my life, and since the 70's trap, skeet, Int skeet, 5 stand, pins, IPSC / USPSA. Ex-NRA and State of Florida Law Enforcement Instructor, and I still do CCW classes.

    I have cast smooth bore Minnie type ammo and loaded many odd calibers (some 35 or so) as well as "wildcats" and even a custom one of a kind cartridge. Fishing, boating (all fresh water) 12 months of the year in sunny Florida. I'm a tropical fruit tree collector / grower, and guitar player...I have no idea how I ever found the time to work before I retired.
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  1. While I still cast my own, I use a lead rated respirator, wear gloves to handle and nowadays I powder coat them. I haven't been tested in a long time but, I guess I should ask for the lead test at my next physical. Thx all for the reminder.
  2. I've been there... worked hard enough for wifey to regularly complain, and have taken breaks from shooting. Some short as well as long, some from self induced pressure (International skeet, was a biggie there) issues and others club politics issues. Like Konkapot said, I had thought shooting sports had run their course. After a break I've been refreshed, and I now play my own game and put more of the "P" (from IPSC and USPSA) in shooting for a while. Instead of focusing on one discipline I've re-focused for some CO, single stack, limited, open and maybe even IDPA. Ammo supply do
  3. The OEM butt pads can work with mods, but I bought new +2 ( actually fit one more comfortably) pads from a seller on Ebay and stock Tanfo mags work fine.
  4. I do not know if "assembling" counts as building, but I've converted my Limited custom (.40) and Limited Pro (9mm) for open. Both slides interchange with the two frames. If I could find a Tanfo frame dot mount I'll be happier. Oh, that's not a Docter, just the scope cover.
  5. Coated if you can find them in a weight type you want is the ticket. If not it's guaranteed you'll have bullets if you cast and coat your own.
  6. If manufacturers of finished ammo are "cashing in" on the feeding frenzy then the components go to their assembly lines.
  7. I got two Tanfo OEM magwells for my frames and a couple of spares just in case I needed them later on, maybe I depleted his stock. EAA does not seem to be bringing them in any more, it's weird. They do not have scope mounts either.
  8. For the time bring I went with the slide mount, so my 9 and .40 uppers have dots.
  9. Same here. I cast my own and have sized my 150 LRN to .355 for every 9mm I ever had. I have a .356 die for my Star lubri-sizer but used it for supers. Nowadays I'm powder coating everything from 9 to 40 and .45 and have yet to run a lot of rounds downrange but I'm suspecting little change from my cast/wax lubed bullets.
  10. I don't know why, but MANY of the orders I place have bounced between states like a ping pong ball. I have even seen several occasions where stuff was sent from Miami, to my local post office, to Fort Lauderdale, back to Miami, then to my local post office and delayed another day. Once a package went from (ground) Oregon to Jacksonville and then retraced its steps BACK to Oregon. I'm thinking... 1. USPS has hired dyslexic employees who will not use the scanners. 2. The programmers protesting by playing with scan code destinations 3. Somehow due t
  11. Well... I recently needed to deal with them and they did not return two calls, after a couple of weeks I wrote Tanfoglio in Italy, I received a call the next day and I got what I needed. There are reasons that IFG, Patriot Defense, Ben Stoeger, J&L, and Henning are in the mix now. It's a good thing too I REALLY like my Tanfo pistols to the exclusion of the rest of the brands that I own.
  12. As of now, my X'perf is back on the way to Beretta for the second time. After getting it back (was there 4 months) it functioned perfectly for around 200 rounds (Winchester white box) and upon taking it home to clean it, the slide would not come off... again... but this time it took a wood dowel under the rear sight blade and a rubber mallet to get it off. And NO this has NOTHING to do with "tight tolerances of a competition gun" as has been suggested, that is unless these tight tolerances are expected to change and get tighter as it's used Anyway, I found the issue. Inside the
  13. With copper plated bullets finished ammo being so plentiful and inexpensive in the recent past, I had not loaded lead/wax lubed bullets in many years. Shooting Tanfos also mandated buying instead of making most ammo. But, due to the shortage of ammo and components nowadays I stumbled on a site that had a section on powder coating bullets. I had many thousands of already cast 9mm and .45 bullets and read up on the process and plated almost everything in my garage. Add to that I have literally nearly a ton of quality ingot lead ready, I bought some 6 cavity .40 molds. H
  14. I blew a "fun match" where the shooter kept the palm of his shooting hand behind him and a paint spray can cap of one of two color was handed to him. On the beep, the shooter had to look at the color of the cap, and what he was given were no shoots. I decided to play the odds, on the beep I dropped the cap, did not look at the color and blasted away... I figured I'd either crash and burn or win the match... I crashed and burned, not one recorded hit, all no shoots, but they were well placed if nothing else.
  15. Well, I have three, all were new and factory chrome plated, one standard slide in .40 and two V12's one each in .40 and 9mm. All of the slides (barrels already fit perfect) needed fitting. I used a diamond paste mixed with Tri Flow oil, left the barrels out and it took almost no time to lap them on my frames. After they fit enough to hand cycle them relatively easily with the slide / frame alone I cleaned out the lapping paste, oiled them up and went to the range and shot them in without problems. If you buy one, and want to try the compounds you should not
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