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  1. Maybe a Vertec "G" would sell, maybe. Considering from the USPSA site... "Our over 31,000 active members and over 440 affiliated clubs makes USPSA the largest practical shooting organization in the United States" I think they may have missed some customers here?
  2. As was said in other threads in the U.S there are few enough IPSC matches to be of concern. I could give a crap less whether peeps buy them, as a matter of fact, if they're discontinued as most "float a balloon" designs Beretta comes out with have been, I have (when I get it back) mine
  3. I quoted: "92XPerf is now USPSA Production legal. Have to take off one or reduce the safeties to fit the box. " And USPSA DOES, unless my 2020 rule book is incorrect and I said "competitors" nothing about IPSC
  4. I was surprised to hear that Beretta didn't submit or ask for inclusion to the production list, good to hear they solved that one... but the safety having to be removed is just stupid... since they supposedly had them evaluated by competitors they never put it in the size restriction box? I wonder who's steering the boat in Italy Mine is still at BUSA, with the slide on/off problem I don't expect it back for another couple of months.
  5. I'm a natural lefty, right eyed dominant, and not a large fellow. When I was around 10 (~1961) my dad (a serious country boy and outdoors man) once said: "Son C'mon we need to talk about your handicap" Well, I was in absolutely top physical condition and this word "handicap" stunned me. We sat and my dad went on to say: "Look, you're not a big guy (ultimately up to 5'4") and you're left handed and in a man's world of sports (very little LH gear was made back then) your're screwed. What I want to impress on you is these are two handicaps in sports. So, as far as that goes, you can either learn to use the tools of a larger right handed man or... stay at home with your mother and sister while I go hunting, to target practice, golf, etc." So, I learned to golf, play guitar (I STILL call it lefty thought right handed players call it right handed) and shoot right handed. In the 80's in came some severe tennis elbow on my right arm, and I had to buy left handed holsters to practice and shoot matches. Since my left arm and hand were always "stronger" I had little issues shooting with my "weak" hand... the left. Initially my one minor obstacle was my right eye dominance which turned out to solve itself with practice drawing at home. I fitted my 1911's with ambidextrous safeties and wound up doing fairly well till my right arm healed. Then in the 90's tennis elbow struck again and once more I was forced to shoot (and carry) with my weak hand / arm. Luckily most other moderately serious injuries were to my left hand which is always used for intricate work like car repairs so my right hand has had a skate on injuries. Bad for guitar playing but good for shooting Overall the tennis elbow episodes forced me to train and become nearly as proficient with my left arm as my right, and even though it was literally a pain in some ways it was a blessing. Has anyone else an injury to their dominant arm / hand which compelled them to re-train using their weaker arm / hand?
  6. gnappi

    Part guns

    I read them both and USPSA and IPSC are similarly ambiguous Neither make note of caliber / ammo differences or barrel length changes... only that OFM supplied parts are allowed. Though in the IPSC clause "specific model" comment I read to "Witness" not compact or stock sub models. I take the vague description of authorized modifications as a green light in my particular case. I guess whether it was IPSC or USPSA having a screen shot of both lines in the current rules would possibly identify the authorizing rules clause to settle a dispute? Whether it's favorably or not ultimately the Range Master would have to make the call.
  7. gnappi

    Part guns

    Thx for the reply, both / either but I referenced the IPSC rulebook if that helps.
  8. Production division states: "Original parts and components offered by the OFM as standard equipment, or as an option, for a specific model handgun on the IPSC approved handgun list are permitted, subject to the following" But does not specify sub model or changes on firearm size / geometry. For example my large frame DA/SA Witness "compact" (10mm, 3.5" bbl) also has a 4.5" .40 (Conversion kit available on the EAA website as an option) Witness "stock" slide AND an OEM ambi safety with 15 round EAA supplied mags as opposed to the short 10 round compact frame mags. Is this combination legal in production division?
  9. This morning I received a complete Witness "Stock" 4 1/2" slide for my early 2000 Witness 10mm compact and the slide fit perfectly. Rather than starting another thread, one question I have... Are the Witness 9mm mags usable (reliably) with .40 ammo? I have a pot load of EAA 9mm mags and I'd rather not dump wads of cash into .40 mags unless there were reliability issues using 9mm mags for .40. At some point soon I'll settle this at the range but experiences from others who may have a much larger round count than I'd be able to do in a day will be useful.
  10. Seems to be an emerging issue with the XP, several on a Beretta site are reporting similar problems. Since my X'perf only has ~500 rounds through it I haven't had it happen, OTOH, not one of my other 92/96's have ever had fte problems.
  11. I'm looking for a .40 top end that fits my full size 9mm Witness "Match" and I located a complete Witness .40 slide that just indicates it's from a PF Witness. I take it as Polymer Full size? Does anyone know if the slide on the PF is compatible with a Full size steel frame?
  12. Well, actually no. The 92X has a steel frame a beefier slide and in totality is substantially more robust and has more potential as a high mileage gun which a PT92 definitely is not. Beretta owners have been clamoring for (yet) another all steel gun and Beretta delivered it. I have several of both Taurus and Beretta and your "spruced up" comment definitely applies more to the 92 and 96's made before the "X" The Taurus is an aluminum framed "copy" which has a pinned in non reversible mag release, and a very excellent decocker which if Beretta had used would have eliminated at least one criticism without adding any. Now if Taurus were to come out with a steel framed 92...
  13. I almost spat my coffee out seeing that!
  14. I'm of the opinion, "If it ain't eating anything, and it's not in the way" I never sell stuff. Also if some idiotic factory ammo ban were to be enacted I'll be in good shape. I have a furnace, and molds also "just in case"
  15. Yeah, the Dillon measure is hard to beat, I tried to use the other brand stuff to make the transition to Dillon smoother... after all knowing one measure and being confident in it and going to an unknown may be challenging, but the Dillon measure is worth it.
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