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  1. Dfox could you run an rcbs lockout die (powder check) with your bullet feeder? Is the priming system as reliable as the 650s? thanks dogdoc
  2. The one thing I like about my two 650s is the primer mechanism . I never have problems with them. The primer mechanism on my 550s is usually what gives me grief but it usually from debris from the depriming. Anybody actually run a new 750?
  3. The one thing I like about my two 650s is the primer mechanism . I never have problems with them. The primer mechanism on my 550s is usually what gives me grief but it usually from debris from the depriming.
  4. The plug gauges are for specific degrees(5 degree for example ). I find often the plug gauges are swallowed by the factory cuts.(factory cuts are often very deep.) I don’t think you can recut an existing cone all the way to rifling so that all the old cone is gone without being deeper than the brownells plug gauges. The only way I could cut with the plug gage was to set a barrel back. I do not think most worry about the plug gauges when they recut a new cone. You just want to make sure the old cone is cut away so you do not have a compound angle. There is a good write up on Ruger forum.net in
  5. Going to order some 147 and maybe some 160s at 357. Got plenty of 231, sport pistol, titegroup and just about everything but very n320.
  6. Thanks just the info I was looking for. I may need to get some 160 grain to try.
  7. I recently picked up a new Smith 929 9 mm revolver and am having trouble getting any loads that will group less than 4 or 5 inches at 25 yards. I have read a lot of old threads but few have any actual loads listed or actual rested groups achieved at 25 yards. My throats are uniform .357 so I purchased some eggleston munitions 124 grain coated sized .357 and have tried some loads with 231 and cfe pistol but no luck yet. I mounted a 4 x leupold on-the revolver temporarily to assist with load testing to eliminate my poor eyesight . I want some thing that will group around 2 inches for all 8 sho
  8. Do not really think it is any cleaner than titegroup . A lot of residue is from bullets I think. I am using blue bullets and really like them as they seem to feed real well in my sti
  9. Egw undersized sizer die(Lee) and lee factory crip die with Blue 180 grain 40 bullets run great in two sti 2011s my son and I shoot. Use both, they are cheap insurance .
  10. Good data in the sierra manual for 180s with n320 and wst
  11. Just went and shot . The 4.5 grain of wst load with 180 blue bullets definitely felt softer than 4.5 grains of titegroup with the same bullet. I will go with wst for now. Shot some decent 20 yard groups with the wst as well
  12. Thanks for replies. Off to load a few hundred with 4.5 wst with 180 grain blue bullet and shoot them later this am!
  13. I use hornady one shot ina pump spray bottle. I find after it sits a day or so the cases are dry and if resized require as much effort as nonlubed case so I do not wipe each one after loading. Do others wipe each case off after loading?
  14. I would like some opinion s on felt recoil with 180 grain coated /blue bullets using Winchester super target powder at major pf. I have been out of the game for close to 10 years and recently started back with my 17 year old son. When I shoot 45 acp I use clays but I know that is no longer recommended in 40 s&w. I have a good bit of wst and titegroup from back in the day. I am currently loading about 4.5 grains of titegroup behind a 180 blue bullet at 1.180 in a 2011. It feels ok but I really have not compared it to anything. I know vv n320 is supposed to be the best but I would have to b
  15. Anybody know any good 357 mag loads with a 158 grain lead bullet that will just make major. I know full house 357 loads are way overkill. I am looking for a load that is easy on the gun as well hence the downloaded 357 mag load. I also have some 200 grain roundnose lead I could load but they are harder to find. I have a 686 I want to shoot is uspsa for something different. thanks dogdoc
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