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  1. I just got more into this. I'm in the middle of welding up a custom camper model with a liner aluminum barrel that I made. The trigger has zero pre-travel and the grips are machined aluminum with 25lpi checkering. Pull is 2lbs and it's have a machined weaver mount with a five port aluminum comp.
  2. I haven’t had any problems with flat base bullets feeding in my automatic feeder. They do work pretty well in bullet feeders. If your flat base is on a really heavy bullet and you’re not using the right feed tube or conveyance - you will have a problem with them not feeding. It’s a misconception based on thoughts but not experience. I shoot several thousand of the J-Ames pistol bullets about every three weeks . I got nothing but time and I’m retired. I have spent several thousand dollars on coated bullets from now eight different popular coated bullet companies before trying J
  3. That's either fouling in the cylinders, bulged brass casings, your bullet diameter is too large or your case mouths are not crimped enough
  4. I caught 37 frags while flying fighter jets. There was so much frag explosions flying around it seemed like someone was trying really hard to kill me Lol. One was a 10 inch long twisted jagged piece of aluminum from my plane that cork screwed through my leg but I flew and landed that plane on a carrier deck while bleeding out real good. You're the lucky one it happened on land with people that had cell phones to help you.
  5. I'm tryna figure out where it was I saw those new stainless steel Glock mags with witness holes. They were high quality looking with machines aluminum base pads and I haven't seen steel mags for Glocks ever. Those see through plastic ones are junk compared to OEM ones but I prefer steel ones I'll give you a tip.....don't uses a loaded full 30 round mag lol in a PCC firearm in a speed shooting event where theres only 7 or less targets cause it's a detriment to fast shooting. I see so many people doing that just because they're too lazy to reload mags.
  6. Ha Ha those little colored flakes in there are law enforcement CSI tracers. The powder companies have been adding those to trace those components back to their makers.
  7. Buy jamesbullets.com and don't look back. They're the only bullets I use now. I'm currently shooting 4,500 - 5,500 pistol rounds every 4 weeks or so. And another 300 - 700 rifle rounds in that same time. I just got an email discount code for the first time from them for 4.5% off an already low price for a far superior product. The code I got isn't transferrable.. Every time I win a match with those bullets, that company gets at least 1 to 3 new customers right there,
  8. Glockster1

    Loading mags

    Have your machinist drill holes in the tubes
  9. I'm sure you would prefer reading useful accurate data that was done competently and correctly so as to improve your reloading skillset and overall knowledge of ammunition manufacturing and shooting alike. I don't "like" useless data. That would clearly go against the intent of this thread. I don't know who you are, nor was I referring to you or any post you've ever made here. My "quote" was one that I just made up, but is similar to ones I'm regularly reading here. I made that very clear in my original thread post.
  10. You didn't say whether the hammer was down or whether the safety was engaged while in the holster.
  11. People who post accurate data done properly that unwitting newbies here will read from are the ones that chemically clean their barrels between shots.
  12. That's EXACTLY the problem. Those people posting that junk are posting ERRONEOUS inaccurate garbage that newbies here will read and think is proper. It's NOT.
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