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  1. https://store.apextactical.com/WebDirect/Products/Details/192597 Seems Apex now has 2.0 specific kits, so no need for work arounds such as M&P45 substitutions.
  2. Which trigger are you describing? I know its not the Timney, but is it the AR Gold or the JP drop in? Thanks, Mark
  3. What is OAL? You don't want to over crimp, but are you sure there is no flare left from belling/expanding mouth of case? Mark
  4. Found the Excursion tr13 on sale @ shoemall.com for around $50 shipping included. $60, 30% off code provided by vendor, plus state tax.
  5. Another option is RAS/Guncat. Steve is a frequent SME poster here and has a great reputation for quality work at a fair price. Going to send him my 930 JM barrel for forcing cone lengthening and polishing. Seems reasonable at $80, return shipping included. Some might consider this analogous to polishing a turd but its my only semi auto SG and runs well... Mark
  6. Not an Arex owner, but if anyone reads Gun Tests, a mag that does not have any advertisers, the latest issue reviewed the Alpha. They like it but had a major faiilure, hammer broke where slide cams against it during recoil. Perhaps heat treat left it too brittle?
  7. Will probably get more responses if you post your question in the Multigun Shotgun-Technical subforum
  8. Thanks for spending the money for the comparisons, so that some of us may save money and just get the one that is superior! Mark
  9. Am guessing they think 3gunners are a small market and not worth catering to, so minimizing options suitable for our needs. Probably a lot more money to be made catering to the crowd at SH so they have more choices. Was hoping the 223RD in SFP would have been a worthy competitor to the Vortex Razor with JM reticle, but not meant to be at this time. Mark
  10. Website needs to be amended, seems they are limiting illuminated SFP options to Kdot and 4C initially due to perceived demand. Am now looking @ FFP MRAD2 reticle. Think the 223RD in SFP would have been a great option for 3gun, maybe it will become available in the future.
  11. Crap, just heard from Meopta that the 223RD will not be available in the SFP 1-6 Weird decision, as it would have been an appropriate and popular option. Think the FFP version would have too large a center dot at longer ranges... Mark
  12. Yup, won't know actual weight till they are out in the field. Suspect the 20 oz is for turreted models and 18 oz is the capped versions.
  13. Same situation here, waiting for actual user feedback. Also curious about brightness of center dot as well as its size in SFP. The info i have is limited to the FFP version of the 223RD and center dot is 1.2moa, a bit large for precision work at long range but good enough for fast close in shooting. Strelok does not list this reticle yet. Mark
  14. So Meopta is going to be producing a lower priced line of scopes called Optika6, the 1-6X is of most interest those into 3GUN, me included. Not a whole lot of info other than SHOT Show propaganda as they have not yet filtered out into private hands. https://www.meoptasportsoptics.eu/en/rada/optika6-13153-2 Seems the 1-6X will be available in both FFP and SFP flavors, with various reticle options, illuminated and not. Advertized weight seems very reasonable at 18oz, and if glass is as good as Euro glass has been in the past (says its made in Czech Republic) should be a strong contender in the mid range price category; maybe a Razor quality at the price point of a PST? Retail prices are slated to be $500 and $600, the FFP versions are the higher price point. All come with a power change lever, the FFP versions have open locking turrets, the SFP have capped turrets. Am especially interested in the MRAD2 in FFP and the 223RD in SFP. The attached 223RD is in FFP, but think the SFP version will be very similar, other than not being magnified as power is.223.pdfTried to attach a Reticle Guide from Meopta but its too large...Any thoughts? MRAD 2 RD 1-6.PDF Mark
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