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  1. Along the same process, I have used heavier than standard Glock striker springs in M&Ps with no problems. Mark
  2. All good info, will check with BB and see if they will sell me .356 sized bullets, thanks.
  3. Of course it feels good to help develope new shooters, glad to be of service! On a separate note, wonder how the bullet diameter of .355 which is standard with 9mm Blue Bullets, does not negatively impact accuracy in a typical 9mm pistol. Would love to try their 124 or 135 bullets, but wonder if the smaller than typical diameter is a plus or negative wrt to accuracy. Have asked BB by email, so far no response, though its the weekend. Mark
  4. Lots of pluses. Price of the firearm and magazines is the main negative. Mark
  5. Thanks, not in possession of any PCC, just considering getting into it and am looking at options. Mark
  6. Who would you recommend to open the gas port and to what size? Mark
  7. mpom

    Shield upgrades

    Add an Apex carry trigger/sear package and enjoy even more!
  8. Ordered a 3 pack, thanks for the heads up!
  9. No doubt the XTR is better, but is it 2X better, since the price is 2X?
  10. I am interested in your comparison of the XTR to the RT-6.
  11. Went w the bikini style as the flip down/up covers were either a distraction or getting the way of charging handle on a previous scope.
  12. mpom


    Depending on how many rounds the action spring/buffer spring has seen, it might be sagged out, think minimum length is supposed to be 10 1/16" and new one is around 11". If spring is not worn, then most likely your gas post in the barrel is oversized, as manufacturers tend to go with larger than necessary to avoid complaints of malfuntions with weak ammo. The forward ejection is not ideal but not a problem either. Folks like the 3 to 4 o'clock ejection angle as it shows the system is balanced. If its something you really want to achieve, a heavier buffer is the easiest fix. Cheapest solution is to buy extra tungsten weights and substitute them for the steel ones presently in there. If you have a front sight base, forget about an adjustable gas block, think its too much work, but an adjustable gas key is another option. Unless its a competiton carbine, where you are willing to fine tune for more points, being over gased is a plus in the sense that you less likely to have issues with a dirty action. Mark
  13. Rotella T6 5-40. Why? Cause I bought a gallon and the bike takes 3 quarts Mark
  14. mpom


    Cannot see how it would as the bullet has left the barrel by the time the bolt unlocks from barrel extension. Heavier buffer might slow down that unlocking but how could it impact bullet velocity? Mark
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