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  1. Look at the tip of the decapping pin, see if the surface is rough or if the edges have a burr. Used to have same problem, rounded off the tip and polished it to remove sharp edges. No more primer pull backs. Mark
  2. I did the spring switch on the OEM rod, cap is threaded so a bit of locktite and money saved. Think I went w 14lbs, believe factory is 15lbs, not certain. Mark
  3. They allow you to switch recoil spring easily, as a typical replacement rod does not capture the spring like the OEM guide rod. Mark
  4. Interested as well, especially in the second focal plane version. Supposedly it's made by LOW in Japan to Sig's specs.
  5. Rotella T6 5W40, already in the garage for the motorcycle. I try not to drink it as its probably not nontoxic. Seems to work well on all firearms. Mark
  6. Nice! Glad it worked out for you. Mark
  7. Suspect no responses because its so rare that anyone finds a 0.009" difference in the dimensions you referenced. If it doesn't work out, I would test fit the barrel extension to as many upper receivers as needed till you get an acceptable fit before Cerakote is applied. Good luck, mark
  8. With latest version I did not need to remove any material from muzzle end of barrel, only trim the part contacting breech face and the pad contacting locking block. After fitting 1911 barrels, thisbwill be a walk in the park for you, just watch the videos by Apex. They recommend a hard fit, where initially you need a few lbs of pressure on rear of slide to complete return to battery. Slide closes fine during live fire.
  9. I assume the part starts as a casting, so that deformity is probably the sprue cut off. Not hard to round off with a stone. Mark
  10. There is an "H" marked trigger bar for the gen 1 m&p, supposedly the newest version, perhaps that is what is meant by heavy. Got mine from Brownells. Mark
  11. Since the 22Compact is a single action system, I removed material from the hammer to reduce engagement and what is perceived as creep. Even w polishing, trigger pull is not much lighter, around 4 lbs, but much shorter. I also built up a small dome of JB weld behind trigger on the frame, which I sanded down till hammer is released, to reduce over travel. Trigger pull is much improved. Mark
  12. Agree, a JP can be set up to be super crisp, as in no takeup, minimal to imperceptible travel and no overtravel, reset is about .03". Plus with hardened components, does not change over time. Does take some time to install and adjust.
  13. mpom

    little Help

    Am far from a great shooter but found out a "skinny" front sight not very accurate, perhaps because so much light on each side leads to inconsistent alignment w rear, compared to narrow light bands. Mark
  14. mpom


    Also running Glock striker springs, no noticeable increase in trigger pull weight, probably because in the M&P the trigger pull only rotates the sear, does not push striker back compressing striker spring, unlike the Glock system, which does further compress striker spring. Wolf 5.5 or 6lb Glock striker springs usually available from Brownells, or Wolff directly.
  15. If the loaded cartridges enter and fall out of the case gauge without effort, would not worry about rotation, think they will enter and fall out of the barrel when firing. Just test fire before the match. Mark
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