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  1. Am interested in your opinion about Precision vs Bayou. Thanks, Mark
  2. Its crazy how most folks report good or great results with DG bullets, yet others say the lead is too soft creating issues. Yet both DG and BBI claim to use lead with the same composition, namely 92/6/2 so hardness should be the same, but no one complains that BBI bullets are too soft. Mark
  3. Wow! Prices are highly competitive since shipping in included! Thanks, next coated bullets order will be from BBI!
  4. I want to purchase at least 1500 9mm coated bullets, trying to decide between Bayou 120 gr TCG and Precision Bullets 125 gr Flat Point, to be used in M&P pistols, 1 with an Apex barrel other with OEM barrel. I know the "right" thing is to order a few of each, load and compare results but would like to get feedback from folks that have used either or both. I have used Bayou bullets prior to Donny's sale of Bayou but not current production. Have also used Acme, Ibjeajiheads, and other various coated bullets, often get a flier or two. Have read the forums, seen as how some folks like DG bullets, others say they are soft and promote leading. Prices of Bayou and Precision are close to same. Thanks in advance, any info is appreciated!
  5. I asked Cmore about their warranty and they said its the same as Vortex. Not sure what that means, but suspect they will repair a defective scope at any point but may not replace for free if scope suffered severe trauma, user induced. Agree they should have taken the loss on the scopes ordered during the holiday weekend, but at least we are getting the scope at around Cmore's cost basis. Mark
  6. They will if you agree to their compromise price of $599, by responding "CONTINUE" Since the C3 is likely to be better than the Vortex PST2 1-6, probably worth the somewhat discounted price. Sorry for the thread derailment.
  7. Also was interested in Optika 1-6, but read somewhere that while glass was very good, reticle was not "daylight bright". Mark
  8. The Sig is discontinued though still available @ Brownells for $870, close in price to the C2 from Cmore. Both are Japanese glass, no idea if one is better than the other. Suspect Tony the Tiger knows. Mark
  9. Interesting that there appears to be no correlation between smaller group size and lower standard deviation and velocity spread. Damn good offhand shooting! Mark
  10. Sort off. Using a very hot flange surely would have melted the plastic where it needed to be moved but may have also melted the plastic in the hole, so holes would have been larger than required. Well done!
  11. M1A4ME makes a lot of sense. OP, try the pencil test to see how far it is propelled by the striker. Would bet it is not very far compared to other pistols, as described above. Closing the loop a bit delays sear release of striker, giving the striker block more time to rise out of the way.
  12. Tips and info are par for this website, one reason why I check it often! Hat off to BE for making it happen. Mark
  13. Same price as 124gr round nose, JE10 will get 10% off. Mark
  14. Just spoke with proprietor of DG bullets, said that while website has not been updated the new design is available for purchase, same price as 124 round nose. Just need to request it in the "notes" section. Same for alternate sizing. May be a while before site is updated to reflect its avaialability. Mark
  15. WRT DG bullets, how do you select bullet diameter? Does not seem like I am given an option on bullet diameter, tried calling, got voice mail and no response... Thanks in advance, Mark
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