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  1. Adjustable gas block? Replace steel/tungsten buffer weights with aluminum ones? Above should set you back less than a $100. Mark
  2. Cannot find loading data for SP in 380ACP, anyone care to share? Thanks in advance, Mark
  3. After trying a few muzzle brakes and finding them either too blasty or creating too much muzzle depression, I settled on the Frank Proctor brake. More blast than a flash suppressor but less than most brakes, with pretty good performance. https://www.recoilweb.com/frank-proctors-new-muzzle-device-67177.html Unfortunately hard to find today, seems Troy no longer makes it. Did get good reviews in this comparison of various brakes https://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/ar-15-muzzle-brake-shootout-3/ Mark
  4. My wife's is also very reliable, I did tweak it some, such as reducing hammer/sear engagement area to get a cleaner release, same weight as OEM, just less creep once the wall is reached. Also built up an overtravel stop on frame behind trigger w JB Weld, filed to proper size. Sweet shooter, she is considering it for CCW. Mark
  5. Try Apex Tactical for after market, Brownells and Midway for OEM. Mark
  6. Not the OP, but he mentioned he has a Saiga, an AK patterned detachable magazine fed shotgun, so he is in Open class. Post is 3 years old...
  7. Graf and Sons has E3 in stock, for those looking for it specifically, or those (like me) just looking for a clean, fast burning powder for pistol ammo. Lots of positive info on the off label use (listed as a shotgun powder) on this site. Enjoy! Mark
  8. No spring expert here, but my understanding is the spring can only be compressed till the buffer hits the closed end of the buffer tube (actual name is receiver extension). So a shorter buffer allows for more spring compression than a longer buffer. Since you don't want the bolt carrier to go too deep into the tube, you match the buffer tube with the correct length buffer. If you switch springs of different lengths but keep the buffer and tube same, why do you expect a change in how much of the spring gets compressed? If you replace your rifle buffer with a carbine buffer, then you will
  9. The OR3GUN doodads are nice, and I have a few, but they do not make a badly running one run. Issues I fixed on mine included polishing rough interfaces on moving parts and fiddling with springs, as well as chamfering corners and the chamber mouth. Yeah, now it runs very reliably on all shells, 1140 fps to 1200+ fps, and hits point of aim with a significantly taller front triangle. Did take some work but I enjoy solving issues, especially if initial cost is low. I realize this is not the case for the average Joe who expects a semi auto shotgun to run well out of the box. Shame on MBerg for not
  10. Where did you get it for $60? Will it cut a melonited barrel? Mark
  11. Brownells has factory M&P parts at reasonable prices. Sometimes out of stock. Mark
  12. Contact Memphis Mechanic, cheaper to farm it out
  13. Got the Merrells, feel great around the house. Like the relatively wide forefoot and light weight. Mesh should breath well. Was considering Boombah but narrow forefoot and no return policy killed it for me. Thanks for heads up on the Agility! Mark
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