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  1. Acer2428

    Dedicated PCC load

    Tagged for interest. My intent is to use a bunch of PP I have behind a 124FMJ for the MPX for the slightly slower burn rate. Switching from TG/147 in my BB AR9.
  2. Acer2428

    CMMG Guard tuning (9mm)

    Wait, you mean you can't use it AND short-stroke it? I am currently running the AR-9 buffer in my guard setup since that was the lightest recoiling. It has worked flawlessly despite being both longer and heavier than CMMG recommends. It's noticeable if you shoot back to back, but honestly it's not going to win or lose you any matches. It's also FAR more expensive at this point. I did it because I like projects and to tinker. In the end, it's a half-step between a BB AR-9 and an MPX. If you're heavily invested in Glock mags, mag pouches, upper/lower, etc. and all you need is the bbl/bolt combo, go for it. Not much, but enough that MOST people will tell you they wish they had just bought a Guard to begin with. Buy a .458 type upper (I used a Spartan/NFA from JoeBob) and an NFA/Spartan lower. The mag height is different, so I had to file down the mag catch so bolt could retract/lock over the follower of an empty mag. I used the stock/plastic piece for proof of concept, then filed on the Odin one. Works fine. I also took a razor to some of the sharp edges on the nose of the follower. You also need something to prevent over-insertion, which I bought from BMiller on here.
  3. Acer2428

    Removing the bolt weight

    When I was shooting factory ammo I tested them out. Same deal. Recoil was soft, but splits were slower. Ended up w/ Syntech 150gr. that made 139 PF out a 5.5" ULW barrel.
  4. Acer2428

    Odd Bullet Up Jam in NFA Based AR9

    Why would a plunk test matter if it's not even making it to the chamber? I would check your mag lips/opening. It's not a CRF, so there's only so much control any one piece has. Mag lips, mag spring, and mag catch/magazine angle are the first things I'd check. Does he have the issue with all different mags or can you narrow it down? If it's various and the same ones you're using, you'd have to look at a different buffer setup. I'm no 'smith, but I'd have to think the <6 rounds and straight up means the round is being presented too slowly for the short-stroke and the bolt is pushing on the round before it hits the feed lips, allowing it to torpedo straight up and out the front. Try backing out a few quarters to start with and see if that solves it.
  5. Acer2428

    Best PCC trigger?

    FWIW 'Gander Outdoors' Just put them up for sale for $109 and you can get $10 off w/ a coupon code. (Both can be found on gun.deals). I was going to pull a CMC unit for my guard lower, but for $100, I'll try the POF unit.
  6. Acer2428

    AR9 Side Charging Handle Left or Right Side?

    I have a few factory side-charging AR's. The easiest is obv the non-reciprocating NFA/Matrix style. But I also have a few directly bolted to the carrier before the new tech was out. One is an aftermarket one on a 6.5C AR and it uses a cap screw. Nothing wrong with it, but I use purple loctite and have to re-apply whenever I want to remove BCG for cleaning, etc. The other is an Alexander Arms unit that uses a threaded handle. While it may not be as strong(?) It's MUCH more convenient to keep tight. There's a hole drilled through the handle about the size of a 1/8" hex. Between stages/whenever, it's easy to stick a hex, bullet tip, whatever in there and snug it up.
  7. Acer2428

    CMMG Guard tuning (9mm)

    I saw yours in my search and it looks great. My only concern is I'm not refinishing once it's done. Does the rear of the ejection port actually matter? I've never really looked to see where the brass/base is when it's ejected. I only mentioned .458 since that's what I was using and it had so far worked 100%.
  8. Acer2428

    CMMG Guard tuning (9mm)

    Does anyone have the specs of the ejection port of an actual Guard upper? I was using a .458 upper, but I'm building a 'red' one for my wife and using an anodized 223 upper and want to dremel/file out as little as possible. Seems like .458 spec up front and then just some light removal of the bottom on the rear 1/2 and nothing up top?
  9. I used the 4"/9mm specific Kynshot because it's what I had on hand. I also brought a std. carbine buffer, h1, and h2, and taccom system as well a carbine, rifle, and 308 carbine springs. Softest shooting by far was the 9mm hydro + 556 rifle length spring. There's no LRBHO on the upper (using a 458 billet AR upper) or lower, so I didn't worry about stroke length other than trigger reset. Runs fine.
  10. Acer2428

    Yet Another JP GMR15 or MPX thread.

    I traded for a Gen 1 so I didn't have to worry about opening up the gas port to work with reloads AND the mags are cheap! 33rd Glock sticks are what, $28-35? 30 rd. Gen 1 Lancers can be had for $30 shipped and 20 rd'ers (25 after the spring guide mod) are available for under $13 FWIW.
  11. Acer2428

    I am diving into the PCC pool

    I actually find that while it may look cool unless there's a LOOONG transition or only one target on your first engagement, starting from the hip and then coming up is actually slower. Slow is fast and all that.
  12. I agree with the parts in bold. I happen to have all 3. With several different buffer combos in the Guard/BB. I will say that the Sig is far and away softer and flatter than the other two. The Guard is softer, but not significantly and I find it no flatter than a BB with the taccom buffer. IMO the Guard was not worth the time time/money I sunk into the build. Perhaps if you were starting from scratch. Also if you're starting from scratch, I'd just buy a factory Guard... but at that point you're damn near/at used MPX money. Same reason I went taccom over hydo buffer in my BB. Hydro was softer, but slower. Now my Guard build runs the hydro setup... and my wife shoots it. It's key for me to keep the recoil soft for her level of enjoyment. She's not looking to make GM. And yes, Guard + 9mm hydro buffer is soft. Honestly, it's a rifle. My times are only marginally better with one vs. the other and my mental mistakes are what cost me 1st place, not my gun (you know, except when it doesn't work). I like to build/tinker, so I can't help myself, but RELIABILITY is the key to PCC.
  13. Acer2428

    Hornady LNL progressive and RCBS lockout die

    The PTX is super easy to install/tune. 1. Size 2. Powder/Expand 3. Lockout 4. Seat 5. Lee FCD
  14. Acer2428

    MPX Magwells, SSI or TTI?

    I went TTI myself. Well machined piece. Can be had for $92 shipped via fleabay.
  15. Acer2428

    What’s the polite way to pick up brass?

    The question is, are you hoarding brass for yourself while others work or are you gathering brass FOR the shooter and returning it to him? If the former, that's s#!tty.