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  1. Acer2428

    SBR Mp5 Clone

    Eh, shoot it and see if you like it. Then see if you're ok with being much, much slower at classifiers. If not, the MPX is the next natural step. It's 80% of the roller lock smoothness with the ability to load on a closed bolt, much better (aftermarket AR) trigger, more custom choices, etc.
  2. Acer2428

    reduce OAL or throat barrel

    Props to @MemphisMechanic I had him cut a super-short CMMG Guard chamber for me. Excellent communication, custom-cut chamber to my ammo, very reasonable, and super-fast turn around time.
  3. Acer2428

    SIG MPX 10 round mag disassembly

    Have heard dipping them in some boiling water should soften the glue up enough to be removed.
  4. Acer2428

    P16-40 What's it worth?

    Thanks guys. Makes good sense. For what it costs us plebeians to ship a pistol these days, she might just get to live out her days being a shiny safe queen.
  5. Acer2428

    Limcat tron

    E-file (as long as the .gov can stay open). Took me under 2 weeks to get my Form 1 back for my MPX. That said, the sweet spot for me is somewhere between 8 and 12" for barrel length. That said, I can't shoot the IL Section match unless I un-SBR my SBR beforehand.
  6. Acer2428

    PCC - Bolt Catch Required?

    Only really useful if you have trouble/can't insert on a closed bolt like a colt setup AND you can pull back hard enough to get it to function. Otherwise it's a snazzy exhaust vent
  7. Acer2428

    MPX tips and tricks?

    In Lead We Trust - Robert Otte. I would recommend joining the MPX Owners FB group if you use that platform. I would send an e-mail to Robert and tell him what you're thinking about running. I believe he has the service listed on his site. He can also polish/shape that LH feedramp while it's there I believe.
  8. Acer2428

    P16-40 What's it worth?

    Here's the backstory: I bought this gun in 2010'ish just because I thought it was neat. Hadn't ever heard of USPSA at the time. Of course it was finnicky with factory ammo, so I shelved it for a bit. Eventually I had it polished up and throated. Once I got involved in USPSA I realized what I had and decided to try limited. So I bought a bunch of mags and basepads, magwell, re-sprung it, installed a C&S series 70 FCG, guncrafter trigger, etc. and polished the snot out of everything, bought some AA long-loaded .40 (pre-reloading). ...and after two matches decided I didn't like shooting limited. It's back in the safe for the last few years and I've finally realized I'm never going to shoot it. You can see in the pictures it's in excellent condition. Has 6 mags w/ Dawson basepads (5 black mags marked Canadian, one is SS), Dawson Ice Magwell (as well as another smaller one iirc) C&S hammer/sear/disco, guncrafter fitted trigger, and 550 rounds of Atl Arms long .40 cal ammo. I have no idea what the package is worth these days, if I'm better off parting the mags out, etc. Any guidance would be appreciated. https://i.imgur.com/jZtVuW3.jpg[/img]
  9. Acer2428

    MPX tips and tricks?

    Gen 2/PCC's will have a smaller gas port and they like a slower burn rate/hotter ammo. Not that it's a BAD thing, but I run Gen 1's and with the larger gas port, I can run my production ammo (3.3TG under a 135 blue or a 3.5 Clays under a 124 JHP) and the impulse is ridiculously short/soft. Factory 115's still aren't bad, but it's worth the $60 IMO to have the port opened up. Also watch out for the feed ramp on the LH side. They may have fixed this in the PCC model, but it's notorious for causing issues on the Gen 2's.
  10. Acer2428

    New Carry Optics Rules

    Makes good sense. Wish I had seen it (I went and searched it out) would have saved me $110+. I googled the snot out of it before I purchased, but didn't see anything and in reading the rules seemed g2g. Curious as to where the line gets drawn other than having to submit every part for review.
  11. Acer2428

    New Carry Optics Rules

    I ordered one and plan to use it. It's not modifying the grips and it is a replacement (albeit non-functional) slide-lock, which is explicitly allowed to be changed out for aftermarket. That said, you may have to modify your holster for it. I ordered a new one built out for it from RHT.
  12. Acer2428

    Secondary optic on PCC for USPSA

    I've run a laser @ 12:00 and recently tried an offset @ 35*. While in practice I can pick up the dot on leans, I have yet to come across a situation in a match where I found it faster than the laser. I'm contemplating ditching it to save the weight/peripheral field of vision.
  13. Acer2428

    Limcat tron

    How? You're not 'muzzling' yourself. No different than opening a door handle with the pistol in your strong hand pointed straight downrange. I think people are getting a little carried away here. Also, the muzzle, according to the ATF, is at the end of the shroud/brake if perm. attached.
  14. Acer2428


    Minor differences in the carrier/guiderod connections and a few other things. Lots of info/links/reviews on this already. HG is much smaller diameter, which is awesome. Check where it's rubbing and make sure he's following HF's install instructions. I had to send on the 'tail' of both of my HF's in my 2 MPX's to reset correctly.
  15. Yep, I get it. Was just trying to save you some headache. Take the money and time you would have spent on it and start rolling your own. MASSIVE improvement. Hell, it's just more enjoyable. Some 147's and a fast burning powder and away you go.