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  1. Acer2428

    NFA Enhanced or Ambi Mag Release?

    I have never, ever had to hit the LH side mag release in USPSA... or anything other than a simulated injury. There have been several threads on that Odin piece. It works AND it extends past the button, acting as a longer lever and requiring less pressure to activate. All around excellent piece.
  2. For $750 I wouldn’t buy a 556 lower with an adapter. IMO you could build it for less. Even better, just buy a PSA special and add a trigger of your choice.
  3. Acer2428

    Colt Mag seating

    They show avail, but won't let you add to cart. Has been that way since I started looking for a solution for what feels like over a year.
  4. Acer2428

    PCC powder--how slow is too slow?

    I keep coming back to Clays. Tried TG under 147's and it was pretty decent, but sluggish at low PF in an AR-9. Switched to a 135 and the difference was minimal, went to a 135 over 3.2(iirc) Clays . Then I went the MPX route and switched to Power Pistol under a 124 (I had an 8 lb jug of PP from my 44 mag reloading days). Since it had a slower burn rate. Was fine, but for S&G, I tried my old clays load even though the piston-system was supposed to love longer burn rates. I've settled on 3.5 clays under a 124gr JHP out of an 8" bbl (Gen 1) with a ILWT +20% springs. No LRBHO, but runs very flat and fast and 100% reliability with good accuracy. Doesn't hurt that I have 16 lbs of the stuff from shotshell days.
  5. Acer2428

    Colt Mag seating

    I ran a TF +10 on an ASC 20 rd'er and still only loaded to 20'ish rounds (or less for a classifier). The TF has rounded edges and allowed me to push/smack without fear of putting a hole in my hand and the lower spring tension made seating on a closed bolt easier. In the end it's a band-aid and I went Glock/MPX to get away from it.
  6. Acer2428

    Skeletonized Upper and Lower

    I don't think anyone ever claimed they were for weight reduction... They look cool. That's why.
  7. Because a braced pistol is.... a braced pistol and it's NOT a pistol caliber carbine? I went through the same thing when I first saw the class and only had two braced pistols in my safe.... but I had an M4 stock in my parts bin and a $70 barrel later I was in business. It's either a pistol or it's a rifle/carbine. The ONLY argument I could see against the current rules is if you had a rifle and you CHOSE to use a Sig Brace AS a stock and were still not able to participate. But asking why you can't use a pistol in a carbine class is like asking why PCC's can't compete in Carry Optics...
  8. Acer2428

    Blitkrieg buffer failure

    I assume they meant not to remove the weight that's pinned in most 9mm BCGs since that would increase bolt speed.
  9. Acer2428

    Blitkrieg buffer failure

    Same setup I'm using in my wife's rig. Reliable and very soft. Only difference is I used a 556 rifle-length spring. Only thing that beats it so far is an MPX.
  10. I suppose if you could design a holster for it... and use tiny mags that are slower to reload than a pistol. And God forbid you built your 'pistol' to shoulder it... etc, etc. This is why people hate PCC. Just shoot in PCC class. E-forms take <30 days now and yes, it's $200... but so are SB-PDWs and other braces out there. Guys are spending damn near that much to have a have a fancy and mostly useless comp pinned and welded onto their barrels. I realize this is a game... full of gamers, but why even piss off Open class by squirreling in? Shoot for no score if you REALLY want to practice with your 'braced pistol' and be done. Creating a new class for firearms that exist in an ATF grey area is foolhardy.
  11. Acer2428

    Charging smell issue

    Hot metal on metal action It's normal for the AR platform.
  12. Acer2428

    holo 510C or MRO

    If it were a fighting rifle, I'd be more apt to put an MRO on it... but for the sake of speed, 510c all the way. The big window allows for less head-placement discipline, which is nice on hard leans/barricades/walls, etc. If you;'re shooting an MPX/AR the built-in riser should be more than enough height for most if you're actually obtaining a cheek weld like you should.
  13. Acer2428

    MPX Barrel extension modification

    ILWT appears to offer the service so you don't have to dremel your barrel
  14. If you work backwards from the chart above the oz is the correct weight it seems. And yes, it's noticeable. I ran a V-Seven Hyperlight (similar weight) and a Taccom ULW barrel and it was TOO light for me. Very whippy.
  15. Acer2428

    New Sig MPX ?

    I agree on the 16" barrel. Why would you want an even LONGER OAL just so you could "choose your own comp" Seems like you'd want to cut it down and have it P&W'd anyways. I could see the benefit to a 3-gunner in the PCC class who wants more velocity and can load to take advantage of it, but for USPSA.... meh. IMO it was a move to speed up/cut costs on the production line. No more pinning and welding to deal with. Also, the new HG is pretty nice AND it's not another $200-ish you have to spend like you do for the Lancer. From what I can see, it looks like the new HG won't be backwards compatible anyways, as the new upper receiver is supposed to have a longer rail section up top.