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  1. I have tried many different combos. The Hiperswitches are cheap molded plastic. The edges are hard. When I went to sand the weak-side down to clear my grip, I found a large void in it. No confidence, junk product IMO. I tried Timber Creek, generic ambis, Strike Ind, etc. The Odin Works paddle jobber is what I settled on. Adjustable, had paddles, works well. Only downside is price.
  2. Did you try a control of a different platform with the same ammo? Or even just a different setup to eliminate chrono issues?
  3. How are you figuring a JP recoils MORE? In the scale of recoil from least to most: - MPX - CMMG Guard - HEAVY AR-style - Lightweight AR style JP's are heavy. Thus they generally have less felt recoil. It's just physics.
  4. I'm glad you're happy and you need to pick whichever works best for you, but: .... Did you put it against a timer? Other than reliability, it's the only metric that matters IMO.
  5. Odd. When I ran colt mags I had 4 or 5 of the TF mags that all worked flawlessly, even on crappy Stoner brand 20 rounders.
  6. Yep. I'd be all over it, but too steep for me.... and I shoot an MPX!
  7. My favorite is everyone buying pencil bbls, carbon fiber HG's, MFT minimalist stocks, etc.... and then hanging 1.3 lbs of lead under the gun. Has anyone put a giant stick on the timer? Two 33 rd mags vs. one 60 rd. on the clock? Seems like in a 50+ round stage the time penalty of a reload would be minimal and how much time do you lose in transition/muscling the gun w/ a 60 rd stick in?
  8. Gen 1 has a larger gas port and will run at a lower PF/faster powder. Gen 2's (most of what's out there) can't skirt the PF floor, especially with fast-ish powders without modification.
  9. Seems like a ton of leverage to put on those little pins, but good for table starts I suppose.
  10. A slightly slower burning powder would be idea (assuming you have a Gen2 MPX) Also why can't you do a punk test? Remove the barrel, drop a round in, turn it upside-down.
  11. Yes, tons and tons of info out there. In ye olden days we started with quarters. You can add/subtract to your liking. Then once you get the length you can cut a delrin rod, etc. Thankfully we live in modern times and you can go out and buy a short stroke kit from taccom, JP, etc. If you don't like it, re-sell it for a small loss. If you keep your bolt catch AND full-length travel you WILL eventually break your catch.
  12. Only if you care about classification. It's a skill most can neglect entirely and still place very, very well. I agree reloading a straight stick 50+ round glock mag isn't the same as an AR mag, but a 30rd MPX mag is similar.... Also needing to reload on the move is a good skill, which is basically entirely negated in USPSA for PCC. 30rd mag would be a step in the right direction IMO, but it doesn't ruin anything for me.
  13. Yep, and it's hit-or-miss as to if they'll have them in-stock when the coupon is good. Usually it's just brass on sale. But when the stars align.... double your order
  14. Third'd. I got into PCC comp as training to run a rifle, which runs (generally) 30 rd mags. I run larger ones now to stay competitive.
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