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  1. Seems to be common advice, thanks. We’re still trying to decide which direction to look as far as a burbs go.
  2. I’ve checked out the clubs and it looks like competition isn’t going to be an issue, but really looking at a place that will let me practice too.
  3. Well, I took a job that's going to take me from having my own range with 24/7 access (a pasture, hah) to working in downtown Minneapolis. It looks like there's plenty of opportunities to shoot matches, but what I'm really interested in is ranges with open bays (preferably private)? I have my own steel, target stands, texas star, etc. but I enjoy live fire practice pretty frequently and shooting in a lane in anything but the dead of winter just kills me. We haven't started house hunting yet, but it's coming in a hurry. If possible, I'd like to live relatively close to the range, hence my question. Fees/work days, etc. don't bother me, but a 2+ year wait is probably a deal breaker for me. Thanks in Advance!
  4. Yep, ditto. I'm in Cedar Rapids (soon to be leaving) but if you really enjoy shooting I'd live on the East side and have a shorter commute to West Liberty. Always enjoy shooting there. Kind of a haul from CR, but since CRAPS died, everything outdoors is. North Liberty is the new hot suburb. Coralville was, now it's enormously built-up so they're moving farther north. South of IC is going to be your best best for acreages, but just know people commute a LONG ways to get to the hospital, which does run shuttles depending on your hours. My wife works there, so if you have any specific questions, feel free to shoot me a PM. Housing in IC is expensive, but will hold its value really well and be super convenient in the winter/if you're on call, etc.
  5. Yep. 3.5 Clays under a 124gr Everglades JHP in my MPX
  6. @JayTac556 and @je85 Thank you both! That helps. Will be testing out the 14 lb. wolf this weekend in addition to some generic WWB ammo I have.
  7. That's how I have my RHT, but there's not enough tension on the non-screw side to get it snug in there. Some gorilla tape may fix it, but seems janky for the premium they charge.
  8. I always thought it was to prevent extreme bullet setback.... but it causes a ton of other issues in the process. My powder cop die does a good job of catching these if I don't w/ 3.5gr of Clays, but might miss it w/ 3.2 of TG.
  9. A picture would be great, thank you. That's my plan as well. I have about 3k worth of Wolf loaded up, which has been fine in my MPX (I'm still competing in PCC this year) but I had 3 FTF's last practice session w/ decent hits, so Winny for matches only for me.
  10. Nothing noticeable. I use the same design on 100% suppressed AR-10's and 556 AR's as well w/out issue. It's going to vent out the ejection port, bolt catch, and upper/lower gap longbefore it travels down around the BCG and into the mag. I'm not buying any other CH's anymore, even w/ an adjustable gas block. ETA: They don't make a Raptor-SD for the MPX, I was talking about AR9's. Why they don't make a SD version for the MPX I have no idea.
  11. Or an ultrasonic cleaner. pop the grips off and give her a bath. blow dry with compressed air or some brake cleaner to remove moisture, re-oil. G2G.
  12. Tried the pencil test, no change w/ FPB removed. I'm guessing a combo of primers not 110% set (reloading on a LnL AP) and the lighter spring. I spent a TON of time polishing the snot out of everything, so no worries there. Will try out the 14 lb spring in live fire. Just thought it was odd the PD 14lb spring wouldn't allow the hammer to fully cock before hitting full compression.
  13. That looks awesome. I threw out the coin for a Red Hill tactical while I was ordering a Stock 2 holster and while it's better than the Comp-Tac... not by much and not worth the cost nor wait. This one appears to be slightly deeper and not quite as large.
  14. Yep, use the search, it's been hashed and re-hashed. The MPX is super soft and chews through full power/factory ammo. IMO get a Gen 1 or a 'Gen 3'/PCC model. I have two Gen 1's that have been great. Don't mix generations/mags. Yes, they CAN be made to work together, but why risk a FTF for $20? Neither one is going to make or break you. Practice, practice, practice.
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