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  1. 2/3 Sat, 1/3 Sun AM + Prize Table. Having the Prize Table on Sunday sucks for the out of towners who shot Sat (because they need Sunday to drive home). Doing 1/2 of the stages Sunday and THEN doing the drawn-out ceremonies Sunday takes too long. 7-8 Stages Sat, 4-5 Stages Sun AM + Awards and let everyone hit the road would be ideal.
  2. What's the thread pattern for the brake @BC27 ?
  3. Roller locked, so I'm sure there's huge R&D money invested... and they didn't win the .gov contract to pay for it all. Classic Sig move without the Sig swagger/history. For same money you can get an MP5 clone, or slightly more and get a real HK these days.
  4. I can almost guarantee that's what it is. That said, everyone send me $5 and I'll live stream while I do a disassembly on the Cabela's counter (after I buy one).
  5. Already have two Gen 1 SBR's, but kinda want this model. Stock would get traded to someone who wants a tacticool MPX (plenty of them out there) and the trigger would be a hiperfire anyways. Tempting. Anyone have any experience running the PCC/gen2.5/3 uppers on previous gen lowers?
  6. Glad to hear it. I've heard the OG models have been racked with issues.
  7. I have tried many different combos. The Hiperswitches are cheap molded plastic. The edges are hard. When I went to sand the weak-side down to clear my grip, I found a large void in it. No confidence, junk product IMO. I tried Timber Creek, generic ambis, Strike Ind, etc. The Odin Works paddle jobber is what I settled on. Adjustable, had paddles, works well. Only downside is price.
  8. Did you try a control of a different platform with the same ammo? Or even just a different setup to eliminate chrono issues?
  9. How are you figuring a JP recoils MORE? In the scale of recoil from least to most: - MPX - CMMG Guard - HEAVY AR-style - Lightweight AR style JP's are heavy. Thus they generally have less felt recoil. It's just physics.
  10. I'm glad you're happy and you need to pick whichever works best for you, but: .... Did you put it against a timer? Other than reliability, it's the only metric that matters IMO.
  11. Odd. When I ran colt mags I had 4 or 5 of the TF mags that all worked flawlessly, even on crappy Stoner brand 20 rounders.
  12. Yep. I'd be all over it, but too steep for me.... and I shoot an MPX!
  13. My favorite is everyone buying pencil bbls, carbon fiber HG's, MFT minimalist stocks, etc.... and then hanging 1.3 lbs of lead under the gun. Has anyone put a giant stick on the timer? Two 33 rd mags vs. one 60 rd. on the clock? Seems like in a 50+ round stage the time penalty of a reload would be minimal and how much time do you lose in transition/muscling the gun w/ a 60 rd stick in?
  14. Gen 1 has a larger gas port and will run at a lower PF/faster powder. Gen 2's (most of what's out there) can't skirt the PF floor, especially with fast-ish powders without modification.
  15. Seems like a ton of leverage to put on those little pins, but good for table starts I suppose.
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