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  1. Only if you care about classification. It's a skill most can neglect entirely and still place very, very well. I agree reloading a straight stick 50+ round glock mag isn't the same as an AR mag, but a 30rd MPX mag is similar.... Also needing to reload on the move is a good skill, which is basically entirely negated in USPSA for PCC. 30rd mag would be a step in the right direction IMO, but it doesn't ruin anything for me.
  2. Yep, and it's hit-or-miss as to if they'll have them in-stock when the coupon is good. Usually it's just brass on sale. But when the stars align.... double your order
  3. Third'd. I got into PCC comp as training to run a rifle, which runs (generally) 30 rd mags. I run larger ones now to stay competitive.
  4. I would think vv340 would work exceptionally well behind a 115/124. That said, I have a Gen1 and I run 3.4-3.5gr of Clays and it eats it up.
  5. So it's a classifier/no-movement stage winner? Is it strong enough to hold on while running/moving? If it's a classifier gimmick.... meh
  6. The ticket for MPX's has been medium speed burn powders and lighter projos. Some will run on TG, some won't.
  7. ....why? It's not practical and you're admitting to those guys that you should have a handicap. More harm than good IMO. Go out and shoot your match.
  8. And that is what the 'PCC is cheating' crowd doesn't understand. Welcome to the dark side
  9. I ended up selling mine. It was too whippy for me. a 16" pencil bbl was better, but I ended liking an 8-10 bbl w/ taccom extension w/ brake clocked @ 1:00.
  10. I don't have an issue seeing mine honestly. Any brighter and it would be TOO bright for indoors/overcast conditions. You really shouldn't have to search for it, look where you want the gun to go, etc.
  11. That is/was Max. Not sure if he still does it, but he had a kydex holster for it on his belt. It would help to keep from zero'ing a stage if you practiced the replacement procedure. For local matches I was g2g zero'ing but not losing the whole day. Just go to the safe area, pop it in and continue. I broke a firing pin on the very last stage of the IA sectional last year after having a pretty decent run at it.... It was a huge points stage (the one with doors). Was painful... I now shoot an MPX.
  12. I would say 90% of the time when I see FTE MPX threads it's a hand-loader using TG and/or heavier bullets. If you insist on using TG (I'm cheap too) I'd drop your bullet weight and up the charge. If you have more invested in 135's, I'd move to slightly slower burning powder (sport pistol, etc). If this isn't 100% your issue it will still give you a much wider operating window to avoid mid-match issues. For reference I run a 124gr. everglades JHP over 3.4-3.5 grains of clays in a Gen 1 (wider gas port). I had 16 lbs of the stuff from my shotshell reloading days.
  13. ^ This man speaks the truth. I just threw an extra bolt in my bag when I shot an AR9... needed it.
  14. Height over bore on the laser is much shorter on the laser. 3 yards on the laser for me. 12 yards on the 510c. The green laser is highly visible IMO and I have to keep myself from looking at it, esp on steel at distance (white background makes it pop). I like the laser for classifier type hip-starts and close headshots so I don't have to use holdovers.
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