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  1. Spare rifle for me. Nothing like hammering out roll pins at the safe table... If it stop working, case it up, uncase the backup and keep going. I've rarely seen someone come back confident enough in their equipment to shoot worth a darn after 'fixing' it.
  2. I run @ 45. Gen 1 vs 2 lower should be identical. But it's Sig, they differ from one to the next in the same Gen. I just said that to say if you have reset issues that's where you may need to look.
  3. I have two Gen 1's. I had to sand the pad on the back of the trigger a bit on both of them until I had clearance, but otherwise fantastic. I don't ride the safety, so I couldn't tell you, but it's a large paddle, which I like.
  4. I have 2x of the Odins on MPX's w/ Hiperfire triggers and they work fantastically well.
  5. The issue I see here, is that there's lots of anecdotes about how things 'feel' and how much dot movement you see.... What I don't see is times/HF. IMO shoot a few drills that require different skills (entry/exit, shoot on the move, etc.) and see what works better. If you're running to a spot, standing place, and shooting a pair, fine.... but then you're not competitive anyways, so who cares about 135 vs. 145 PF
  6. Use your search. This exact topic has been hashed and re-hashed and then over again. I own, have shot/tested, and have competed with all 3 systems. (And several variants of the AR-9, but not a JP). And I shoot an MPX SBR now.
  7. Depends on your optics, grip, guiderod, etc. I needed the slide window to make weight w/ a DPP and LOK palmswells and Henning Ext.
  8. Try it. a bag of bullets is cheap. No one going to be able to tell you what your gun is going to like.
  9. Odin works ambi/modular/lever jobber. Have 2 of them, work great, short throws, etc.
  10. IMO buy a COMPLETE CMMG Guard or a new 'Gen 3' MPX PCC
  11. I had a green, but got too much internal reflection/refraction and I run a green laser, do I didn't want them the same. I have also run both reticles and settled on the dot. The circle was great for holdover, but it was slower for me, since I was always trying to 'center' everything vs. putting the dot somewhere in the 'A' zone and pulling the trigger.
  12. Seems to be common advice, thanks. We’re still trying to decide which direction to look as far as a burbs go.
  13. I’ve checked out the clubs and it looks like competition isn’t going to be an issue, but really looking at a place that will let me practice too.
  14. Well, I took a job that's going to take me from having my own range with 24/7 access (a pasture, hah) to working in downtown Minneapolis. It looks like there's plenty of opportunities to shoot matches, but what I'm really interested in is ranges with open bays (preferably private)? I have my own steel, target stands, texas star, etc. but I enjoy live fire practice pretty frequently and shooting in a lane in anything but the dead of winter just kills me. We haven't started house hunting yet, but it's coming in a hurry. If possible, I'd like to live relatively close to the range, hence my question. Fees/work days, etc. don't bother me, but a 2+ year wait is probably a deal breaker for me. Thanks in Advance!
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