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  1. I had a lower with an out-of-spec hammer pin location. Was forcing the hammer to ride too high. Hammer was putting too much pressure on the bottom of the BCG and slowed it enough to cause FTFeeds, but it's likely an ejector issue. Remember, you're no longer in 'mil-spec' country anymore if you've got a Franken-AR.
  2. Acer2428

    CM 99-10 "Times Two" USPSA Classifier

    Division - PCC Rifle - Franken-AR Classification - U Time - 7.47 Points - 56 Hit Factor - 7.4967 B class run 2nd overall for the stage, 1st in PCC, 1st overall for the match (31 shooters). Setup was not ideal. One target leaned way back, all had been rained on and one looked a bit like an accordion. Oh well!
  3. For a speed/close stage/hosing, etc. I like to run one click from fully collapsed. It shoulders faster/easier. But I find I get more dot bounce that way, so for stages with longer shots I run a little farther out and that allows me to 'pull' the gun in harder.
  4. Acer2428

    Another trigger thread

    Interesting. I have a 24 3g (not the competition, but same thing w/ curved trigger). and have yet to have the issue. That said, I clean it out and re-lube the return rod/springs between every match. I also find it to have almost zero creep, but the reset does sometimes feel a bit 'slow' although it doesn't seem to effect my splits.
  5. I can measure my spacer when I get home, but I too found there wasn't MUCH room to play with. I would guess my spacer is only 3/8" wide. That said, it was enough room that I bent a Seekins bolt-catch to the point where it locked up the entire gun before using the spacer. I do exactly the same. I face-sanded my spacer until I could JUST lock the bolt back manually, but it's not enough space to function during live-fire. So I can still lock-back manually for loading on stage start, but no risk of locking open, bending/breaking bolt catch, etc. It's the best of both worlds IMO. Would be easy to do with a normal spring/buffer setup too. I'd have to measure, but I assume a 3/4" OD delrin rod would do the trick.
  6. I went half way. I have more than enough clearance for variances in bolt speed. The danger would actually be a HOTTER round that forces the bolt to cycle faster, thus allowing less time for the mag to pop a round up. My point was instead of buying a fancy pre-set system you can create your own, with customizable tolerances, for pretty darn cheap w/ a $4.86 delrin rod and a hand drill. I also enjoy being able to manually lock the bolt for loaded starts, clearing nasty jams, etc. I may try a longer spacer at some point. Seems like one could also do it with a normal buffer setup w/ a delrin rod with a small enough OD to fit within the buffer spring. I like the Armaspec. I originally bought it for suppressed use with my AR-9 pistol, but found it to be so much smoother than a normal buffer setup I swapped it over to my PCC when I built it. I also have JP SCS setups for my 556 AR's and they're great, but for the money, the Armaspec works just fine IMO.
  7. Right, I just mean walking up to the line. Instead of fighting with the mag or downloading my big stick, I manually lock bolt to the rear, RO takes flag out, I insert mag and hit the bolt catch. g2g.
  8. Acer2428

    New MPX Model? NRA '18

    Also bumping for info? I was kicking around an MPX, but had a Guard BCG/barrel on order. Once I saw the new model I cancelled my order for the CMMG stuff. Would be nice to have an ETA on these!
  9. I run an Armaspec unit and made my own delrin spacer a few months ago. 1" OD delrin is < $5 at Grainger. I drilled a 1/2" hole in the middle so the spring/rod can pass through. I have enough stroke that I can just barely manually engage the bolt catch, but not enough time for the catch to lock back on an empty mag. I use an open-bolt start for ease. I may try a longer spacer to further reduce travel, but this is a nice middle-ground for me.