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  1. That is the factory one which I had bent up. It works great. I have since got an EGW sidewinder and it is a much better option.
  2. That is sort of what I did and it works flawlessly! I also have the sidewinder and it got loose every match even with blue locktite. I drilled a detent in the center of the slide cut and had the screw sit in that. The problem is fixed, it has not fallen out since.
  3. abb1

    Sp01 shadow SAO ?

    From my understanding, the factory Shadow 2 SA is supposed to have a trigger that rivals the TS. I do not think that is achievable with drop in parts conversion. Not sure though as I have never had the need to do that. Drop in SA trigger is an affordable way if one wants one right now. https://www.czub.cz/en/produkty/pistole/competition/cz-shadow-2-sa.html
  4. I have a CZ Shadow Canadian with a silver polycoat finish, that has some wear, but it is NOTHING like that after years of use. I would say that it is definitely a warranty issue and you should have no problems with your claim.
  5. Are they not falling out when they are empty or full? I had three mags that did not drop when they were empty. they would fall ok providing that they had one round in them but not empty. I tried replacing the followers and that did no good. I ended up replacing them. I have heard this a lot with TS mags, without any solution.
  6. abb1

    Checkering CZ Shadow frame

    Why not just checker it yourself and then have it cerakoted? You can get checkering files at Brownells.
  7. I tried the CZ Custom, Springer and Henning. The Henning mount is by far the best in my opinion as it is a snug fit, and sits low while being light weight.
  8. I boughtthe extension right after I first got my Alpha X and I love it! It is a must-have.
  9. abb1

    shadow 2 recoil spring

    I am not saying that it is overly bad to put a lower RS in, however, it really is pointless and it WILL cause breakage over time. Do a test, take two Shadow 2’s, and have a friend put a 10# RS in one and stock 13# in the other without you knowing which is which. Do a drill, any drill. The only factor in scores and time will be shooter error, and that can go either way, with either gun
  10. abb1

    shadow 2 recoil spring

    Using too light of a recoil spring can damage your gun over time. The factory recoil spring for a CZ Shadow is 18lbs, however, this is a gun that is not designed for competition but for duty use being able to shoot +P loads. The Shadow 2 was designed to shoot in IPSC competition and it was produced with a 13# recoil spring WITH a shock buff to protect the frame, as most power factors in IPSC/USPSA for minor is around the 128-130 mark. The shock buff comes standard as a measure to protect the frame. CZ has already reduced the power of the recoil spring to suit competition shooting, and nobody will notice any difference from a 10lb spring to a 13lb spring in actual performance. I would leave the stock spring.
  11. Which dot size would you recommend? 6 MOA seems the norm, but there have been issues with the c-mores and bright sunlight. Is the 8 MOA a solution to bright sunlight?
  12. I have always disagreed with the 45 oz weight rule of carry optics. I remember the time when a revolver was a carry gun and it weighed more than 45 oz and was a beast to carry. I think that the rule just hinders the division big time in that it forces one to send the gun out for major gunsmithing just to shed 2-3 oz. I personally would like to see the weight to 50 oz or dropped altogether as it just does not make sense. Just MO.....
  13. Looking at the USPSA list, it’s not, but the Shadow 2 Orange is on the Production List for IPSC, so it should be on shortly.
  14. abb1

    Average DPP life on a CZ?

    I have used my DPP mounted on a CZ Shadowmate using a Henning mount all last year. I put approximately 8-9K rounds through it without issues. I have now taken my DPP off my Shadow and put it on my Shadow 2 OR, still running great.
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