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  1. I have had a Venom, two RTS2's, two DPP's (first one died, and the second one has scratched glass), and one FTP Alpha 3. The ONLY site that I have not had any issues with is the FTP Alpha 3. It has served me well for over a year and I love it. Both RTS2's died (never again, cost me two matches), first DPP had battery issues, and my second DPP seems to work ok, but the lens has scratches that are not visible to the eye, but makes the dot totally distorted when set on high settings. I use a soft cloth to clean it so that is not the cause because I use the same cloth for all my sights and they ar
  2. Sebo https://seboweapons.com/en/cz-spare-parts/127-cz-wide-safety-right-hand.html
  3. Federal Primers are fine to use in an open gun. I use them in mine simply because I bought thousands for my Production gun and I now use them for both. I have only ever used small pistol for Open, never small rifle. Small rifle work, but there is no real need.
  4. Nah, you will all be out of ammo by then
  5. I have enough supplies stocked for the next year (10K). I have also limited my range fire and increased my dry fire. That is about all you can do.
  6. Id say do it! Have them set up identically, and use one shadow 2 for matches only and the other for practice. Take your practice gun as a backup, but really, most of the rounds we put on our guns is through practice, so your match gun should last forever.
  7. No, unfortunately I do not. These are just springs that can be used in multiple devices, including watches. There are no laws preventing them being shipped to Canada. Oh well, hopefully when the border opens up again, and I can shoot some USPSA matches, maybe I can see about getting them. I doubt it will be this year though . Sucks!
  8. Tried them, but I was told that they do not ship to Canada . I don't get it why some companies in the US ship to Canada, and others flat out refuse. Too bad, looks like an ideal solution.
  9. Can you turn the amplified volume down on these for when you are shooting?
  10. What would you recommend? I need something light enough that will not hurt or cause pressure after wearing them all day. I have an Impact headset which works great, got gel cups, but after 6 hrs they still caused pressure and hurt. Tried electronic ear buds, but they crapped out after 6 months, and you could not turn the amplified volume down which was a pain when listening to amplified chatter when you are ready to shoot. Looking for something extremely light weight that is amplified and can be worn all day. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  11. Yes, I read a lot of good things about this powder. I wish it was available in Canada . At present I use 8.5gr of 3N38 loaded at 1.140 in my CM, and this gives me a consistent PF of 167 for IPSC.
  12. I personally think that the deciding factor is balance, not weight. This is evident with the Shadow 2 which weighs a tonne compared to other production guns, however with its weight being distributed in the areas to reduce muzzle rise while keeping it balanced, competitors continue to win with this behemoth.
  13. Let us know how it compares with your comp. I am very interested to know. I like the fact that it is made out of titanium, but am a little hesitant on the side vents, as I hear they do not work well with the CM.
  14. I also got the Shooters Connection Sidewinder and it works great, but it did always come loose as well. Simple fix is I drilled a dimple in the slide (which you have already done), and use blue locktite. Blue locktite is not like red, you can still loosen the bolt, it is just really stiff and stays in place. It works great though.
  15. Wow, you guys still have matches in April/May? Ours are all cancelled. Hoping that things will slow down in the summer and we can shoot again.
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