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  1. Still a ways away, Not til June, so I have lots of time. I think I may not have an option other than to just buy regular 20 rd CZ TS mags once I arrive, and forget the 170mm option
  2. CZ Custom is not an option, and tuning is not an option either, as I am a Canadian shooting a USPSA match and I will not receive this until I arrive at the match. I need something that I know is reliable. Springer ships to Canada, CZ Custom does not. I am hoping on bringing them with me and ordering a few CZ mags (regular capacity) at the local gun store and using it the day of the match. The Springer kits come with an extended spring for reliable feeding, but I prefer to hear from those that have used them.
  3. I hear that these are not very reliable when first receiving them. Has anyone tried using the Springer 170mm basepads for extra capacity? How are they for reliability? https://shop.springerprecision.com/Springer-Precision-CZ-Tactical-Sport-9-40-EZ-170mm-base-pads-SP0313.htm
  4. I shoot 9mm major. No need to mark it, I just leave it at matches.
  5. Production is the cheapest, and open is the funnest ! Cheers and enjoy!
  6. The Czechmates that were produced in 2016 have beefed up barrels that have fixed the issue with the lug cracking. The older models have had many issues, but they are now all fixed. I have had my Czechmate since January 2017 (with the newer barrel) ,where the only thing that broke since was a slide stop pin. Not a big deal as they are readily available, plus I have had four that came with the czechmate. To date, I have shot over 25K rounds through it and the only jams I had, were due to dirty mags, and they were very few. I now clean my mags whenever they are dropped in dirt, and the gun just runs flawlessly. One thing to note though is that I have been running the DPM system in it since day one which really saves the frame.
  7. I had a RTS2 V4 when it first came out. It lasted about 7 months before I kept losing the dot intermittently. I had a replacement and about a year after, I had the same problem and cost me a match. I contacted C-More and they told me that it was probably due to the battery holder which is plastic and has been known to crack. and sure enough, it had a split in the rear at the weakest point. They sent me 3 battery trays for replacements. About three months later, I lost the dot again while shooting, and this time the tray was fine. After that, I went to the FTP Alpha 3 and no more problems. I hope that their V5 is a better product, but I am pretty much done with C-More. I need something that works 100% in matches, and I lost all confidence in the RTS2. I have the DPP on my Production Optics gun right from the start, and NEVER had an issue with it to date.
  8. Thank you, I made the correction in my post. I have absolutely no concerns about their warranty as FTP is one of the best companies I have dealt with. Their shipping is fast and reasonable, and they will go out of their way to assist you and find what you are looking for.
  9. I own the Alpha 3 (8MOA), the DPP (2.5MOA), and the C-More RTS2 (6MOA). Here is my take: PROS Alpha 3 - Very bright at 8MOA, even in the brightest sunlight, you will always see this dot in any weather condition. Auto shut-off, Easy adjustments, Reliability, good size window. DPP - Very good size window, reliable, auto shut-off, Bright dot, top notch warranty and support. C-More RTS2 - better than the slide ride, customer care, not much else CONS Alpha 3 - Window could be larger to keep up with the latest LARGE windows, only 30 month warranty. DPP - Adjusting the brightness is a PAIN. Although bright, the dot is too small at 2.5MOA where as the next step up is the 7.5MOA triangle, which is not really designed for IPSC/USPSA, it works, but it is not easy to get used to. C-More RTS2 - Reliability (I had two RTS2's crap out in matches), dot gets faded out in direct sunlight making it difficult to find dot, even at the highest setting, no auto shut-off Overall, I would highly recommend the Alpha 3. It is large enough to do the job, it has been VERY reliable for me, and the dot can ALWAYS be found in the brightest sunlight. Even though it only has a 30 month warranty, it is at up to 40% less than the Trijicon SRO, DPP, and the Romeo 3, and it is very reliable.
  10. I agree, definitely the way to go! When I looked at upgrading my RTS2, this model was in the development stage and I was hesitant on waiting. I looked at the 510C, but did not like the weight, plus I wanted a site with a SUPER bright red dot, as I was shooting a match in bright sunlight and had issues finding my dot due to the sunlight on my RTS2. I opted for the FTP Alpha 3 with a 8MOA dot.. It is bigger than the RTS2, and have no issues finding that dot in the brightest sunlight. There was also not much size difference from the 6moa, but the intensity was a huge difference, where the ONLY time I need to have the dot on max brightness is when in direct sunlight. I am glad of my purchase, however, there are times I think that I should have waited for the Sig Romeo 3XL due to its lifetime warranty and larger window, although large windows have no relevance if you cannot see the dot in bright sunlight, and the XL only comes in 6MOA.
  11. I have always been hesitant on the 510C due to its weight. It weighs over 8oz,! In all honesty, do you feel the trade off is worth it? Bigger is not always better. Back in the mid nineties, I used a Tasco PDP4 which was a 40mm red dot site. It was nicknamed the 'pop can'. C-more killed it when it came out with their Serendepity (I think that is what it was called), in that shooters opted for the tubeless lighter site. It seems to be going in reverse now. 8oz......YIKES!
  12. abb1

    Only want to shoot CZ

    It is irrelevant of the firearm you shoot. You need one that fits your hand and lines up with your natural point of aim. For me, CZ does that. I have tried many guns over the years, and CZ's have the design that works for me.
  13. I tried the Springer pads a while ago. The screws keep stripping which is no good. Springer must have a better retention system for these. Springer sent a small bag of replacement screws, but the problem is that once they are stripped, the only way of getting them out is to drill them out wrecking the threads and making them useless. I have since fixed these by drilling a hole in the bottom, putting a plastic insert in the hollow base with a hole in it and then use the plate to lock it in place. You just need to push an allen key in the hole to unlock them
  14. That is the factory one which I had bent up. It works great. I have since got an EGW sidewinder and it is a much better option.
  15. That is sort of what I did and it works flawlessly! I also have the sidewinder and it got loose every match even with blue locktite. I drilled a detent in the center of the slide cut and had the screw sit in that. The problem is fixed, it has not fallen out since.
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