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  1. May have been mentioned already but a coworker had similar issues as the optic screw was a tad long and would inadvertently rub and bind up the extractor plunger. Plunger actually got banged up quite a bit. If it was bound the extractor couldn't move enough to allow the cartridge to slide under all the way.....
  2. pcs352

    Langdon Elite LTT

    Mine has only a couple thousand rounds through it so far but yet to have a failure. Sample size of one has been flawless so far...
  3. With the lack of responses I’ll take that as a no go....
  4. CR speed are not the cool kid pouches any longer but work well and hold the magazines...very inexpensive as well....
  5. Our rat terrier Hudson... first smallish dog and totally shocked how fun he is..
  6. Saw this thing on the Netscape machine and wondering if anyone has any experience with it? Seems kinda interesting....
  7. Stupid cool shootin’ iron. Stunningly gorgeous!
  8. pcs352

    Langdon Elite LTT

    Should be .0585. Langdon sells them and ships fast...
  9. I believe but don’t quote me.....the only thing that will not be production legal is the mag guide...
  10. Yes...with a caveat. Ideally you should change the ejector. However I have seen them run just fine with the .40 ejector.
  11. Awesome Steven! Thank you so much. Holsterops site has been down lately but I will call those dudes and get one ordered. Again, thank you!!!!
  12. not trying to hijack this thread but can anyone provide the part number for their Safariland ALS Elite LTT holster? The holster finder on Safariland's website claims such an item does not exist yet I know they do! Called Safariland and they were absolutely no help. Totally frustrating.....Thanks guys for any help. My shootin' iron needs a place to sit!
  13. pcs352

    Langdon Elite LTT

    Exactly the info I was looking for. Thank you so much!
  14. pcs352

    Langdon Elite LTT

    Quick Inquiry... For those who have purchased this pistol and had the Langdon trigger job. Is his “trigger job” essentially his trigger job in a bag or is there more to it? I’ve inquired at the source but can’t seem to get a reply. Thanks guy!
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