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  1. Impact Machine does quality work with very reasonable lead times. He had my last slide in and out in less than 2 weeks! https://impactmachinela.com
  2. What recoil spring are you running? Serious question lol Maybe try a heavier one to help get the slide forward. I can get 23 in mine from day 1 using Grams springs and followers. I run an 11lb recoil spring and have not had an issue feeding the first round when starting 23+1.
  3. Awesome news! Looks like its time to build up my match gun.
  4. I use Liquid Grip. Seems to stay on my hands and not everything I touch like pro grip did when I tried it. Also experiment with how you apply it. Recently I’ve started using a very small amount on my strong hand palm, and more on the strong hand posterior knuckles and support hand. This lets me make adjustments to grip on the draw a little easier, but really works to lock in the skin on skin part of the grip that can suffer with sweaty hands. hope that makes sense...
  5. When my son was young and couldn’t comfortably reach the mag release he adopted the support hand move too. I felt it was safer than having him flick the gun around in his hand to try and hit the mag release. He wasn’t “fast” by any means, but hitting the mag release on the way to the belt for a fresh mag didn’t slow him down any in the scheme of things.
  6. OEM mags and taran base pads. I can get 23 + 1 at the start and load the rest on my belt to 22 for the sake of not having to worry about getting the mag seated with any extra effort. Never had an issue for the year I ran my G34 in CO.
  7. 5 moa SRO user here. All the brightness. All the time.
  8. Upright. I feel like it makes it a little easier to keep that proud, head up posture that helps get the eyes and head leading transitions in steel.
  9. I picked a few up from Midway when I was making an order. It’s one of those items that’s frustrating to order as the shipping usually cost more than the part!
  10. Had a similar problem with my shadow 2. Replaced the extractor spring with an extra power wolf and it’s been trouble free for over a year. It was hard for me to believe that was the problem as the gun was still pretty new, but after some reading and research on here it seemed a fairly common fix. I seem to recall reading somewhere there was some differences in the depth of the pocket drilled for the extractor housing that caused some slides to have insufficient extractor tension.
  11. Aerosol cleaners are the way. Knock the top end off, remove the grips, take the lower outside and spray away. As stated above these true degreasers will leave a dry powdery finish so be sure to apply some fresh lube to required surfaces once it’s dry. And a strong second for the PPE of gloves and eye pro. The pressure in the CRC brand products cans in pretty high and some of their degreasing products are strong enough to actually pull oils out of your skin and leave you with some dry, peeling hands for a few days...
  12. Found some in stock at sportsman’s outdoor superstore finally. Talking to a local gun store yesterday and supposedly there’s a gen 2 SRO to be released in a few weeks... Somethin about a redesigned lens shape for durability. If it’s true I hope they don’t ruin what’s currently a fantastic competition optic in the name of “drop test durability”
  13. I’ve been looking for a 5moa SRO for about a month with no luck. Yes, I know. Panic buying/ high demand for guns but i didn’t figure $600 red dots would be part of the buying frenzy. Anyone know why they are so hard to find or a online retailer that has one in stock? Thanks!
  14. Man shows up in a Brush Popper I’m going home. He’s already won.
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