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    Another "New Belt" and mounting options thread

    Another vote for tek-lok. Best bang for buck, very easy to add, remove, or re arrange components. Not sure if it would work on a battle belt I have mine on a traditional inner/outer belt setup.
  2. I started with a Glock 17. Using CZ Shadow 2 now. I'm not saying it's better because it's metal, or has a better trigger in SA, I'm saying it's better to find a gun that fits you, and you have confidence in. As stated above don't fight your equipment. That being said I just bought a G34 MOS to play in carry optics with ?
  3. Moto_wrench

    Foot speed, general awareness

    Look up some footwork drills for infield baseball players. Specifically the crossover first step. Efficiency in starting movement is critical. Don't take 3 choppy steps to get your body moving when 1 crossover step can cover the same ground YouTube has some good resources. Those skills translate well to the shooting sports. They start from an athletic position, move effeciently in any direction, stop, regain an athletic position, and complete a task. (i.e move to ground ball, field ground ball, throw ball to first base)