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  1. I started with a used G34 with a vortex venom on top “just to play around with”. Made A class with that setup in a year and decided it’s the division for me. I always just endured shooting Glocks, they aren’t a very natural point, or fit to my hands. So I recently made the decision to have my shadow 2 milled for a SRO. I believe this is the superior platform in ergonomics, and trigger. I’m interested to see how different transitions will be with the heavier gun, but I think the recoil control and more refined trigger will help offset any time lost.
  2. Pre Match maintenance routine: Visual inspection of major components, check grip screws are tight, pins are flush. Remove slide and barrel, Wipe down barrel and slide, visual inspection of extractor, reapply lube and back together it goes. It really only takes 3-5 min before I put it in the bag, and gives me a little piece of mind that I did my part and my gun should run.
  3. Another vote for 5 moa. I used a 6 moa Vortex venom for 2 years on a Glock before I upgraded. Not sure where that diminishing return starts on for size, but for the most part I’d say bigger is better.
  4. Max Michel mentioned very specifically a 17 yard zero for his CO guns during one of his Instagram live sessions. As Memphis mentioned it’s a good compromise of offset up close, and at distance.
  5. Definitely could benefit the site and members to have a consolidated source of the basic info. Things like what mag combos work best. Red dot durability in a slide ride config. Springing for altered slide weight. And the ever popular how much does your Shadow 2 weigh.
  6. Primary Arms sale is live $99 CMC AR trigger https://www.primaryarms.com/cmc-ar-15-ar10-drop-in-single-stage-3.5lb-flat-trigger-mil-spec-.145in $27 33 round Glock mags for you PCC folks https://www.primaryarms.com/glock-factory-17-magazine-33-round-9mm-mggl17133-mggl17133
  7. Federal AE .223 26cpr after rebate at palmetto state https://palmettostatearmory.com/case-of-federal-american-eagle-223-remington-55-gr-fmj-black-pack-600rds-ae223bf150.html
  8. Having this same problem. Ive tried narrowing it down to a certain mag, playing with recoil springs, and cleaning the extractor with no luck. Please report back if the new extractor does any good. I'm thinking that will be my next step as well.
  9. I have the palm swell bogies on my S2. The profile fills my hands great. The texture is "sharp" at first but I got comfortable with it quickly. The material is very easy to work with a file for a more personalized fit if need be. There was one particular point or peak in the texture that was chewing up my strong hand pinkie. 2 passes with a file made them perfect.
  10. Nice! Post a review or atleast drop a note in here once you receive them. Im still on the fence...
  11. Thanks for the info. I have been seeing his shop come up more and more recently as I have been trying to wade through all the info out there on open guns. I'll be sure to look them up. I realize there are always exceptions, good luck, bad luck, etc, I'm just looking for a gun that will run out of the box. After that customer service and warranty are a big part of the decision. Sounds like STI may be lacking there. I thought I had read where they made some changes and brought some people on board to beef up the QC and were putting a little better product out the door lately?
  12. No sorry I meant 6K for a more custom pistol, vs a more entry level CK or STI I am not opposed to a CK, just seemed like STI was the better value since it came with mags. Maybe in my mind there is more brand recognition with STI? Has anyone had experience with both STI and CK?
  13. Thanks for the input. I have looked at the CK arms as well, seemed like by the time you "option them up" they were about the same money as STI. I try to abide by the buy once cry once philosophy, but a 6K custom simply isn't realistic for me. What was your disappointment with the 3gun? Fit and finish? Reliability?
  14. Looking to make the move to open, and think I have settled on STI DVC Open. Seems to be a good value for a new open shooter. Has anyone handled the new design grip, or have any comments on RECENT quality and reliability from STI? Considering 9major if that sways your opinion. Link to new model: https://stiguns.com/product-lineup/dvc-o/ Thanks!
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