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  1. IHAVEGAS; We are undecided on the front wall: yes it does block the view into the house (safety). But it does provide a vision barrier for the competition shooter, of the targets down range (fun). We have a ton of barrels that we could use...we'll see.. Safety vs. fun, etc... MiniUzi; thanks. To answer you questions: House would be for competition (IDPA), LEO training, and fun. As per IDPA rules, there would be a walk through. I can't speak for the LEOs. I would hope that those that shoot the house for fun would walk through before.... Some questions back to you: As an SO during a competition, how do multiple rooms work for safety, 180's, confusion, etc.? Noticed RR ties as the 'ballistic walls'. How do they hold up? How often to you need to replace them? How to you replace them? Are the walls you show in the video reconfigurable? If so, how? Where is this? Would like to view it via Google Earth. Thanks for the replies guys!!!
  2. I'm fortunate to have been invited to help design a shoot house bay and house structure. Users will be IDPA, outlaw steel, LEOs, and target shooters. Anyone have do's / don'ts, or designs that I can consider? Probably will have plywood (OCB) "disposable" walls. Will NOT be a 360 shoot house. Thanks, Steve
  3. I use 2.0 readers for reading, duh.. My front site is blurry. With readers they are sharp. I am wondering what folks think about getting the appropriate safety glasses made with this magnification, for pistol shooting? What are your thoughts/comments? Thanks
  4. Whew! Thanks for all the info....and entertainment .​ It is now my opinion that the 147gr is slightly better, with the caveat that if you think the bullet you shoot is better, and can back it up, then it IS BETTER. I'm going to get some 147's and find out of myself - cool another reason to go to the range . ​ And Alaskapopo and Miranda; you are both wrong. You CANNOT CHANGE THE LAWS OF PHYSICS, NOR ANY FORMULAS. Reason: you have not asked my wife for permission. Bruhahahahaha Now for my testing, sh​ould I shoot 2 mags (each mag has either 115's or 147's); OR a couple of mags of alternating 115s and 147s. Of course I'll have to work up matching loads...... Merry Christmas all!!! Take care​
  5. Not wanting to start a which one is better, but I have a question on the difference between the two. This is an ongoing discussion I am having with a good friend of mine. Givens: Power Factor is 125,000 for both bullets. same brass, primer, powder. Same bullet; FMJ, RN. Only difference is one is 115gr, and the other is 147gr. Fired from the same pistol Same weather, distance, etc. Unknown: what is the difference between the two types of bullets? His stance is that they are vastly different with the 147 less recoil, more knockdown power. My stance is that if the PF is held the same, other than velocity that each projectile is travelling, they are the same. I've used the SAMMI Estimated Felt Recoil formula - no significant difference between the two. However when I add the weight difference between 10 115grs vs 10 147grs; there is a difference, but is it significant? Is there a difference between the two????? And what/why? Thanks
  6. Hello, new member from the Hoosier State, down by Evansville. Been shooting for a couple of years (IDPA), looking to go 3 gun. Enjoy the fun of IDPA shoots, and social activities. Really neat to shoot with my daughters! Thanks, Steve
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