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  1. Just wanted to thanks to Corey and crew at Shooters Connection for getting me set up with my new new limited blaster and gear. --- I am here: http://tapatalk.com/map.php?fb24nx
  2. Injured reserve....Thats not good. Well I finally got everything going again on my pistol. Here is how it ended up.....CTS 40 13lbs Recoil Spring FACTORY extractor spring Main spring that comes on it. The mag drop was killing me too....I had to do some heavy filing to open up the bottom of the mag well....I also had one mag that would swell .010 of an inch when loaded. I smacked it once with a hammer and it was all good. Now they all drop easy and had no problems sat....Did well for 5 weeks at it....Had no gun issues was my main thing....You can ask redbird....Two weeks ago it all went wrong....
  3. Redbird, You must be the one that had the extra extractor spring 2 weeks ago. Thanks. As you can see from this thread I have redone everything. Shot last weekend with only one hiccup. See you Sat.
  4. Sorry about that. TS is Tactical Sport and CTS is the custom version from CZCustom. The CTS starts as a TS then they cut, sand and rebuild to make custom. Well worth the extra. Good set up.
  5. I guess I will throw my input in since I am running a CTS from CZC. I love the gun. Had an extremely rough time with it last weekend found out that most of the problems I was having were my own fault. If you get the CTS I HIGHLY recommend the Gram Springs and Follower. - I was doing nothing but jamming at the ends of the mags till I installed for this weekend. I would also recommend a heavy extractor spring. - I was getting a lot of double feeds and this took care of it. I also would recommend to use nothing but Atlanta Arms & Ammo or hand loads out of it - My splits were 10x better with the Atlanta.
  6. I was extremely pleased! Made a big difference. Had a double feed and I have a new extractor spring going in tonight to fix that. But i will have Grams in all my mags from now on!
  7. Put the new Grams for CZ CTS 40 this weekend and they worked great and got an extra round. Thanks!!!
  8. Well after following this thread I ordered a new utility and adj. stock +mag tube......Any place to order the bolt pull ext?
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