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  1. molson

    Virginia stage penalty question

    Just out of curiosity, could you post to this thread the entire stage procedure. I would be curious to see if it contains wording regarding the penalties that will be assessed. I fully understand "Virginia" count scoring. And agree with others on penalties and the question of not going to the RM. just curious if Penalties were written in specifically. Mike
  2. molson

    STI Open versus CK Arms

    Phil, The best and easiest way to find out in my opinion is to shoot them both and compare them side by side. i will let you take my CK for a test drive and check with Glen, but I bet he will let you try his STI. Then you you can compare them side by side. FVPS match is on 10/6. Glen and I will be there. Others will come along with why one over the other. Listen to what they have to say. Then shoot em and decide for yourself. Mike
  3. molson

    Recommendations for a PVD/DLC coating

    Hello, i sent my grip to a Enos forum vendor. Primary Machine. They did a fantastic job. Great turnaround time as well. Molson
  4. I do not know, but am curious as well. Similar question. Are security guards "Law enforcement"? Seems to me arrest powers might come into play. Might be other things as well. Cannot wait to see what people here think. Mike
  5. molson

    USPSA rule 5.2.3 clarification

    Thanks for the responses. It is just odd seeing it more now than in the last 13 years I have been participating in this game. Mike
  6. All, Thoughts on this. Lately, I have been seeing more and more competitors that do not have their belts through belt loops, or an inner belt through belt loops and the outer attached to the inner. Spoke to a match director about it and he states that the rules do not require this anymore with the latest update. I have the update: 5.2.3 Unless specified in the written stage briefing, the belt carrying the holster and allied equipment must be worn during the course of fire; the belt must be worn at the waist level, which is deemed to be at the same level as the original belt loops on the lower garment. (See for exceptions.) The belt or the inner belt or both must be either securely fixed at the waist, or secured with a minimum of three belt loops. The belt may be removed between courses of fire. Rewrote the rule to clarify belt wear and usage. Added definition of “securely fixed” to the glossary. Rule rewritten to define at the waist or waist level. Definition added to the glossary. Lady competitors are permitted to wear a belt, holster and allied equipment at hip level, however, the top of the belt must not be positioned below the furthest lateral point of the top of the femur (tuberosity major). My question for you that are smarter than me. Do you read the rules this way? That it is not longer required to have the belt through belt loops? I think it comes down the what does "Securely Fixed" at the waist mean. According to the glossary: Securely Fixed (belt): The belt doesn't move when either the gun or a magazine is drawn from it without using both hands. Curious as to the thoughts of MD's, RM's, and generally everyone. Thanks, Mike
  7. All, The subject says it. I have one with no coating and I am trying to decide if I should get it coated. I like the way it looks on the gun without it being coated now. I am diligent about cleaning and maintaining my firearms. Just want to get opinions and suggestions. Thanks, Mike
  8. molson

    E2 Grip Kit

    Mine will be here tomorrow! Had Booby install while I had my gun in the shop. Cannot wait ?. Mike
  9. molson

    Lost My USPSA Number.

    Nicholas Accuardi A104254 Mike
  10. I could be wrong, but I think the case feeder has a one year warranty. I would still call them for assistance and to verify I am right or wrong. Mike
  11. Rick called me today and I have one on the way as well. I am stooked to get it and set up. Mike
  12. molson

    What am I seeing in my barrel?

    Tipton makes a carbon fiber cleaning rod. Many different sizes and lengths. Tough as steel. I think one or two others make carbon rods as well. I just don't recall who off hand. Mike
  13. I have also loaded thousands without issue. But always very careful. My thoughts are to resize and deprime. Then seat them with a hand held device. Take the decap pin out and go to town. You could also resize and prime on a single stage press. All this his does seem to take away from the usefulness of a great progressive press and it's functionality though. But I can understand wanting to take away any chance of detonating a stack. molson
  14. molson

    MBX 155's what are your thoughts?

    Opinions are like ..... never mind. Mine have been flawless with the so called junk springs a followers from day one without a single tweek. As have everybody's that I know. As well as many people here. Ford and Chevy thing I guess. If you have trouble with MBX, if you have not worked with the manufacturer, who I understand stands behind his product, well that is on you as well. I wonder how many problems are self inflicted? Thinking in writing and not really needing to know. If you have not had problems after running them stock, why look for problems? Yes I understand opinions are like .... everyone has one. Fortunately, to me, mine is the only one I listen too. ? Mike
  15. molson

    38 Super Double Stack Magazine Loader

    Uplula is hands down the number one mag loader around here as well. Next in line would be the old stand by, "The human thumb". Get an Uplula and never look back. Your thumbs will thank you. Mike