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  1. There was a USPSA Front Site article on this issue and a mod. Most certainly referenced someplace on this forum on where to modify. I have done this mod and used the uplula mag loader hundreds of times with my gen 2 STI mags. if I find the reference, I will post it. A search of the entire site would also produce it. Mike
  2. Does the rocker stick if you take the primer stack assembly off? Mike
  3. No spacer, but make sure and order the correct follower. I used the 38super follower kit. Mike
  4. Spacers, not so much with gen 2's. Gen 1 mags, yes. Two entirely different designs. As TRPOperator said above, thousands and thousands of 9mm through my gen 2's without a problem and without spacers. Once they were tuned. Now with all that said, if spacers make your mags work, why not? But once properly tuned you do not need them for gen 2's. Do what ever works. Mike
  5. Go out to YouTube and look for the video from Atlas Gunworks. They show how the body is not correctly tapered and show how to fix it. While out there, look at the rest of their mag tuning and troubleshooting videos. Great stuff. Mike
  6. One club here in Wisconsin that I will only shoot one match a year at, their points series match, has a rule if you use any swear words, you get dq'! Have not heard it happen, but like stated, I will not go their but for one match. The group I shoot with will not go either. Mike
  7. Less than 1%. I am using an EGW undersized die. I also sort out all stepped and CBC brass ahead of time. There is another thread about the CBC brass you should search for and read. Mike
  8. Dirtchevy, Do these bullets drop into the case after flared on your 9mm setup? Assuming you are also set up to load 9mm. If you are not, find somebody that is. Mike
  9. molson


    CCI small pistol. Mike
  10. Looks as good as the day I received it back. Have about 5,000 rounds down the pipe. Mike
  11. Primarymachine.com does black Nitride. Was a forum dealer at one time. They did my CK grip. Very happy with the results. Mike
  12. HI5-0, i had had the same experience as you. Gen 2 required the 3G pads to fit the gauge. Mike
  13. Just out of curiosity, could you post to this thread the entire stage procedure. I would be curious to see if it contains wording regarding the penalties that will be assessed. I fully understand "Virginia" count scoring. And agree with others on penalties and the question of not going to the RM. just curious if Penalties were written in specifically. Mike
  14. Phil, The best and easiest way to find out in my opinion is to shoot them both and compare them side by side. i will let you take my CK for a test drive and check with Glen, but I bet he will let you try his STI. Then you you can compare them side by side. FVPS match is on 10/6. Glen and I will be there. Others will come along with why one over the other. Listen to what they have to say. Then shoot em and decide for yourself. Mike
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