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  1. Just disappointing is all. Good news is I am not desperately low at this time. i can wait it out for awhile. I am trying to learn more patience in matters such as these Mike
  2. Ordered mine last week and the post office lost em I keep getting a message they are still in transport, but I am quickly loosing hope. All my buds I told about them and ordered same day received theirs days ago. Mike Note I an not blaming Precision Delta.
  3. For cross draw, read the article in the current USPSA magazine on page 10. Seems Troy is saying cross draw is not legal. Just how how I read it anyway. Mike
  4. Precision Delta has 124 GR JHP's on their site. Also have 115 GR. Mike
  5. Item number 9: Take the powder measure off leaving the die it is attached to on the tool head. Remove the expander insert. Problem solved cleaning the dies. Double Alpha has a 1 inch Dillon die wrench that is 1000 times better than the Dillon wrench. Mike
  6. Muay, What gen msgs are you using? Gen 2, at least in 9mm, need a minor modification to the Uplula to make it work better. Could be the same issue. Mike
  7. Mine has them. Purchased in March of this year. Mike
  8. I load all 9mm brass with the exception of the stepped stuff and Extreme without issue. Many threads on 9mm stepped brass here. Should find it easily. Extreme is hit and miss on primer pockets retaining the primer. FC18 and 19 is most likely military. Remove the crimp and load it. Same for all military brass. This is how I have rolled my own for many years and only what I do. Others will come along and comment on your OAL and FC brass question. Will also give a list of good and bad brass and also say what I have said about loading all brass. Once you read all the opinions, you can form your own and move forward. Remember, use many sources to learn as well as your new experiences. This is the fun part of reloading. Mike
  9. Crew chief, Does the blue bullet load you have meet your accuracy expectations in all firearms you intend to shoot them in? If yes, do not overthink this and just order the blues and get to loading. Mike
  10. molson


    When I replied, I should have provided more info. Mine is a XDm 5.25. Of significance is I bought a plate and put a red dot on it. Now, my 14 year old granddaughter is shooting it and shot her first USPSA match last Saturday. She is so hooked that I am afraid this is going to get expensive . Mike
  11. molson


    40,000 rounds throug mine and never had an issue that was not my fault. Failed to clean mags when dumped in sand. Mike
  12. molson


    Up here in Wisconsin, seems like the cool kids are all using them. There are several that have really drank the Kool-aid and decked them out wit many of the available accessories. From my observations, they work fine. Better for the price. I am not one of the cool kids. I am using a converted 3 wheel running stroller. Mike
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