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  1. Anyone have any experience with the Strike Industries version?
  2. Is the Tubb flatwire spring really worth it for a precision .308 build? I figure if I run a SLR Sentry 7, would a standard A2 receiver extension/.308 rifle buffer and spring be good to go? I'm using a Luth MBA-1 stock.
  3. Yep, the FNs are shooters. I would think that if they would start making them in 6.5, they would be great sellers.
  4. I found an AP stud....cheaper than dirt of all places had them.
  5. Thanks! And it fits no problem?
  6. Anyone know if the Lancer bipod stud would work?
  7. Ok, so there are slots on the bottom of the rail. Anyone know where I can find an AP bipod stud? Anything else that will work?
  8. Ok, so I found one for a great price. Anyway, is there a place on the bottom of the tube for mounting a bipod?
  9. Well, anyway....does anyone know if the top rail on the AP tube will match the rail on the M5 upper? Or better yet anyone have contact info for AP? I know they're out of business, but the guy couldn't have dropped off the earth.
  10. Ok. So does the AP custom handguard with the 12 o clock rail match up with the rail on an Aero M5 upper?
  11. Not a fan of Troy for their politics and their price.
  12. With AP Customs being gone, does anyone make a 15" lightweight handguard for DPMS patterned .308 rifles? I'm building a precision build on an Aero M5 set. I don't need rails, etc., just a sturdy handguard that I can put a bipod on.
  13. .......... . It's true. Anyway as to usage, it will mainly be a fun/range gun. Nothing formal. Also, I'm sticking with .308 as I don't reload. When I had .308 bolt guns before I shot the Black Hills 175 gr load best. The biggest thing that keeps me away from the AAC-SD is that it's a Remington, and they've been having spotty QC the past couple years. Since the other two I'm looking at (Tikka and FN) have DBM, I'd like this on to as well That stock So by the time I get the AAC-SD ($700-ish) and then upgrade the stock (MIN $300), add DBM ($300-ish), rail ($100-ish), I'm already at $1400 conservatively. Any other thoughts? I'm wondering if a Tikka CTR in a chassis would shoot as well (or better) than the FN?
  14. Okie dokie, So I've posted these questions over at SH, ARfcom, and MD shooters so if you've seen it there, feel free to move on. I thought I'd also post here for some different perspective. A little background; years ago I owned several Remington 700 PSS's...then I upgraded to a GAP rifle (cue the sound of the sunlight beaming through the clouds with angelic singing). Then, life happened...wife, house, kids...and the GAP had to go. So, fast forward and I'm ready to get a .308 bolt gun again....except NOT on a bachelor's budget. I'm not looking to compete (yet), and I only have access (for now)to a 200 yard range. So here are my considerations.... Remington 700 5R. IMO the best for the $ because if I went with an AAC model, I'd have to upgrade the stock too. With the 5R, I'd "only" have to change the trigger and bottom metal. $1100-$1200. Not including cost of scope base. Tikka CTR. I've heard nothing but great things about them. The stock is do-able, but I'd also consider selling the stock and bottom metal (same as TRG22) and putting it in a KRG X-ray. From what I've read, fantastic smooth actions, nice triggers. $1200-ish after X-ray. FN SPR A1. Same as Tikka, never heard a bad thing about them. Can get an A1 (although I REALLY want an A1A...$1600-$1700) for $1295. Already in bedded McMillan stock, with DBM (although it's FN proprietary). Comes with 20 MOA base (8-40). Not as smooth as Tikka, but good trigger too. Thoughts?
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