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  1. Jay1957

    Thumb rest slide stop Question

    I had the same problem about a month ago during a classifier stage. Went back to stock setup. Time to get the files out and modify my thumb rest, which I really liked. I find it give a great reference for grip.
  2. Jay1957

    Draw speed

    That explains a lot for my classifier scores. I just started shooting again in February after many years off. I always shoot in the B/C range during the matches, but consistently hit D or low C on classifier stages. Time to shift dry fire focus to the draw.
  3. Jay1957

    Best Multi-Tool for 2011?

    Just ordered one. This will really simplify what’s in the shooting bag.
  4. Jay1957

    Tweeking eyeglasses per stage design

    Gets more interesting if you are cross dominant. I shoot right handed wit left eye dominant. Decot made me a set of standard bifocal for sporting clays. I use translucent tape on left lense to blur the shotgun bead so all I see is the sharp one on my right eye, and a crisp target. For pistol I keep the same lense on the left and shift to a single vision on the right, focused on front sight. Left lense still still taped (just enough area to mask front sight.) I tried using non prescription gasses. Fine for close targets, but without astigmatism correction, targets were very distorted for longer shots. Decot is very good at setting these up.