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  1. It was tri-topped from STI. I never ran it in Single Stack because I lost one of my mags. I was shooting Limited with my STI Edge at the time. Now I’m punishing myself in Revolver.
  2. Thanks for all the thoughts. Decided to keep 550. Primarily for load development.
  3. My first press was a used RCBS Junior 39 years ago, loading 9mm for pistol and .243 and 6mm for rifle, I still have it. In the 90s I got hooked on Skeet and ended up with 4 MECs for 12, 20, 28 and .410. At this point I really like the 650, and caliber changes aren’t bad. I’ve come a long way from the RCBS and hand priming...
  4. Thanks for all the feedback. Some great points I hadn’t thought of. Got a friend who might want it, otherwise I’ll likely keep it. Best response was “you can never have to many Dillons.”
  5. No plans to load rifle. It really comes down to having a machine I don’t need, or some cash to reinvest elsewhere. I appreciate your thoughts.
  6. I began several years ago with the RL 550 loading 9mm, and eventually added 38 Special, .40 S&W, and recently 38 Short Colt. I bought a new 650 with a case feeder in the last year in .40 and just finished getting conversions to the other rounds I load. I tend to load in bulk runs so I never run low. With Dillon’s excellent support I am wondering why keep the 550. Any opinions?
  7. I reload in the house in a large closet I was able to dedicate to reloading. To keep the machine clean my Wife made me a cover for the 650 with a .case feeder. Pretty simple if you have a sewing machine.
  8. Converted my 650 for 38 Short Colt with Dillon’s recommended parts last night. Runs great! Next question is whether I keep my 550. With Dillon’s great support, and the fact that I try to stay way ahead on loading I can see the 550 just gathering dust. I’m also going to post over in reloading as well, but wanted to follow up here on the 38 Short Colt experience.
  9. I love N320. Ordered what I need from Dillon this afternoon. Thanks for the feedback.
  10. Thanks. I have reached out to them as well. Was also hoping to hear some experiences it and how the machine performed.
  11. I’ve been loading 38 Short Colt on my 550 and with my volume picking up I’m thinking about converting my 650 for it. Aside from the station 1 locator, #2 shell plate and pins cane someone tell me what bushings I need to use? Any experience would be appreciated.
  12. +1 Blue Bullets. Forum membership gets you a discount as well.
  13. Thanks. I’ve decided on the 160 Bayou Bullet over 3 Grp Tite Group, but will probably switch to VV N320, which burns a bunch cleaner. Aside from weight, the main reason I am changing is color. I shoot Blue Bullets in 9mm and don’t want to mix them up.
  14. Just getting into revolver with short colt and plan on TG and the 147 Blue Bullet. What’s a good starting point for TG and OAL?
  15. Jay1957


    Revolver (38 Special) shooters have squid plroblems with light loads. Small amount of powder in a large case gets up against bullet a long way from primer. Happened to me once. Evident by unburned powder.
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