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  1. I use 2 on my 650, spillage non existent now and also with using a Mr. Bullet feeder I have no issues with a bullet shaking out of place when rotating to the seating station. Made the 650 feel like a different machine (I use the bearing kit also).
  2. Magazines

    I have 170's, 155's, and 140's. 1 of the 170's and 3 of the 140's have the Dawson tool less base pads as I feel they drop cleaner out of the gun with the extra weight and hold up better than the MBX bases when hitting the ground. My best reloads on a classifier are with 140's with the heavier base as the first mag.... I'm only a "C" and need all the help I can get!!!
  3. Were do I start

    Looks like job one is to determine reason for the squibs... No powder, low powder, contamination, etc.. Until you do that your just going to be questioning your ammo at every match not to mention the safety issues if a round follows the squib.. Were these all really squibs of did they fail to go bang?? Big difference..... .....
  4. Open Gun Pictures

    Another Blackdog Gunworks for the mix. After installing the CK stainless grip the all Black with polished controls didn't cut it. Some bead blasting of the Comp and the controls and we have a little two tone going on....
  5. Forum Problems Again

    I noted the same this past week when trying to open or load more content.. Took ~ 1min to open this thread. Next will probably be fine.. It's been a little sporadic.. No errors present,. Just finally loads.. I've seen several minutes sometimes.
  6. USPSA limited major

  7. Would you shoot it as a provisional Division?
  8. Use a spring loaded punch to place a couple diples in each rail of the mainspring housing then re-fit. This should move a small amount of metal around . Should tighten right up and is easily tuned with a file later if needed.
  9. New York USPSA matches

    I started shooting in NY last year. A bunch of Leo's there,. All 10 +1. Since I chose to run my 8 round 929 Revo there I'm a deuce low on capacity but really not much of a disadvantage if I chose to compare my scores to production or L10 shooters ( shooting minor the biggest disadvantage to the L10 guys but I try to get by at least a couple of them ?). I find compared to running open or limited in Vermont it makes you break the stages down in a different way.... By the way, the range, matches, and competitors are of the same great quality regardless of the states restrictions!!!
  10. Grip for a 929

  11. Grip for a 929

    After trying a couple of different grips I settled on smooth Big Butt with the finger groves. I have large hands with long fingers and they felt the most comfortable for me and my hand finds the right position every time. The rubber grips and checkered wood grips stuck to the hand too much when transitioning for a re-load.. I'm new to the Revo game last year but it's what works for me... Oh,. And yes, they are heavy......
  12. Korth revolvers at Shot Show

    Yup,. Ugly. Until it gets cut off!!i
  13. It is correct, nothing missing......