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  1. SouperMan

    sp01 shadow grips ?

    Take a pair of grips that you like and using a strong adhesive, you coat the grips with the adhesive and dip with the silicon carbide. Boom, super aggressive grippy texture. You can pick up silicon carbide at Harbor Freight or a rockhound that tumbles/polishes rocks.
  2. Wow! That really is a odd slide! Can you post some pictures?
  3. SouperMan

    Night site for CZ P01?

    I used take-offs from a SP-01. The OEM are Meprolights, and they work well for me.
  4. SouperMan

    sp01 shadow grips ?

    G10 is epoxy layered Fiberglas that is heat and pressure formed, and very durable (but not invincible.) It’s not a polymer that you would think is poured into a mold and cured, typically G10 is always cut and formed to the shape that is needed. It’s super grippy depending on the cut pattern you choose, I sport a pair of LOK Grips thin Bogies on my SP-01, and after about 2 years they still feel grippy.
  5. SouperMan

    sp01 shadow grips ?

    LOK Grips make a profile similar to OEM but in G10.
  6. Check the trigger bar and trigger bar spring. Trigger bar too low no reset. To high no release I think.
  7. The CZ75 SP-01 is the original gamer gun in IDPA. Differences between the SP-01 and the Shadow 1 is the absence of a firing pin block on the Shadow 1. SP-01 Tactical is just the decocker version. A done up SP-01 with Cajun Gun Works internal parts is IDPA legal. I think if its the CZCustoms AccuShadow, it’s not IDPA legal(?) because of the barrel bushing.
  8. Here’s a explanation from Dillon about the Coke Bottle effect you see, it’s normal:
  9. Don’t see a lot of CZ LS-Ps, but I think it can be done but you gotta watch the weight and make sure it fits in the IDPA box which it looks like it can. Here’s a good read on the LS-Ps in IDPA:
  10. SSP and ESP Legal: SP-01 SP-01 Shadow 1 ESP Only: AccuShadow (Bushing) The biggest thing in IDPA is the prohibition on “gamer guns.” You can legally change guts internally, but anything external on a SSP Legal Gun would push it into ESP (hence, the AccuShadow). I personally think the rules got a little relaxed, long time CZ shooters had to use the ESP in SSP rule for the Full Length Dust Cover on the SP-01, which the prohibition has sorta went away.
  11. Greg Cote, LLC Ben Stoeger Pro Shop
  12. SouperMan

    P-01 Load data

    4.3gr N320 FMJs seated to 1.13” gets me to 136PF on my SP-01, and runs pretty well on my P-01 but I don’t have Chrono data for the P-01.
  13. Yep. How many rounds does the TS have? It might be as simple as replacing a worn out sear spring, or it may involve a near sear or even a new hammer.
  14. That part is #4. Slide Stop Spring Pin.
  15. Dang it [mention=54061]johnbu[/mention]. You keep perfecting the Tanfo and all I see is more money leaving my wallet to get mine up to par with yours! I assume that the shins didn’t need additional polishing or what not with like 2000+ grit to get it smooth?
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