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  1. Don’t see a lot of CZ LS-Ps, but I think it can be done but you gotta watch the weight and make sure it fits in the IDPA box which it looks like it can. Here’s a good read on the LS-Ps in IDPA:
  2. SSP and ESP Legal: SP-01 SP-01 Shadow 1 ESP Only: AccuShadow (Bushing) The biggest thing in IDPA is the prohibition on “gamer guns.” You can legally change guts internally, but anything external on a SSP Legal Gun would push it into ESP (hence, the AccuShadow). I personally think the rules got a little relaxed, long time CZ shooters had to use the ESP in SSP rule for the Full Length Dust Cover on the SP-01, which the prohibition has sorta went away.
  3. Greg Cote, LLC Ben Stoeger Pro Shop
  4. SouperMan

    P-01 Load data

    4.3gr N320 FMJs seated to 1.13” gets me to 136PF on my SP-01, and runs pretty well on my P-01 but I don’t have Chrono data for the P-01.
  5. Yep. How many rounds does the TS have? It might be as simple as replacing a worn out sear spring, or it may involve a near sear or even a new hammer.
  6. That part is #4. Slide Stop Spring Pin.
  7. Dang it [mention=54061]johnbu[/mention]. You keep perfecting the Tanfo and all I see is more money leaving my wallet to get mine up to par with yours! I assume that the shins didn’t need additional polishing or what not with like 2000+ grit to get it smooth?
  8. Hey guys, thanks for the replies! So I guess I should have clarified that I was already using a 1 piece sear, but I think@johnbu is right, there’s a noticeable different of metal taken off the bottom of the sear leg, and not sure if the previous owner fiddled with that area to improve the single action... On closer look the sear spring I replaced appears to be some sort of reduced power sear spring, and I’m wondering if my lift issue would be “fixed” if I had a reduced power sear spring oddly enough.
  9. I have a very interesting problem that I resolved by fitting a new sear, but I’m not sure if this was the appropriate action, and would like some insight, how does one increase the sear lift on a Stock 2, if this is even possible? I bought this Stock 2 used, and it has the following relevant components: Xtreme Titan Hammer Xtreme Trigger Xtreme 1-wing Interruptor Stock Sear Stock Trigger Bar Stock Sear Cage 14# Wolf Hammer Spring I had hammer follow, and I quickly determined that it was a worn out/busted sear spring. A brand new sear spring looks somewhat flat with a almost 180 degrees with the two legs, but on my busted sear spring the short leg that goes in the sear pocket was bent 90 degrees and now the sear spring looked more like a L. I proceeded to replace the sear spring with a Tanfoglio Stock sear spring, but now I find that the sear is dragging on the hammer. The hammer drops in both Single and Double Action, but the sear is lifting high enough to drop the hammer but dragging over the hammer hooks where you can feel it. I checked the trigger over travel screw and completely took it off, but it was still dragging. I checked the trigger plunger spring and it’s moving fine, everything was resetting properly too for DA/SA, and the trigger bar looked okay, too but the dragging remains. I ended up fitting a brand new one-piece sear (non Xtreme, fitted just the safety leg) which is now lifting high enough to clear the hammer, but I also find that I don’t need the over travel screw at all now. I arrived at the conclusion to replace the sear, because the sear looks to be potentially the older sear that were tempered incorrectly or not enough, and it looked fairly polished but I could see slight deformation/indentations on the sear edge where it engages on the hammer hooks. Any thoughts?
  10. If fitting is required, I think that it is a good thing. You can fine tune for a solid lockup specific to your gun.
  11. Nice! First we get aftermarket Tanfo barrels, maybe next would be aftermarket slides!
  12. Wow. As long as the price is reasonable...we finally have a alternative!
  13. I think that Tanfoglio will just drop Eric’s name in future stuff but continue the Xtreme product line.
  14. You can duplicate the results of a Xtreme with a good polish job, spring upgrades, and some minor parts upgrades for far less than what the Xtreme sells for. It doesn’t take a whole lot to get a Stock 2 with a nice trigger. Some do springs only, others get Xtreme parts and upgrade the hammer and trigger. Side note, now that Eric Grauffel is with CZ, are they going to have a fire sale
  15. The Stock 2 Xtreme is DA/SA. Any particular why you are looking at the Xtreme? Most folks will build up a regular Stock 2 and get virtually the same performance.
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