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  1. Henning Extended Basepads, Grams Spring and Follower is what most USPSA shooters use. Works really well, and make sure you test for reliability. I ended up just getting the Mec-Gar with baked in extended +3 basepads for my SP-01 because it looks OEM, but that’s more of a aesthetic than anything.
  2. How many rounds do you have? Check the Sear Spring; that can also lead to hammer follow if it’s not lifting the sear in time/properly.
  3. It might be the Sear Spring. It might be too weak. Also, I also want to say it might be the triggerbar spring, but you say it’s ok in Double Action so the triggerbar spring might not be the issue.
  4. The "Auto-Forward" feature is not a guaranteed function, but it's a nice thing to have. I believe it has to do with houw the slide stop interacts with a loaded mag versus a empty mag on insertion. It doesn't take a lot of force to insert the mag to have the slide into battery; I mean if you baby handle the reload it won't go into battery. As for the ejection of brass, as long as it's not dribbling out and not clearing or stovepiping, you are ok. Based on your description, your gun is ejecting brass OK.
  5. You need a Large Frame Slide for a Large Frame Tanfoglio. Unfortunately you can’t fit a Small Frame Slide on a Large Frame.
  6. Check the Sear Spring, it's the cheapest fix. I've had this exact thing happen before and thought it was the Hammer and Sear, but after going through each part with a magnifying glass, my friend recommended the Sear Spring, and sure enough it was.
  7. I set both for reliability. No sub-2 pound triggers, in both but I replaced the firing pin stop pin with the CGW roll pin, extended firing pin, and short reset trigger. I went with a comp hammer on the SP-01, and kept the stock hammer on the P-01.
  8. Yep. I like to maintain a consistent platform. CZ 75 SP-01 and P-01
  9. SouperMan

    1988 CZ 75

    That’s pretty cool! Thank you for sharing! I can’t tell, but does it have a import mark from “Oakhurst, California”? CZ USA started of in all places California before they moved to Kansas City.
  10. What model CZ? What’s the mileage on the hammer spring? Usually if everything works, it might be the overlooked parts. Springs are usually the first to go.
  11. What screws are you using? I had issues with the stock screws that came with the wood grips with no matter how much loctite I applied. I got the EGD Xtreme Grip Screws which work really well and doesn’t back out out a small blob of loctite. They work great on both LOK grips and Henning.
  12. Did you replace the firing pin block lifter? Maybe I’m confusing parts, but I thought you had to do this if you replace the firing pin because of the extended length. The firing pin block lifter needs that additional extra time to lift to clear. Maybe it’s old guidance, but I’ve remember piecemealing the parts when Cajun didn’t have a complete set ready to go
  13. Check the sear assembly, firing pin block lifter, and the sear cage pin to see if it’s moving freely. My firing pin block lifter in my CGW Kit was half a hair too thick, and it had the hardest time fitting in the sear cage pin; and when you pulled the trigger, the block lifter stayed up. The parts in the sear cage shouldn’t be binding to that pin holding everything together. Also, check the hammer strut for any burrs that might cause the hammer spring to bind.
  14. The SP-01 Tactical has a decocker that lowers it to half cocked position. There are no additional rules to lower the hammer further if you have are using a decocker.
  15. That’s a spicy looking Hammer from Cajun Gun Works!
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