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  1. What’s your spring configuration on the Scheel buffer? I’m going to try weak in 1 and strong in 2 and 3 slot
  2. I've tried that JP bolt Taccom delayed buffer combo which resulted in a burst fire with hyperfire trigger combo. I didn't really like the sharp recoil it gave. I'm using the Taccom adjustable buffer at the moment.
  3. Any video comparison with a standard 9mm buffer?
  4. Your own cast bullet?
  5. That was it Thanks
  6. Does anybody know what tool size for the trigger over travel set screw? Can’t find it anywhere. Thanks in advance
  7. I have the same problem. Dumped the HiTek and stayed with powder coating.
  8. We shoot USPSA rules here on Maui. I’m going to the Philippines to shoot Austrilasia match that’s why I’m asking. Thanks
  9. I’ve been thinking the same thing. I’ll just put my oem firing pin just in case but if someone else who knows better can chime in.
  10. Can I use a Patriot Defense extended firing pin for IPSC? Tried searching and couldn’t find the answer
  11. Is a Patriot Defense extended firing pin legal in IPSC? I tried looking it up and couldn’t find the answer.
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