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  1. R1valdez

    IFG sneak peek

    Wow! Is that a bull barrel?
  2. Looks like it. Just saw these on EAAs FB page.
  3. Anybody seen this bull barrel stock1
  4. R1valdez

    Hollow firing pin?

    That looks like a Henning firing pin not a stock one.
  5. R1valdez

    Tanfoglio Stock II Upgrade

    I’m pretty sure that patriot bolo interruptor is not legal in IPSC. Somebody correct me if I’m wrong.
  6. R1valdez

    Case crimping too tight?

    Most of us don’t put a crimp. We just remove the belling.
  7. That’s great idea . I just broke an E clip last night loading 1k rounds
  8. R1valdez

    Bullet lube and lots of practise

    Bulletl lube is too smoky. I use PC for all my uspsa/IPSC loads.
  9. R1valdez

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year
  10. R1valdez

    40 minor load for stock 2?

    My cast and powder coated 175gr bullet with 3.5gr of hp38. Very soft and accurate out of my S2
  11. R1valdez

    Short Stroking a regular JP 9mm SCS?

    Where did you get your wave spring from?
  12. R1valdez

    Short Stroking a regular JP 9mm SCS?

    I was thinking about doing the same thing .
  13. R1valdez

    Just came back from Coating

    Bumble Bee
  14. R1valdez

    That Blue Tanfo...

    Which cerakoted gun you referring to? Is it the Xtreme line of guns?
  15. Ben Stoeger pro shop has them in stock