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  1. Ummm Thursday sucks. I’ll already be on the road as will lots of other people..
  2. I was wondering if the paper targets would be scored like 3 gun with 1 a/b or two anywhere, or like USPSA with point values assigned to each hit. The “points” part in “time plus points” threw me a little.
  3. I’ve cracked two slides in less than a year. First crack was at the ejection port, second one on the replaced slide was at the extractor tunnel.
  4. I had the tevo and had to move the mount one screw hole forward to keep 9mm brass from getting kicked back into the ejection port. The mount overhung the ejection port during cycling enough to cause problems in its proper installation position. By moving the mount forward one hole, I was having problems zeroing the optic. I got the limcat and installed it using the appropriate screw holes. the optic sits lower than the tevo and the ejection port is completely clear when the slide cycles. I have had exactly zero jams due to brass getting flicked back into the chamber. My only gripe is that the mount is very thick and bulky.
  5. I had ejection issues. The back end of the optic was dinged up from brass hitting and getting flicked back in to the ejection port. I tried moving the scope mount forward one screw hole so that I was only using 4 of the 5 mount screws. No ejection issues after that.
  6. If you have a Romeo 3 that shuts off while shooting, try tightening the tiny screws on the underside of the optic. I had a Romeo 3 that was shutting off. I called Sig and they said that was usually the reason for that particular problem. So I took the dot off the mount and sure enough every one of those tiny screws was loose. Tightened them back up and haven’t had a problem.
  7. I did not have to send it in. I sent pictures of the gun and certain measurements he requested. There was like a two to four week wait time but I am super happy with the holster. The gun fits securely and you can tighten the screws down to adjust how hard it is to pull it out of the holster.
  8. Try Weber tactical for a kydex holster. I had one made for my trubor and I have a pt evo grip on it. Works great for 3 gun.
  9. I had my holosun on my 9 major gun and just couldn’t get the ejector tuned to eliminate the brass clipping the very back corner of the optic and bouncing back in the chamber occasionally. So I scooted the mount forward one hole such that there are 4, not 5 screws holding the mount on the frame. It completely solved the problem. I have not had a single piece of brass strike the optic since doing this.
  10. I’ve also noticed when I pull the gun out, the little block inside doesn’t always return to its full upright position? I will have to pull the little silver button back up so I can get the gun back in the holster.
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