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  1. bump firing or is my G34 doubling?

    Let me know what he says, I am curious. I had the same problem with my kit but I was going to replace the "-" connector anyways so there was no love lost.
  2. bump firing or is my G34 doubling?

    So in this case it was the connector. Good to know and glad you got that squared away : )
  3. bump firing or is my G34 doubling?

    Huh. I was almost certain the case would be closed, at least with #2. You can try changing the connector or just bending the LW connector out a bit to see if it still happens. Perhaps you are just so fast your mind thinks you are doubling but you really aren't? ; ) All the same do let us know what ends up fixing the problems so I can put the fix in my toolbox.
  4. bump firing or is my G34 doubling?

    1. Try changing the connector. I changed the LW with a Glock "-". 2. When using the Vanek, loop the trigger return spring on the "bottom hole" on the trigger bar, not the top hole. This will give you more surface engagement on the striker and top of cruciform (at the expense of a very slightly heavier pull). I have had experiences with doubling and both #1 and #2 fix worked on separate occasions. Just last night I fixed a Vanek that was going a bit out of control with method #2. It's a start.
  5. Glock RMR cuts

    Send it to Mark Housel. Affordable, quick and nice guy. Between me and the other guys in my range we have probably sent close to a dozen slides to him. He has done 2 for me. Very quick and simple no frills... like his website. https://www.landmprecisiongunworks.com/ If it matters I believe he was one of the very first guys who was doing this work when this got popular. Experience counts. I trust him implicitly. He is there to do the work, not sell you on a fancy pretty slide to make you a ninja, or pimp. : )
  6. Happy Birthday, KneelingAtlas

    Happy Birthday. I hope you get a bunch of neat treats, and thank you for everything you have shared with us.
  7. Stock II Xtreme Mod List

    Are you getting light strikes in DA from this short stroking? I don't blame you though - it would annoy me crap out of me eventhough conventional knowledge would say don't worry about it. Gleaning from a previous poster here with bolo woes - your Tanflango is not a SMALL FRAME by chance is it?
  8. DK Gen3/4 wired stuff

    Not sure I understand. When you violently rack your slide a couple of times does it reset? Or do you get a dead trigger? Can you clarify what you mean by "does not release the striker"? As an aside. A warning - if you put in a STOCK Gen 4 housing in a DK trigger that has pre-travel reduction capability. You have now deactivated your drop safety. DK provides a modified housing with his full kits. May just be simpler to just contact DK.
  9. BOLO Tuning for a longer DA pull

    Are you going to share the solution (or perhaps reveal the cause of your issue) or keep us in suspense? : )
  10. Tanfoglio Stock 2 - Random Light Strikes???

    After all this discussion I tried experimenting with my 550... Over the long weekend, try this... 1. Screw down your 550 shellplate as low and tight as possible while still being able to advance the "ninja star". This will ensure that the shellplate holds your brass down without slop when you prime. 2. Cut a piece of cardboard, I used the sleeve from a winchester primer tray into the shape and size of the primer seating punch. Super glue it on the punch/piston. You will find that that the 550 is designed in a way that the loaded primer without the mod is already flush with the primer cup. With the mod the primer will be sticking up above flush and you will not be able to advance the star unless you are actively loading rounds - ie. you cannot spin the star without activating the handle. If this does not make sense to you now, fret not, you will find out what I mean soon... This problem does not impact you when you are actually loading. Ghetto - sure it is, but cheaper than buying 1050. I did not think welding up the punch would work but I tried the concept and it may work after all. I am not sure about the longevity of this experiment, but I loaded up 100 rounds. Without the mod I measured .005-.006" of seating depth. With the mod I can go down to .008-.010" If I push up and "prime" the handle twice, while turning the brass 90 degrees I can almost be certain that I can make the .010" or more. As per SoCalShooter69 I do believe that the seating depth is in part determined by the headstamp (tolenrances of primer pocket) of the brass so do not be frustrated if you cannot get .010" depth every time.
  11. Stock II Xtreme Mod List

    Oh right! Re: the FPB, you have an Exterme, thanks for clearing that up. Good luck on your match and thanks for your updates. What kind of trigger return spring you got? I am not sure what TRS the Xtreme uses but the Stock one seems to improve the tactile reset. Perplexing and really gets me scratching my head too. It's not like you went from a 15lb spring to a 10lb spring overnight. Heck, maybe the Titan hammer is different enough from the Delta that it simply caused an interference on how the FPB activates?
  12. Stock II Xtreme Mod List

    Is that the extended firing pin block or the OEM firing pin block & firing pin? Glad to hear your last run was reliable and you were able to shake off some of that bad juju. Did you tweak your ammo like SoCalShooter69 suggested? From your experimentation do you have a better idea of what could be causing your issues from when you installed the Titan & Bolo?
  13. Stock II Xtreme Mod List

    Did you revert back to your stock hammer and disco - then using this problem ammo, try again? May help narrow down your possibility so you don't chase yourself in circles? You did mention that you reverted back but did not mention if you tested it again with live fire.
  14. Tanfoglio Stock 2 - Random Light Strikes???

    You use a 1050 right? I am going to tell my therapist I need a 1050. It will stop the voices in my head : ) I have played with a buddy's 1050 and man it is fast.
  15. Tanfoglio Stock 2 - Random Light Strikes???

    10lb??! yagottabekiddinme-gimmeafrigginbreak wow! I sort my brass too.. but that is to remove questionable & crappy crimped primer pocket brass and to remove 380 and 38 super that gets mixed in. I thought I was OCD. You are at a another level sir.