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  1. Peterock

    Extended mag release

    Are any of these IDPA legal for CDP division?
  2. Fully agree on the hydration and I will actually add liquid electrolytes to my water bottle as I tend to sweat out a lot of minerals in the summer. Coffee but no energy drinks before.
  3. Springer precision is the only option for Magwell I can find but you have to send it in for them to install. Anyone found anything else?
  4. I'm curious what setup you are using or have seen for CCP using the Sig P320? I've heard some people mention they are running a Full size frame with a compact slide and trimming the frame but I'm curious on magwell choices and any other mods that you've benefit from on this platform?
  5. Has anyone figured out a way to modify the VP9 for CCP and had it pass at a major match?
  6. I've found if you put the mag in your waistline/belt opposed to back in the mag pouch or a vest pocket that it can quite fast with practice. Also no time spent with the slide release/slingshot and you can shoot immediately.
  7. Also, are there any idpa legal cylinder release latches I can use that are less restrictive for speedloader use? bob hammer or remove SA notch so I can still use in Action Pistol/Bianchi?
  8. Anyone use these Meprolight night sights on a red ramp fixed front sight gun? My 19-4 is a forged front sight and I don't want to pay to have a GS mill a channel. http://www.midwayusa.com/product/489909/meprolight-tru-dot-adjustable-sight-set-s-and-w-k-l-n-frame-with-red-insert-front-sight-steel-blue-tritium-green seems like a legitimate options as it will give me 3 dot sights during the day which I prefer to the red ramp. Below ow is my current front sight:
  9. Anyone use or have an opinion about the Micculek style grips?
  10. Cut into a 2 and 1 holder for now. I've fashioned a kydex shroud for both holders that I plan to rivet onto the leather. So far I've only shot local matches so it hasn't come up. "IDPA approved" options are quite pricey and I wanted to make sure that I enjoyed revolver first.
  11. I purchased a 19-4 last year primarily for IDPA and ICore. The finish is all but gone, rear sight leaf edge was scarred from a drop I assume (fixed with hammer), front sight appears to be part of the barrel with a red ramp insert, but the trigger was great and it seems to be quite accurate. Got a legal Safariland holster and I'm using a modified 333 as a speedloader holder for comp 3s, hogue monogrips. My question is where should I start with mods on this specifically for IDPA? Bob hammer, fixed sight set, grips? Chamfer the recessed cylinders?
  12. So if I'm out in the open, in front of unengaged targets and run dry, I can reload and re-engage those targets before going to cover? will I still get a PE if I cross an open area with an empty gun if I've engaged all targets in said open area? This happened once as I didn't realize I was dry before moving to my next target.
  13. Having shot all of 2 practice matches with a revolver and speedloaders, can anyone tell me the simplified reloading rules for revolver division now? I found myself constantly questioning if I could reload on the move behind cover, or if I could reload in the open, etc. I've shot SSP for about 4 yrs, so I'm aware of the bottom feeder rules but I'm curious if there are any "hints" any revo guys would like to share.
  14. I would throw the CZ 97 into the mix for a solid L10 gun as well, 10 rd mags from factory, silly accurate, almost no recoil, easily tuned by anyone who who knows CZ75 or using CGW kits. Never did find a magwell for it though....
  15. Bill drill. Incredibly eye opening for me as I have always shot quickly and instinctively but would make silly errors(mikes) when I really pushed the speed. Also filming yourself or having someone else film you in a match seems to help as you get to see where you are dropping time through body mechanics, pausing, etc. I also practice target transitions on real targets in my basement with a SIRT pistol using the PAR function on my timer.
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